ShopRite (Village Markets) Now Taking Smart Source Internet Coupons Again!

I just received an email from Wakefern (Corporate company for ShopRite) in regards to the Smart Source internet printed coupons.  I had been back and forth with Village Markets (one of the largest owners of ShopRite stores)  and the corporate offices for about a month.  Since Village Markets and possibly other ShopRite store owners were not accepting the legitimate Smart Source IP coupons, it became such a hassle for all of us to shop and plan our trips.

Well I’m happy to tell you that Village Market owned ShopRites will now be accepting Smart Source coupons.

Village Markets “will accept all valid Smart Source coupons unless they do not scan, are expired or have previously been identified as counterfeit.”

So that is good news but you may be asking yourself how do I know it’s counterfeit. Well, here are some ways to tell.

  1. If you print coupons from Smart Source, Red Plum or you can guarantee that they are not fraudulent coupons.  Please note that a lot of companies use this printing technology as well.  For instance you may go onto Pepperidge Farms and print directly from their website but it prints out as a coupon or maybe even a Smart Source coupon.  Also, E-Centives is another coupon printing technology that is legitimate.  Usually the manufacturer coupons printed from the Target site use this technology.  If you stick with coupons that come from direct sources that you know then you can feel safe that you have printed a legitimate coupon.
  2. You should check with the site for a complete list of all know fraudulent coupons. I was also told by ShopRite that they use this list so if you are unsure about a coupon you can check there.
  3. Be weary of PDF coupons. Not all PDFs are fraudulent but a lot of them are. If the coupon is in PDF format and you can not determine the original source of the coupon, then don’t use it. Most likely it’s fraudulent. If I post a PDF coupon on this site, it means I have researched it to determine that is, in fact a legitimate coupon. Most times, I myself, do that use them as most of the stores I shop will not accept them. Some of the companies that still use PDF coupons are Post It, Command and Rayovac. Hopefully they will get with the program and switch over soon.

If you are unsure if your ShopRite will  allow you to use Smart Source coupons, call your store or stop by your customer service counter and ask.  Have a Smart Source coupon in hand so they know what you are referring to.  If they tell you no then send an email to Wakefern letting them know that your store is not accepting them.

Note: I know that all of my readers are legitimate users of coupons.  Possibly on occasion some of you may have misused a coupon and did not even realize.  So, please take a look at the fraudulent coupon list if you are unsure.  And, please, please, do not, knowingly use fraudulent coupons.  We get plenty of awesome deals with legitimate coupons that are available to us.   So please DO NOT ruin it for the rest of us that just want to legitimately cut our grocery bill.
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