Pathmark Coupon: Free Lindt Truffles Bag

Pathmark shoppers, if you are signed up for the Pathmark mailings, make sure to check your email for a Free Lindt Truffles Bag coupon ($10 additional purchase required) . If you are not signed up, this has worked in the past to get your coupon and sign up at the same time.

You need to follow these steps:

  • If you haven’t already registered for the Pathmark eNews Signup, head over here and create an account (third green circle on top). Now log out. If you already registered your email then just go to the next step.
  • Now go here and click through the coupon. You will go back to the main page of Pathmark
  • Now click on the eNews Signup again (third green circle on top) and “sign up” again (stick with me)
  • Put your name and your email address in again. Once you start typing your email address in the confirm spot, it must recognize you and brings you to the coupon.

Sounds strange but it has worked when you do it in that order.

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  • Patti

    😀 MUCH better than 3 composition books! LOL!!

  • Diane R.

    Can we use more than 1 of this coupon in separate orders? It says “limit one coupon per shopping family”, so does that mean once it has been used one time with a particular Club Card that it wouldn’t allow it to be used again with that same Club Card in a different order? Has anyone used more than 1 of these freebie coupons in the past?

    p.s. And I totally agree with Patti…. much better than the 3 composition books!! (although I did get them and give them to a friend with 3 kids getting ready to go back to school).

    • Patti

      Diane, great question…I’d love to know the same thing if anyone knows! TIA!