$25 Gift Certificate for $2 Weekly Promo Offer 125 X 125

Yay!  Another great deal at  They have the $25 Restaurant Gift Certificates at $2 again so you can grab them now.    Use code: CLEARANCE at checkout . Good through 8/31/10.

Never used a gift certificate? Check out our 1st time experience.

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  • Any restaurant I’ve tried to check out for has said that the code is invalid; is it on specific ones?

  • Gloria

    Just got mine and I am sooo excited. Can someone say Christmas presents . . . YEAH me!

    • staceypunk

      Be careful, I thought it said good through 8/31/10

  • MANDi

    it should be CLEARANCE…i just tried it that way and it worked

  • Gloria

    Oh… I used the code “CLEARANCE” not clernce – pretty sure it was a typo and may be why Amy is getting an error. 🙂

  • That fixed it. WOW. How have I not done this before???

    • Gloria

      Just checked. . . the bottom of the certificate says it does not expire. Enjoy yours! I will.

  • staceypunk

    OK, I’ve seen this deal several times so I finally did it! Hey the worst that happens is that I lose out on $2 if I don’t go. I also cut and paste the code and it didn’t work. There is a typo, if you write CLEARANCE it should work. My total was $2.

    • staceypunk

      Mine also says “This Restaurant Gift Certificate does not expire” at the bottom. But there is a validation phone number that the restaurant will call, so I wonder if it would then get declined if used past the 8/31/10 date?
      Does not say 8/31/10 anywhere on certificate.

  • Lis

    Thanks Cindy!! I can’t believe I just bought $100 worth of gift cards for $8!!

  • I bought one today for Las Piramides and used it tonight; they had a sign on the door that said that they would only honor certificates that were a less than a month old.. Kind of frustrated that they put an expiration date on it in the STORE, and not on the certificate…

    AND also, the manager told me that they are probably going to discontinue them soon because they’ve been causing so many problems; they had a large party and they wanted to use like 9 of them separately, and it clearly says “Only one per party” on it….

    Bummer when other people ruin it for the rest of us…

  • Irene S.

    I bought some of these for the first time for our trip to Disney. We went to The House of Blues. They gave us no problems and let us use more than one for our party of 6. The food there was great!

  • Eileen

    i’m first time user. i purchased two w/the “clearance” code. But now i’m lost. Do i need to chose a restuarant upfront to print out the coupon. Totally lost!!!

    • Cindy

      No you just go to any restaurant on the the list in your location. Once you are there, you need to make sure you meet the restaurants restrictions which is usually a minimum amount you have to spend. It also says it on the restaurant info on the website. Sometimes you need to spend $50. So for your $50 bill you would give them the certificate and they would deduct the $25 off the $50. You pay the difference. So you got $50 for $27 ($25 +$2 for the certificate). Don’t forget to leave the tip based on the $50 though. That is it. No need to choose anything ahead of time. And the coupons are usually good for a year. The date I show listed is only for the length of time you can get the $25 at $2. Hope that helps.