NJ Residents: Constellation Energy Offering Up To $150 Target Gift Cards to Switch Energy Providors

Reader Sierra sent this to me and I have to say, I know nothing about this service however I wanted to post it for those may be interested in looking into it.

It’s for NJ residents that currently have electric service with PSE&G or JCP&L.  If you switch to Constellation Energy and commit to an 18 month or 30 month plan, you can score a free Target Gift Card up to $150.

You can head over here to read all about it. It seems very interesting and definitely something I’m going to sit down to discuss with my husband and probably make a few calls myself to the company.

If any of you use this company or have looked into it, I’d be curious to know your thoughts or experience with them.

(Thanks Sierra!)

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  • laurie

    i’m curious about this too! a company called Gateway is offering a similar deal in NJ also. here’s the website: http://www.gesc.com/

    keep us posted on what you find out, cindy 🙂

  • Jen

    Im not from New jersey so I cant make this switch but I think you are only changing your supplier which really doesnt mean anything to the consumer. Your electric will still be serviced by the same major power company when you get an outage. You propbably will only save 5 to 10 dollars a month by switching since it is based on kilowatts used and you still have all those other fees and delivery charges to pay. But for a 150.00 gift card its quite interesting.

  • Melissa S

    Wow…I just calculated my usage with JCP&L vs if I had this other company over the last 8 months I would have saved $125…so figure about $150 a year…that seems worth it to me. But does anyone know how servicing works?? I guess it would still be through JCP&L due to the fact that they are still getting paid Delivery Service Charges by all customers

  • Priscilla

    My company made the change last year to a different provider and never had a problem. This year we shopped around for a cheaper rate and made the change for the second time without having to blink. Last year I was told that the switch was not available to residencial properties and now I’m glad it change.

  • Joe

    I have purchased electricity for the company I work for for several years and just received the Constellation offer at my home. I believe it is a good arrangement and I am going to switch. The only risk is if the rates drop below the fixed rate we are locking into but that is much less likely as energy prices are very low now and will probably go up.

  • Joon

    I got the same offer today in the mail. I checked the prices for the past year or so. They range from $0.115 to $0.125. This seems like a good offer, but as Joe noted above, rates can drop below the fixed rate. And what is this 6 months of variable rate after the 12/24 months of fixed rate? Are they going to jack up the prices at that time? The only good thing is you can cancel during the variable rate time. I’m glad that the laws are allowing the consumers the freedom to choose their provider. No more monopoly.

  • Rick

    use this code: 02JBM

  • Scott

    I switched to Constellation and after one year, I saved $60. It was worth it when you add in the $150 Target card. The switch was easy and there was no problems with service.