Reader Recommendation: Save 1/3 The Cost on Printer Ink & More at Clickinks!

I always like to pass along great tips from readers.  Here is a tip on getting a great deal on print cartridges from reader Pam.

I bought printer ink at Clickinks for about 1/3 the cost of the stores. It’s a compatible ink that works as well and lasts as long as the name brand. Printing out all the coupons was costing me a mint in ink cartridges so when I actually tried the product and it was everything they said it would be.

So, of course we can’t just settle for 1/3 the cost.  I also checked on Ebates and they are offering 10% cash back.  Plus they have a few different offers over there like “10% off $50+ Ink and Toner orders at ClickInks. Code Click10″ or “Ebates Members Receive 10% savings on Remanufactured/Compatible Inks and toners at ClickInks! Also includes Free shipping! Code Ebates”. So make sure to shop first through Ebates first.  And if you are new to Ebates you will also score an additional $5 cash back.

(Thanks Pam!)

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  • Julia L

    This is a great post, except I have to mention that “cheap” ink ruined my Canon ink jet printer. I used to buy ink from Ink4Sale or something like that. It worked perfectly until one day it didn’t. The ink tanks were full, but the printer still refused to recognize that I had yellow ink and some other color, I don’t remember. The point is, feel free to buy cheap ink, just be aware that it may ruin your printer.

  • Terri

    I have been burned by cheap ink before, too. But, for some printers, it can work great! Not mine – now, I buy brand-name ink on eBay for pretty cheap when I need it.

  • erika

    “ANNV1” gives you 20% off

  • Sandra R

    Thanks for this post, I will be getting my toner for a fraction of the price, its the first time I buy the “cheap” toner hope it works.

  • Danielle

    It’s great, some cheap ink is not good, but Clickinks is not made cheap, but they just have great deals. Love the free shipping 🙂

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