JC Penney: $10 Off $10 + Free Shipping On Shoes Still Working!

Reader Ana just let me know that this deal is still working.  Last night she was to get sandals for $1.00 each!  Here is how the deal works:

You can score Free shipping on Shoes at JC Penney.  Plus there is a $10 off $10 code making some of them free or super super cheap.  You can head over here to check it out. Use coupon code: TEN2YOU at checkout.

Note: You can use this code on anything, it’s not just for shoes.  But only shoes have the free shipping.

Don’t forget to shop first through Ebates for 6% cash back plus $5.00 if you are new to Ebates.

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  • I did this and only paid 99 cents for my sandals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    I pick a pair and it shows the sale item but when I go to check out the price goes back to the original price!? Wonder what I am doing wrong!


    Lauren, The same thing happened to me . A small sub line came up saying my item was out of stock..I am going to find another and try again

    • Lauren

      I actually tried three different shoes! The first one it told me it was out of stock. Then I picked another pair and it did the non-sale price minus the 10 and then I tried the sandals and it did it again. If you figure it out can you let me know how you did it? Thanks!!

  • Ann Marie

    They may be running out of sizes….quickly…and the site cannot keep up with the necessary adjustments to the inventory. I ended up finally getting a pair, but it was my fifth ( ! ) choice. Hope you all had better luck!

  • Stephenie

    FYI….if you’ve done this deal once, you can’t do it again. I tried. The site let me, so I went through with the transaction. Then, I got a call from JCP saying that I could not get it twice and did I still want the item. I did, so I got it for the sale price, which was still pretty good.

    • Cindy

      Good to know. Thanks Stephenie!

  • Tonia

    Had to call… but just scored my pair for $.99!!!! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Yay, just got a nice pair of sandals for $1.09 total! There is still a lot left in my size. Only time I’ve ever been thankful to be 5’5″ and have big feet! Thank you for the notice about this great deal!!!!

    • SJ

      Where are you finding these shoes? I didn’t see any in women’s for 10.99.

  • candice

    I tried to get like 10 different pairs of shoes and they were all out of stock! I went with a nice blouse and pair of undies for $1.97. Saved $40.00! Thanks!

  • Carolyn

    I got a nice pair of sandals for $.99, my daughter (same address) also got a pair, and my husband got a nice wedge with beading for $.99! We all got emails that they shipped. Was this OK to do?