Reader Shopping Trip: ShopRite

Here is a great shopping trip at ShopRite for reader Shannon. Her ShopRite doubles up to $1.00. I thinks it’s a great trip considering she has meat, milk & 4 bottles of baby formula. The baby formula was $20 alone. Way to go Shannon and thanks for sharing! This is what she bought:

4 bottles baby formula
2 Old El Paso Dinner Kits
4 Wylers Light Drink Mix
4 Aunt Jemima Waffles
2 Hefty Bags
1 Gallon Milk
2 Packs Meatloaf Mix meat on managers special
4 cans Chock Full o Nuts coffee
4 Right Guard Deodorant
2 loaves bread

1 ShopRite Sour Cream
-(4) $.55 Chock full O nuts
-(2) $1.50 Aunt Jemima Waffles
-(1) $1.00 2 Hefty
-(2) $3.00 2 Right Guard Total Defense
-(1) 2.00 Catalina from a previous Visit
Total:52.93 total!
Received $3.00 Catalina

This is what makes using coupons & shopping sales great. Getting items for free or cheap like the waffles, the deodorant and the coffee, frees up money for other things that you want or need. Like in Shannon’s case, the formula. If she wasn’t watching sales and using coupons this trip would have cost her at least $75. Which for her, could have been used for another 4 bottles of formula.

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  • Lauren

    I really wish I could make my shopping trips this awesome!

    • Cindy

      Lauren you can. Just start a little at a time. Focus on one thing like maybe health & beauty aids. Maybe do some deals at one of the drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, etc. I started at CVS and then it grew from there.

  • Jannel O.

    Great shooping trip! I am so upset, I didn’t get to Shop Rite last week for all those great sales and I even had all the coupons printed and everything. Stuff just kept coming up that I couldn’t get to the store. So mad! Oh well, there will be other good deals to be had. Great job Shannon!


    Lauren, You can do it! I used to spend so much at the store, then I would just look at Cindy’s emails and webpage and before I knew it I was doing pretty good! My goal is to get it down like you Cindy! I am so impressed with your shopping trips, all the great stuff you get, and the little bit of money you spend! Thanks so much for all you do! It is much appreciated!

    • Cindy

      And thank you for sharing your photo and trip!

  • Kelly


    Maybe you could see if there is someone in your area that can help you. I love when my friends want to save. even try to help people that I see in the stores. One day I know you will help someone starting off like you.

  • Jennifer Bradford

    @ Jannel, I do the same thing sometimes- I get all the matchups, get the coupons printed, then life (between hubby, 4 kids, work) happens and I don’t get to the stores… so mad at myself, I even let $5 of Walgreens RR expire last week – like throwing a $5.00 bill in the garbage, YUCK!!!! Thankfully, I do well with my coupons and matchups 90% of the time so I try not to dwell on my mistakes too much, LOL

    • Cindy

      You guys are not alone. I do the same things. Especially the last few weeks. I let 3 different catalinas/RR expire and missed some great sales. But, that is the beauty of stockpiling and saving so much. If you miss things, there is always some other deal right around the corner

  • Cassie

    Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletters from the formula companies- I get coupons every month for $3-4 off formula!

  • Shannon

    Cassie, I signed up for Similac and so far I have only received 1 mailing with coupons, So I emailed them and asked why. They said b/c of the area I live in I will only be getting 1-2 mailings a year with coupons, and that they had no control over it! I voiced my opinion of how wrong that is! I have to buy 8 bottles a week of liquid formula b/c my son will not drink powder! They sent me a $2.00 coupon for my troubles and that was it! Thank God for my Shoprite having them on sale the past month 4 for $19.99 and every $ 100 I spend I get $10.00 in babybucks

    • Benee

      Shannon, I work in a Pediatric office and we always have formula samples. You can always call or stop in and ask if they have sample or coupons. If your lucky, you may be there when the Rep is in and if they are nice they have been known to give cases of samples.