ShopRite: Kellogg’s Catalina Still Working + $0.75/1 Kellogg’s Pops Mixit Coupon

Woohoo! Guess what?! Reader Reni just let me know that the Kellogg’s, Keebler, Sunshine or Famous Amos: Buy 10 Get $10 from last week is still going on this week at ShopRite.  So, you have an extra week to score some deals.

There is a new coupon available for $0.75/1 off Kellogg’s Pops Mixit.  I’m hoping that it will be included in the catalina deal.  Here are some coupon match ups.

Kellogg’s Pops Mixit $1.79 ??
use $0.75/1 Printable

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts $1.67 (must buy 3)
$1/2 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, exp. 8-8-10 (RP 06/13/10)
$1/2 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts (RP 07/11/10)

Kellogg’s NutriGrain Bars $2.50 (must buy 2)
$0.75/1 Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars, exp. 9-5-10 (SS 07/11/10)

Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Treats $2.00 (must buy 2)

Eggo Waffles $2.25
$1/2 Kellogg’s Eggo Frozen Product, exp. 8-15-10 (RP 06/20/10)
$1/2 Kellogg’s Eggo or Cinnabon Frozen Item, exp. 9-19 (RP 7/25/10)

Keebler Sandwich Cracker $1.99
$1/2 Keebler Sandwich Crackers, exp. 9-26-10 (RP 08/01/10)

And, don’t forget about the new coupons for the Kellogg’s cereal that came out today. The Cinnabon cereal is priced at $2.99 so only $1.49 after coupon.

Now, I’m not sure if the Kellogg’s Pops Mixits will be included in this deal. Always makes me wonder when it looks to good too be true. But if it is, then here is a great deal you can try out.  Note, I am only including 4 because most ShopRites have the same coupon policy where they only allow 4 like coupons. Here is a possible deal:

Buy 4 Kellogg’s Pops Mixit $1.79 each (maybe less)
Buy 6 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts $1.67 each

-(4)$0.75/1 Pops Mixit Printable
-(3)$1/2 Pop Tarts
Pay: $8.18
Get a $10 Catalina

Let us know if you tested this out and if it worked or not.

(Thanks Reni!)

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  • Lori G

    No Pop mixits in my store 🙁

    • Cindy

      I can pretty much bet it’s not at my store either. It takes a month for new stuff to arrive.

      • Kristine

        I’ll be the same here too…but I am going to go after my son’s tennis lesson this morning and give this deal a try….or at least try to!

  • Stephanie

    The Mixits worked at Meijer last week..
    The catalina rolled
    I bought 10 used 4 coupons (thats all I had) paid difference with a Walgreens RR (some Meijer accept those) and got a $10 OYNO. I bougth 10 more. My total was $9.90. I used the 10 cat and got back .10 plus another $10 cat. I rolled this over and over again. I ended up with 280 packs of Mixits. ZERO out of pocket and $12.80 in pocket. ($2.80 for every transaction which gave me a dime back and the last transaction printed a $10 OYNO

    • mihir

      hey stephanie,
      How do you do more then one transaction because they do not allow me to do more then one transaction at a time

  • kevin s

    Just to add to the deal. The Pop Tarts are having a promo advertising their 27 flavors( You can enter codes from inside box, once per flavor. For 5 codes you can get 25 photo prints, 2 boxes of pop tarts, 5 music downloads, magazine subscription or movie ticket(up to $12.)
    With these working out at about 10 cents a box, it’s cost 50 cents for a $12 movie ticket. Cheap date 🙂

    • Kristine Twardy

      I did this once already and have 3 codes left, I bring my list of what flavors I have bought and let the kids pick out different ones, what a great deal! We already have a movie ticket we are waiting to use!

  • Bree

    Did anyone else try the deal at ShopRite? I’m going to look later today and see if they have the Mix Its. My store also takes a while to get newer merchandise in stock.

  • Silvia

    Don’t forget to also print the .50 off coupons on the site. Not as good, but for those doing the 10 CAT deal it helps mix up the coupons since SR only takes 4 of each same coupon.

