Saturday Shopping: ShopRite

Shoprite (Saturday)

Some of you may have been wondering what was up.  I mean ShopRite had these awesome deals last week and no shopping trip from me.  Well, I was thinking the same thing.  But truth be told, and I couldn’t mention it before this, I’ve been at Jury Duty for 2 weeks.  Yes, I was one of the lucky ones to get picked for a trial.  And, of all things, a murder trial.  Ugh!  So, I’ve been pretty busy listening to witnesses, seeing evidence and learning more about the law than I really wanted to know.  But, I met a lot of nice people during my 2 weeks of visiting the courthouse and I want to just give a shout out to my jury duty friends.

But, now that I’m not tied up with prosecutors & defense attorneys I’ve had time to shop.  And so I did.  Here was my trip(s) on Saturday at ShopRite:

Trans #1:

4 Whole Fruit Bars $0.88
4 Minute Maid Frozen Novelties $0.88

3 Colgate Toothpaste $0.66
1 Colgate Toothpaste $1.99 (I must have grabbed 1 wrong box)
5 Pompeian Vinegar $1.25
3 Sun Crystals $1.99

-(4)$0.50 Whole Fruit ($0.88 deducted)
-(4)$0.75/1 MM Coupon ($0.88 deducted)
-(4)$0.50/1 Colgate (a total of $3.35 was deducted)
-(4)$0.50/1 Pompeian coupon
-(3)$2/1 Sun Crystals
-$0.10 Canvas bag credit
Tax $0.17
Paid: $2.91
Received $5.00 catalina (Sun Crystals) $5.00 Catalina (Pompeian)

Trans #2:

2 Whole Fruit Bars $0.88
2 Minute Maid Frozen Novelties $0.88
3 Sun Crystals $1.99
1 Tic Tac $0.69
4 Colgate Toothpaste $0.66

-(2)$0.50 Whole Fruit ($0.88 deducted)
-(2)$0.75 MM Coupon ($0.88 deducted)
-(3)$2/1 Sun Crystals
-(3)$0.50/1 Colgate ($2.64 deducted)
-$0.05 Canvas Bag Credit
$0.15 tax
Paid: $0.76
Received $5.00 Catalina (Sun Crystals)

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  • Stacey

    Well, your absence was seamless! You kept cranking out the deals and I was pleased.

    I haven’t shopped really for several weeks, due to some serious vacationing. Today, I’m off to use some of my free money at Shoprite to get a couple of things. Well, maybe more beach today and shopping tomorrow.

    Glad your back!

  • Jennifer

    It amuses me that the Tic-Tacs might have been your most expensive item!

    • Cindy

      That is funny. I never thought of that. That was my husbands trip too. He gets in a panic thinking that the transaction may be zero. So I told him to throw in a pack of gum or something.

  • Patti

    Glad you’re back! You didn’t miss a beat, though!

  • Becky Barley

    My hubby and me both got a letter to report for jury duty but luckily I didn’t have to do it since they called us both at the same time. I couldn’t tell the way you were slinging out deals! lol

  • Jenny

    I got the same deals with the MM and the Whole fruit bars and the kids have been loving all the cool treats!! They tell me to go look on that website so they can have some free stuff to eat!

    • Cindy

      That is cute 🙂

  • shira

    Nice job on the shoprite haul! Couple of questions: what do you do when your store is out of stock of an item? Do you take the time to go to other stores?
    On a similar note, what do you do when one item in your deal scenario is not available, thereby throwing it off? Do you go in with multiple scenarios or do you pull out a calculator and rethink the scenarios in the store?
    Also, do you actually manage to use all the stuff before it goes bad or expires??

    • Cindy

      Luckily I don’t have too much of a problem with items being out of stock at my store but if I usually do I take out the calculator and rethink scenarios in the store or I just opt out of it and try again at a later date. But, I always get a rain check.
      And yes we absolutely go through all the stuff before it expires. I have grown children, one of which eats for 2 or 3 people by himself. And with grown children come grown friends. They multiply.

      • Lori G

        “I have grown children, one of which eats for 2 or 3 people by himself. And with grown children come grown friends. They multiply.”

        So true! 😉

  • Martine

    I got the Fruit bars also.. They are soo good 🙂