ShopRite: Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Now a $3.50 Money Maker

A few of you have found some additional coupons for this deal.  Makes me so happy when everyone is looking out for each other and posting and emailing deals and coupons.  It’s exactly how I wanted this site to be… a place to come for info from and for people who all have the same goal, to save at the grocery store & more!   So thank you for that!

And now, we’ve got an even better deal for the SC Johnson Dollar Days Deal.  Specifically the double dip Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Cleaner deal.  There is a $1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel printable coupon here as well as possible $1.00 peelies on the product.   So, here is your new and improved deal:

Deal Idea:
Buy 6 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel $3.50 each
-(3)Free Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet wyb Gel from the 8/1 SS insert
-(3)$1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Printable
Pay: $7.50
Get a $5.00 catalina (SC Johnson)
Get 3 – $2.00 Catalinas (Scrubbing Bubbles)
free + $3.50 Money Maker

(Thanks Ronnie, Tina & Joanna!)

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  • Jude

    Hi. I bought 6 today and got the 3 2.00 scrubbing bubbles catalinas but not the 5.00. Perhaps that offer was not in my area- Freeport NY. However the cashier took the shelf price off on the 3 free – 4.59 -so it wasnt a total loss!!

    • Jean

      It should be in your area, I am in Highland, NY and shop in New Paltz, NY and the deal was running there. I think I would go to customer service. The CATs were working as of 10:00 p.m. last night.

  • liz

    i can’t print the coupon, is anyone else having trouble? i get cannot connect to server when i click print coupon. 🙁

    • Cindy

      It seems that all of & bricks coupons (run from the same company) are down tonight. I’ve been trying to get in for about an hour now.

  • Abby

    Same. I cannot print it.

  • Victoria

    If anyone has any scrubbing bubbles products that come in enclosed packages, i.e. fresh brush toilet cleaner refill, there is always a packet of coupons inside. The one I have right now also has $1 off toilet gel as well!

  • Kim

    This stinks! In my SS I did not receive the B1G1 coupon. I went to ebay and will hopefully win some coupons before Saturday!

  • Tom

    I have a question. So you are buying 6 products total and are using one coupon per item? Can you use a coupon on the items you receive free? I tried to do that with something else. Had a buy one, get one free coupon plus a coupon for the product. Bought two items total – I was told I cannot use a coupon on the B1G1 item…is that right? Or was the Shoprite employee wrong?

    • Anonymous

      The Shoprite employee was wrong. You can always used a dollar off man. coupon with a BOGO coupon for the item you are getting for free.

    • Cindy

      No you can not use a $$ off coupon on the free item. The BOGO coupon is the coupon for the free item. You can use a coupon for the other item. So buy 1 get 1 free, you can use a $$ off coupon on one and a the BOGO coupon on the other.

  • couponman

    using BOGO + $ MFR coupon … must buy 3 items…… if u buy 2 using BOGO + $mfr coupon is not allowed and consider fraud….

    • Cindy

      Actually that is not true. The BOGO coupon attaches to the free item and the dollar off coupon attaches to the other item. There are some BOGO coupons (UPC coupons that start with 14) that attach to both items. In that case you can only use one as it will attach to both items. Other then that, the manufacturer has made the coupon so that it attaches only to one item, freeing up the other item to accept a coupon.

      • Tom

        Thank you for confirming this. This is what I had suspected. After my one experience at the Edison Shoprite where I was told I could not use a BOGO coupon plus another coupon for 2 items, it has me wondering what will happen next time. If they give me a problem, what would suggest I do?

        • Cindy

          I would just send an email to Wakefern. It does get difficult because they are individually owned and they can tweak the policy here and there. Usually Wakefern just backs each individual store so you may wind up having to abide by their individual store policy. Or go to another store, if that is possible.

          • Ueen

            I confer with Cindy. Two Shoprites near me have different policy on using a BOGO and 1 manufacturer coupon. One allows me to use 1 coupon with a BOGO coupon and one doesn’t.

            • Sally

              I tried to use my coupons like this morning at the Oakland, NJ store. I bought 6 scrubbing bubbles and had 2 BOGO and 4 $1 off coupons. I wen through the self checkout and while I was checking out someone came an got all the coupons out of the coupon box. When I went to leave the cashier/watcher says you can’t leave. I was like pardon? She says again “You can’t leave” without telling me what is going on. Well you would think I was trying to steal a car when I used them. The next thing I know I am surrounded by 5 or 6 employees including the manager telling me that I am using coupons illegally and that I can’t use more then one mfr coupon per item. I tried to explain that that is what I was doing but they all just kept saying that it was wrong what I was doing. I have to admit that I lost my temper today but I was feeling rather threatened being surrounded by all of them at once. I finally just said sorry I didn’t know your policy and here is your $2. Then they proceeded to tell me that I shouldn’t have more then one internet coupon of each type because that is against the “law” as you are only able to print off one (this was the manager telling me this) I said that is not true that you are usually able to print off two per computer and I have two computers so I am able to print off two. The whole situation was quite embarrassing I walked away feeling like a criminal even though I had done nothing wrong. I am seriously considering just not shopping there any more if this is how the treat a customer over $2 in coupons.

