Staples: 2 Free Bic Highlighter 5 Packs

Reader Patti let me know that you can score 2 packs of Bic Highlighters for Free at Staples this week. They are priced at only $0.50 each and there is a $1/2 Bic Stationary Product coupon available.  Here is your deal:

Buy 2 Bic Highlighters $0.50 each
-(1)$1/2 Bic Printable (click on Office Supplies on the left side to find it easier)
free after coupon

(Thanks Patti!)

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  • i was able to get a bunch yesterday, though i was given a LOT of issue over a printed coupon. when the cashier asked a manager about it he tried claiming it wasn’t valid and was a copy. i tried explaining to him that i’d printed it and it was /not/ a copy and was in fact valid. he took one but i have three more that apparently i can’t use and i’m pretty upset. and i was made to feel like an ass in a store with people all around … lovely.

    • Patti

      They gave me a REALLY hard time too and I could only use one of the two that I had. I’m used to the hassle though…shopping at Stop & Shop has given me lots of practice! LOL!! 🙂 I’m going to take the 2nd one to a different Staples so I can use both.

      • Cindy

        I hear ya with Stop & Shop. Just came from their. Coupons never work. They were nice about it but it takes forever at that store.

        • Patti

          I think of it this way “Stop & Shop is building my couponing character”. LOL!!

          Also, Cindy, p’d/u the calendar at SR today… had to ask for it at Cust Svc…I guess people are taking lots of them. Lots of yummy recipes in there too…love the fig one! Tx for the heads up on that and for all you do!

  • Denise

    I sent my son, the teacher, to Staples to get this deal. They wouldn’t let him use the coupon, said it says on the coupon “cannot be used with other offers”. Frustrating, was trying to teach him how to use coupons!!

  • Got to love how some people/places decide to make the rules whatever they want *makes face* i’m not a staples fan anyway. i usually don’t have trouble with stop&shop, but shaws on the other hand… i have to go to the one way across town not the one close lol cuz they seem to really enjoy ‘building my coupon character’ LOL Targets usually pretty good too. Oh but for some reason the walgreens they put in near me gives me wicked issue with like everything, bah :P, i end up feeling like a criminal when i go in *geeze* they act like the savings are coming outa their pocket 😛