  • Kristine Twardy

    My Shoprite didn’t have the Mixits, so I got 4 boxes of Nutrigrain bars and 6 boxes of Pop Tarts. Still for 18 I got all that plus 2 gal. of water and a gal. of milk and then my $10 Catalina back, so I paid 8 dollars for all of that after catalina. Not too bad!

  • stephanie

    Just so everyone knows my total was only 9.90 each time before I used the catalina bc they are on sale at Meijer for .99

  • Stella

    I’m sure you’ve been asked this dozens of times already, but I was hoping you could fill me in. Does SR keep track of what you buy on your Price Plus card? For example. If a sale is limit 1, can I get this deal more than once if I go back another day during the sale period or does the store know that I already got that deal? Also, if I receive a catalina for a certain promotion, will I always be permitted to return to the store and get another catalina for the same promotion?

    • Cindy

      Well the price plus does keep track of your sales and savings but it doesn’t to the point where it does not allow you to do deals again in other transactions. You can go back the same day if you like as long as your cashiers don’t give you the evil eye when they see you saving too much money 🙂

  • Silvia

    At my SR you can not do more than 4 transactions per day using the same card. It does not matter what you buy, after 4, it beeps and they tell you.

  • stephanie

    Hi Mihir
    I did this deal at Meijer. I did 28 transactions in self checkout. My store allows multiple transactions. There is no rule on how many transactions you can do. They would be stupid not to let you bc they are making all the money off of them. Prior to starting I asked the manager if I could buy all they had and he said yes. I even had cashiers in other self check out lanes ringing them up for me and we just kept passing catalinas back & forth.
    If someone told you you were not allowed to to multiple transactions-they didn’t know what they were talking about. The only time you cannot do that is if it says “one per customer” and these have no limit what so ever. You only need to split them up to get the catalina and roll it into the next order.

    • Meredith

      You bought 280?!? Yikes! Lucky for you, but not for the next customer!

  • Bree

    Just an update … My Lyndhurst ShopRite did not have the Mix Its (cereal aisle right?!).

  • Elizabeth

    Found a display of Mix Its in my Shopr Rite and they worked for the 10.00 cat :o)

    • Cindy

      Woohoo!! 🙂 What a deal. Now if we can all find them

    • Bree

      I’m going to try my other ShopRite today and keep my eye out for the display; it’s the little things that excite me! ;o)

  • kristen

    Can it be any combo of Kellogg products above as long as we buy 10? Sorry, I am new to this and just wondering about the ‘must buy x’ next to some items. I’d like to do a combo of mixits, nutrigrain and waffles

    • Cindy

      It should actually be any Kellogg’s, Keebler, Eggo & I believe Famous Amos product. The ones listed are the ones that have coupons. You can do any combo as long as you have 10. And, check your stores because people have found a rebate book in the fuel for school displays. I have only been able to find coupons.

  • Rachel

    Found them at my Shop Rite!!! They were in the own display at the end of the aisle.

  • Sandy

    Found the Mixups at Branchburg SR as well on an end cap.
    F.Y.I. – Buy (1) Kellogg’s Simply Cinnamon Corn Flakes as part of the buy 10 deal using .75 coupon and use the Try Me Free Mail in Rebate (specially marked packages) found on the box to get $3.49 shelf price back!

    6 pop tarts – (3) 1.00 Q
    2 Mixups (2) .75 Q
    1 Cinnabon cereal – (1) .75 Q
    1 Simply Cinnamon Corn Flakes – (1) .75 Q

    Paid $ 10.90
    Rcvd $10 Catalina & MIR for $3.49

    *$ 2.59 Moneymaker

  • Bianca T.

    I was surprised to find that the ShopRite in Sicklerville/Winslow Twshp NJ also has the Kellogg’s Mix-Its!

  • Megan

    the coupon was only .50 for me, anyone else seeing that?

    • Shira

      mine’s 50 cents too. I guess they ran out of 75’s