              • Cindy

                What!! That is just crazy. I’m usually pretty reasonable with these thinks and understand the different policies but that is just ridiculous. I highly suggest that you call or email Wakefern and let them know exactly what happened. If nothing else they could have simply just told you what their policy is and removed the coupon(s) that were in question. 😡

                • Sally

                  I sent an email since I know that I will just get to upset on the phone as I am still quite upset with how they treated me. 🙁

            • Jacqueline

              The manager in garnerville, ny refused to allow bogo and $1mq so I told her to just take all the sb off the order. I had the last laugh because the $5 cat had printed

              • Sally


  • Jean

    I was able to do six scrubbing bubbles last night and received the $5 + (3) $2 CATs.

    I love the SB toilet gel, it gives the bathroom a fresh smell when you walk in.

    SO I am hoping the double-dip CATs are still running as I would like to get 6 more to bring me up to a year or more supply.

    If anyone knows when the double-dip ends, I would love to be made aware of that.

    My deal went like this:

    6 SB @ 2/$7 = $21 + tx
    I used 3 B1G1 ( there were no $1 peelies on mine) = $10.50
    Used $8 CATs from a previous purchase
    OOP $1.84/6 = .31 ea + I received $11 in CATs

    • Cindy

      I believe it ends on 8/7. I saw the tag a couple of weeks ago when we were doing another scrubbing bubbles deal and i think it said 8/7

      • Jean

        Thank you, Cindy.

  • Jennifer

    Can anyone confirm for me, would this deal work on any of the scrubbing bubbles products? Can I combine this in some way with ziplocs for the SC Johnson $5 deal? My head is spinning trying to figure it out:)

  • Can this deal be done more than once on separate trips or does their system only allow one per ShopRite card? I did successfully complete one 6 item deal today – AWESOME!! 🙂


  • i did this deal last night and was so excited that it worked. the $5 catalina printed right away and then after paying 3 $2 catalinas came out and my mom and cashier were shocked..then i said “i saw it online and planned the deal!”. i then used a $5 catalina from the ziploc deal, and the $11 worth from the scrubbing bubbles to put towards my meat purchase and got a ton of meat for only $10!(plus- an onion, beef broth, sour cream, and a block of cheese). we packaged it last night and it came out too 7 meals! (wouldve been 10 but the ground beef wasnt good-its gooing back) so with that return- 7 meals for about $3!!!

  • Tina

    Has anyone tried going through the self check lane and using the B1G1 coupon? Does it make a difference in which order the MFG & B1G1 coupons are scanned?

  • Nicky T

    This is my first time doing SR catalina deal. Does this roll. Can i do this deal again and pay with a cat from first tranny and get the cats again?

  • Lisa

    I did the srubbing bubbles deal last nite and paid at the courtesy desk because the line was long at express checkout. To my dismay they did not have the catalina machine hooked up to the register, so when i told her i was supposed to get the $5 and $2 catalinas she said sorry. I told her to please refund me and return my coupons so i could go to a regular register but she said she could not give me my coupons back. She gave me $5 for the SC promo but would not give me the 3 $2 ($6) i would have gotten from the other catalinas. I am really upset. Is there anyway I can get the 3 $2 catalinas or did i loose out on this offer? I know one thing for sure I will always pay at a regular cash register from now on!

    • Cindy

      Well, although the $2 catalinas are not advertised in the circular, they were advertised on the shelf tags at one point so they should have record of it. The only other thing to do it do just call catalina marketing. their number is 1-888-826-8766 or via email HTH

      • Lisa

        thank you Cindy, I am dailing the number right now.

  • Nicky

    Do you have to buy Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel to get the 3 $2 catalinas or can i buy any scrubbing bubbles product to get that cat.

    • Jennifer

      @Nicky: Any Scrubbing bubbles will do, buy 2, get $2 catalina. Today I did 3 Toilet Get, and 1 SB Fantastik, and then 2 ziplocs , because that was what worked best with the coupons I had on hand, and got back 2 $2 cat for the SB and a $5 cat for the SC Johnson.

  • Sandy

    I went and bought exactly what you said – I got no cat. so I returned everything! I was so frustrated – took the time to write everything down and cut coupons and only have so much time to shop – “nursing baby”

    they said it wasn’t in the green box!