Menu Plan Monday (Tuesday Again!)

This is the second week in a row that I have been slacking and not getting my menu together until Tuesday.  These last couple of weeks have been so busy for me and with my *baby* going off to college on Saturday, we have even more to do.  But, I still need to plan a menu, now more then ever, because it’s times like this that take out will take over if I let it.  So, I took a few minutes, dug through the rest of the meat & fish I had left in the freezer and planned a menu.

  • Monday: Last night we had the pasta & homemade marinara sauce
  • Tuesday: Grilled Tilapia, Rice Pilaf & Broccoli
  • Wednesday: Grilled Chicken Sausage wraps with peppers & onions
  • Thursday: Foil Wrapped Salmon & Foil Wrapped Potatoes, Salad
  • Friday: Pasta with leftover sauce & chicken sausage, Salad
  • Saturday: Dinner at the College….and mom crying 🙁
  • Saturday: Pork Roast on the grill, Sweet Potato fries, Broccoli

    What are you cooking this week? Any great recipes to share?

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    • My oldest is off to college on the 24th…I sure will miss him!

    • Joanie S

      My menu for the week:

      Mon – Lasagne
      Tues – Sour Cream Chicken over rice, broccoli
      Wed – Garden Bake, grilled zucchini, corn on the cob
      Thurs – leftover Lasagne
      Fri – Chicken in potato baskets, salad
      Sat – burgers and dogs on the grill, macaroni salad

    • Victoria

      Congrats on your daughter’s new venture. Mine are 4 and 1 so I can’t imagine! Kindergarten is going to be rough. I cried when I moved them into their rooms when they outgrew the bassinett,lol!!!

      I had to share that I marinated pork chops in the asian toasted sesame dressing by Kraft and it was divine! I had them in the dressing for a day and then grilled them! I served them with fired rice:

      4 cups cooked rice (any kind)(I used the free Carolina rice,lol)
      1 onion
      3 garlic cloves
      1 finely chopped carrot
      2 cups frozen peas
      3-4 scrambled eggs
      soy sauce to taste ( I use about 4 tbs)
      Make rice. In meantime saute onions and garlic in OO. Add carrots and cover until soft. Add peas and cook until soft. Add cooked rice and eggs, stir in soy sauce to your liking. Very quick, easy and yummy!
      Thanks for all the great deals! I am able to cook healthy and yummy and still have money in the bank!!!