ShopRite: Free Pledge Multi Surface Spray!

Update:  It looks like only $1.00 catalinas are printing.

Reader Christine let us know over on the LRWC Facebook page that you can score a great deal on Pledge Multi Surface Spray.  There is a catalina printing wyb 2.  Now she said that hers was priced at $4.69 but when I checked mine it was at $4.49 so it may be Free or just $0.19 for 2.  A few cents here or there is not going to matter for this great deal.  Here is how to work it (based on my prices):

Buy 2 Pledge Multi Surface Spray $4.49
-(1)BOGO from the 8/1 SmartSource insert
-(1)$0.75/1 from **see below
Pay: $2.99
Get $1 catalina (?)

Note: Some stores may not allow you to use a BOGO and a dollar off so know your stores policy on that.

** Coupons source for the $0.75/1 coupon:
J&J Mailer
Women’s Day Magazine Sept/Oct?
Redbook Magazine Sept
Parenting The Early Years Sept
Parents Magazine Sept (Thanks Tricia!)

(Thanks Christine!)

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  • Tricia

    Hello Cindy, the coupon is in the Sept Parents Magazine! THANK YOU

  • I didn’t see the coupon in the Sep issue of Woman’s Day but I do have it in the October issue.


  • Anonymous

    I bought this deal at Shoprite and only received a $1 catalina

    • Pippy

      I also received only $1.00. I shop at the Enfield CT store.

      • Lori

        I also got a $1 CAT, that is what was written on the shelf tag as well.

  • Carla

    I also only received a $1.00 catalina in Edison NJ. Plus my store did not let me do two coupons. I was accused of coupon fraud :o)

  • Christine

    I only received a $1.00 catalina in the Newton, NJ ShopRite. They would not let me use the .75 coupon with the BYGO. In the past I have used another coupon with the BYGO so not sure why I couldn’t last night. I would have fought it, but I was too tired!

  • Jess

    I got 2-$3 cats when I bought 4 of these. I bought them Sunday.
    Is it possible there was a different cat over the weekend or that it was a cat mistake to begin with?
    Or that maybe something else I bought produced the “winning combo” for the cat?

    I tried it again yesterday and got $1 cat but that was all I was buying

  • Jenny Brown

    By theway.. these pledge cleaners are awesome!. I used them to clean my tv and no streaks. I cleaned my desk and computer moniters. They did great in the bathroom on the mirrors and even on my car windows.

  • Chris

    Brookdale Shoprite in Bloomfield, NJ…only allowed the BOGO and a $1 catalina printed on the pledge. However, I was pleasantly surprised by a $2 catalina from Poland Spring! Our ShopRite flyer in the newspaper had a coupn for $10/3 of the 24-bottle boxes. I also used a COU for buy 2 of these cases, get a gallon of Poland Spring free.

    I also got
    40 ct. Pepperoni Totino Pizza Rolls, marked down to $3.99, with COU $.55 doubled
    Dynamo 2X on sale for $1.88 with COU $1/1
    Wisk 2X for $4.99 with COU $3/1
    Got2B stuff my son WANTS and I have refused to buy so far was $2.50
    Vive Pro Shampoo $2.49 with COU $1
    Loreal Hair Color on sale for $4.99 minus COU $3/1
    Colgate Total $1.77 with COU $.75/1 doubled
    and…..4 dozen Egglands Eggs $1.99 on sale with 4 COU for $.50/1 doubled

    Thanks for all your work to help us all to save some money! We have been hit with so many medical bills this year and you have helped me to learn to save when I really needed to!