Sunday Shopping: ShopRite, Aldi, Farmer’s Market & Denville Market Pantry


Well I had no intention of heading to ShopRite today.  I have been soooo busy for the last few weeks.  Between 2 1/2 weeks of jury duty, a blogger convention, the giveaways and then getting my kids ready to go off to college, it’s been nuts around here.  I’m sure you all have had those days, weeks or months as well.

But tonight, I was organizing all my coupons for my shopping for the week and I had a pile of ShopRite catalinas ready to go.  On  top was a catalina with an expiration date of 8/17 so I knew I had to go by Tuesday.  I honestly just assumed they were all for the same date.  I just happened to drop them and while I was picking them up, I noticed that 1 had an expiration date of TODAY.  So I started looking through them all and all but the one that had been on top had an expiration date of today.  Yikes!!  And that was at 8:00 pm and my ShopRite closes at 9.

So I frantically scooped up my coupons, wrote up a list and ran out the door.  And here is what I got:

2 Chock Full o Nuts Coffee $1.99 each
3 Right Guard Total Defense 5 $1.99 each
2 Bumble Bee Tuna Cans $0.88 each
4 Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Pints $1.99 each
1 Minute Maid OJ $1.99
1 package SR Ground Turkey $2.59
1 package SR Ground Turkey $2.57
1 Blue Bunny Champs $1.25

-(1)$1/2 Chock Full o Nuts
-(2)$1/2 Ben & Jerry
-(3)$1/1 Right Guard (blinkies at store)
-(1)$1.25 blue Bunny (peelie on box – only 1 to be found)
-(1)$0.50 Minute Maid (off the Thursday Star Ledger)
-$19.00 in catalinas that expired today
Tax: $0.42
Paid: $1.74
Received: $2.00 Catalina (Ben & Jerry) & $3.00 Catalina (Right Guard)

Not too bad for a mad dash to the store.

Aldi, Farmer's Market & Denville Market

And for a more leisurely shopping trip this afternoon, I headed to Rockaway to visit Aldi.  I usually head there for their frozen tilapia & salmon.  I was going to pick up some fruits and veggies while I was there  however I was surprised to find that their prices have gone up quite a bit.  So, I stuck with the fish and a few things that caught my eye.

Then we passed a fairly new store in Denville called Denville Market Place.  They had boneless chicken breast for only $1.69/lb.  So for those of you that live in that area you might want to stop by and check that out.

And then, of course, I stopped at the farmers market.  You just can’t beat the prices there.

Here is my breakdown:

2 -1.5 lb package Tilapis $3.99 each
2 – 1 lb package Wild Caught Salmon $3.69 each
Deluxe almonds $3.79
Shredded Parm Cheese $1.99
Feta Cheese $1.99
Instant Brown Rice $1.35
Grape Jelly $1.39
Chuck Pineapple Canned $0.89

Paid: $26.79

Denville Market Place:
3 Packages Chicken $11.39

Farmers Market:
Paid: $18.92

I was quite happy with the day as I stocked up on a bunch of meat and fish that I desperately needed.  5 lbs of fish, 6 1/2 lbs of chicken & 2 1/2 lbs of ground turkey should get me going again. 

How was your weekend of shopping.  Score any great deals?

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