Shopping Trip: Target, Stop & Shop, Pathmark & the Farmer’s Market!

Target, Stop & Shop, Farmer's Market, Pathmark

I finally, after weeks and weeks, have been able to take time to start on some serious shopping.  I was able to hit 4 different stores yesterday and scored some great deals.  Went to Target, Stop & Shop, the Farmer’s Market and Pathmark.  I tried using my new Target coupons but my Target is so much more expensive that it wasn’t really worth it to me.  I can get most of the stuff so much cheaper at other stores but I did snag a few items.  My Pathmark still did not have the flank steak in stock so I got a raincheck. And they gave me a raincheck for 4 even though the limit was 1. Whoot! So happy about that. Here were my trips:

1 LaCroix Seltzer $2.49
1 Chef Boyardee $0.89
2 Biore Face Wash $5.84
1 Suave Men’s Shampoo $1.65

-(1)$1.25 LaCroix
-(1)$1/1 Chef Boyardee ($0.89 was deducted)
-(2)$2/1 Biore
-(2)$2/1 Biore Target Printable
-(1)$0.50/1 Suave
-(1)$0.75/1 Suave Target Printable
+$0.60 tax
Paid: $5.92

Stop & Shop:
4 Dole Pineapple $1.00 each
2 Ronzoni $0.77
1 Boneless Chicken Breast Family Pack $6.91
1 Simply Jiff $2.99

-$0.25 each for the Dole (Scanner discount)
-(2)$0.55/1 Ronzoni (fully doubled so overage)
-$1.98 for Jiff (in ad coupon)
-$3.00 catalina from previous trip
-$5.00 catalina form previous trip
Paid: $2.26

2 Lysol Bathroom Cleaners $2.00
3 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners $2.00
1 Lysol Spray $2.50
2 Kelloggs Cinnabon Cereal $1.66

-(2)$0.50/1 Lysol Bathroom (doubled)
-(3)$0.50/1 Lysol Toilet Bowl (doubled)
-(1)$0.50/1 Lysol Spray (doubled)
-(2)$0.75/1 Kellogg’s Cinnabon (doubled)
-$3.00 catalina (blue bunny)
-$3.00 catalina (Hood)
+$0.67 tax
Pay: $1.49
Received a $7.00 catalina (Lysol)

Farmer’s Market:
Various Fruits & Veggies
Paid: $14.72

How did you do on your shopping trip?  If you would like to share your great deals, just email them to me at cindy @ and I will post them up.

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  • Dee

    Where can I find a printable copy of the Stop and shop policy? I have been told that I couldn’t use a catalina on a transaction as I got it that day and another time I was told I could only use one catalina per transaction yet you used two in one transaction above.


    • Cindy

      There is no coupon policy published that I can find.

  • Dee

    Also, when I bought the Ronzoni the other day it doubled to the value (77c) not a full double to $1. it was at a self check out though. Could this be why?

    • Cindy

      I went through self checkout too. I didn’t realize it fully doubled until I went to do the breakdown on the post.

  • Raina

    My Stop & Shop does not double coupons. My local ShopRite does, but I’ve never seen Stop & Shop advertise a double coupons promotion. What a bummer.

    • Cindy

      Double coupons are standard at Stop & Shop so they are never advertised. I was under the impression that all of them doubled. Which on do you shop at.?

  • Patti

    “I got a raincheck. And they gave me a raincheck for 4 even though the limit was 1”. LIKE! That calls for a coupon happy dance!

  • alaya

    Cindy, you mentioned that your Target was too expensive. I shop @ E.Hanover Target as well. Are all the items that are in this week’s match-up’s higher at that location?

    • Cindy

      Yes most were. I was moving my daughter into her dorm this weekend so my friend Shannon at For The Mommas and I switched off. I did the coupon match ups with the new Target coupons and she did the prices. Her prices are so much lower.

      I just left there tonight to score a great deal I’m going to post. And what a headache. I just got a brand new excuse for why they couldn’t use the coupon. The item was clearance and the coupon was not a clearance coupon. WHAT?!?! Oh my word 🙂