Rite Aid Coupon Policy – Printable Copy

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Rite Aid now has a revised coupon policy.  At the time that I posted the original information, I did not have an actual printable version of the policy.  But after a few of you asked if they could provide one, I contacted Rite Aid and they were very happy to send it to me.  So, you can head over here to get the actual coupon policy that you can print out and keep with you when you shop at Rite Aid.  This attachment came right from corporate.

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  • Victoria

    Thank you for sharing this! I actually stopped shopping there last year when they denied me the use of StayFree BOGOFree coupon on their BOGOFree sale!

  • Pamela K

    Finally, a policy with a store logo on it. Thank you so much Cindy for getting this for us.

  • Stephanie

    BESTEST EVER! Thanks!

  • nicole

    my store manager said they will not except more than 1 up reward per transaction. clearly here it says they will unless printed otherwise. mine all say good thru (date) on 1 purchase only of at least $1 of eligible product excluding sales tax. i take this as i can combine them. i am going to call rite aid and ask them. because otherwise this up reward stuff is useless, as i am not going to go to rite aid 8 times in 2 weeks to make small purchases to use them.

  • nicole

    just spoke with rite aid and they agreed, up rewards can be combined (unless there is a particular exclusion stated) as long as you purchase over their combined total and you are not using it on the excluded items (presciptions, etc). they were surprised that my store did not follow this policy and offered to follow up with the store to make sure they were clear on the policy which they said was newly printed just last friday.

  • staceypunk

    Thank you!!!

  • michelle

    Thank you!

  • my rite aid will take 1 per each item you purchase onall eligble items purchased.
    i used 14 in 1 transaction in september.

  • Melissa

    To clarify the last bullet point about multiple coupons- my Rite Aid’s manager insisted that the Video Values coupons are manufacturer coupons and will not take them in combination with a regular manufacturer coupon. Is he right, or do they accept up to one of each of the three types of coupons on the same item, as indicated by the policy’s wording?

    • Cindy

      They say manufacturer coupons but they are in fact a store coupon and they can be stacked with a regular manufacturers coupon

  • Tashawna

    Can you stack a manufacturer coupon that was clipped from an insert, with a Printable coupon from a coupon site?

  • All the rite aids in my area were not stocked on the tylenol precise patch. They gave me a rain check and told me to come back on the weekend and they still did not have the precise patch. They rain check is only good for thirty days and the manager told me they wouldn’t be getting back in stock for two to three weeks.

  • Stacy

    Thanks so much for coupon policy…This is awesome…I was wondering if you could stack coupons and at which stores…Awesome…