My Shopping Trip to Pathmark & a Reader Trip to Meijer!


First, I think I’m in need of a new camera because my pictures are getting worse and worse.  Or maybe it’s just the person taking the picture.  That would be me of course.  But, sorry they are so blurry.

Second, I finally headed to Pathmark after a break of not being there and I was faced with the same thing I am always faced with when I shop there.  NOTHING IS EVER IN STOCK.  Don’t you hate that?!  So, I couldn’t get the flank steak last night nor could I do the Lysol deal.  But, don’t you worry folks, cause I’m going back for my flank steak.  I have waited too long for a great price on it.

And just so you know.  The Hood catalina did not print for me.  Not sure why but they did give me a $3.00 credit to the store.  Don’t forget, because these deals are on shelf price, it is sometimes hard for customer service to issue you a credit or cash so always know that you can call or email Catalina marketing so they can review your purchase and send you a catalina if you qualified.

Here was my trip:

3 Blue Bunny Ice Creams $2.49each
3 Almond Breeze Milk $2.50 each
2 Heluva Good Cheese $2.00 each
1 Roxy Iceberg Lettuce $1.99
1 package (.79 lbs) Chicken Breast thin sliced $3.94
1.79 lbs peaches $2.67

-(3)$1/1 Blue Bunny
-(3)$0.55/1 Almond Breeze Milk
-(2)$0.50/1 Heluva Good Cheese
-$1.99 Roxy Lettuce (Pathmark emailed coupon)
-$2.00 Managers Special Meat
-$1.29 Peaches (pathmark coupon)
Tax: $0.63
Paid: $14.62
Received: $3.00 catalina (Blue Bunny) & $3.00 Store Credit (for the Hood Catalina)

You can head over here for the rest of the Pathmark deals.

Also, reader Stephanie sent me her shopping trip from Meijers.  She did this deal in multiple transactions to keep rolling those catalinas.  Here was her trip:

56 cans of Pregresso
28 bags of Chex Mix
15 ziploc bags
10 pks of ziploc containers
6 BC Warm Delights
6 pks of Pepperoni
4 Pillsbury Grands
8 boxes of Fruit Roll-ups
9 pks of Lance Crackers
6 2 liters of Pepsi Maxx
3 Dial foam hand soap
4 boxes of Simply Yoplait Go-Gurt
1 lb. Peaches

……Total OOP = $42.50

I bought 8 cans of Pregresso soup at a time. Paid $2.50 for each
trans. Got back a $3 OYNO for each trans. On the Fruit roll-ups I
bought 4 at a time. Paid $5 for each trans and got back $2OYNO. I used
all my catalinas to pay the difference after coupons.

(Thanks Stephanie!)

If you have a shopping trip you would love to share, you can email it to me at cindy @ (remove spaces).  I love seeing your trips!!

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