Target: Axe Gift Sets $0.88 Each

Reader Joanie let me know about an awesome deal at Target right now.  You can score Axe Gift Sets for only $0.88 each.  I ran right out and wouldn’t you know it, they had them at my Target.  And, a whole bunch of them.  An entire end cap filled.  Here is your deal:

Buy 2 Axe Gift Set $4.88 (on clearance)
-(2)$1.50/1 Axe Gift Set Coupon from the 8/1 RedPlum insert
Pay: $6.76
Get a $5.00 Gift Card wyb 2
$0.88 each after coupons & gift card

Now, here is the thing. I also tried to use the $1/1 Target Mobile Coupon. The register didn’t accept the mobile coupon and then didn’t accept the 2 $1.50 coupons. So, I had to go to customer service to have them deduct the coupons.

I checked with Joanie before I posted this and she did not have any problem with the register accepting the manufacturer coupons so I can only guess it had something to do with the Target Mobile Coupon. So use the mobile coupon at your own risk 🙂

(Thanks Joanie!)

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  • Gina

    Great deal! My Target and some others across the nation have stopped accepting manu coupons on items that have a gift card promotion. Totally stupid!

    • Cindy

      That was what I was wondering at first which is why I checked with Joanie and her coupons came off without a beep so I’m not 100% sure what the deal was for me. But, customer service took them off no problem.

  • audra

    LOL! I was just going to email that I found those on clearance at CVS for $2.49 – I used the $1.50 off, paid $0.99! I got 4 – nice

    • Cindy

      oh boy, hot deals on the gift sets. Nice!

  • Amber

    This is where I could kick myself! I thought “I don’t think Axe will be such a deal that I would want to buy it” So I didn’t clip that coupon. : ( Well I guess $2.49 at CVS is still a pretty good deal. I can still hope for that.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in ny and tonight at my target I found the fll sized ait mist i-motions on clearance for $5.48 anr used $4 couppon paid $1.48 🙂 better then the walgreens deal I just paid almost $5 for 1 I will be returning it tomorrow!!! just sucks I loose the coupon:(

  • Anonymous

    Audra: What state are you in to get that deal?

  • Sandy

    Target in NJ has Airwick i-motion Freshmatic Ultra on clnce for $4.98. Use $4 coupon and snag for .98

  • Anonymous

    oh no I need to proof read!!!!:) I ment to write Air wick i-motions.Sorry!!!!!!

  • Barbara A

    Maybe I will try CVS, I don’t think that I want to get involved in the Target coupon mess. I had problems earlier this week. Did you read the article about Target not giving customers the right amount for their coupons?

    • Joanne

      I have had problems twice (that I know of) with high value coupons. Manager overrode the register after a few minutes of my explaining that the coupon was for $5 off 2. The register credited the purchase price of one $2.49. Too much hassle and embarassment when I am holding up the line. Shopping elsewhere for now!

  • connie

    I was short changed awhile back at Target. I used one manuf coupon plus a target coupon to buy 2 bottles of J & J baby shampooos/body wash. I didn’t notice the problem until I got home. Ahhhh!!!! It’s awful.

  • Christine

    I went today to purchase 2 w/ 2 $1.50 q’s. She scanned in the 2 items, it prompted her to scan the GC before the MQ’s, and then it wouldn’t take the q’s off. So I didn’t get them.

    Thanks for posting though, and I’m glad it works for some!

    • Cindy

      Christine, that is what happened to me, so you just need to go to customer service and they will take the coupons off for you.

  • Vib

    I just got back from Target and had problems with the coupons. The first coupon ($1.50) went through fine and then the second coupon only took off .24 cents and then all my other manf coupons for other items didn’t go through, only target coupons were accepted. I noticed the error after I paid the bill so went over to customer service to get it fixed. It took a while for them to figure out axe coupons. It’s a known issue that target has been having problems with manf coupons as they went to go find the emails sent to the staff on how to fix this issue. They told me this is happening due to the $5 gift card. The system has problems once this free gift card is scanned. So anyone looking to go to Target, get all your other items done in a diff transaction. That’s what I had to do to get my coupons to work.

  • Julie

    They are no longer giving the $5 gift card?

  • Julie

    They won’t take the $5 G/card they just gave you, it has to be used in your next transaction.

    • Cindy

      That is always the case. You can not use the gift card from that transaction to pay for that transactions. It is for the next transaction. It’s like a catalina at the grocery store. It’s for your next order.
      So, are you saying that they are no longer giving the $5 gift card at all? Or just that you couldn’t use it to pay for the current transaction?

  • Vib

    They will give you the $5 gift card. It’s just that b/c of the gift card, the coupon values are being affected so just be careful and check what value it comes up as on your receipt. Also, don’t buy anyting except the two axe gift sets if you have manf coupons that you want to use on other items. I was told at the customer service counter that the gift card messes up the system and it won’t deduct the correct coupon value on your bill. This is a known issue for them but they can’t do anything about it to correct it right now. The only way is to go talk to them and get them to correct it manually.

  • Barbara A

    I couldn’t resist doing the Axe Gift set deal. I really thought that Target has had more than enough time to fix their coupon mess… The gift sets were more money than you posted ($5.94) but still a good buy after coupons and gift card. The two Axe gift sets were the only things that I was purchasing. The cashier scanned both coupons and told me my total which I could tell right away was wrong and then we discovered the 2nd coupon only was partially taken off. Yes, Target had my two $1.50 coupons in their drawer that they are going to be reimbursed for in full and yet they didn’t take it off my order. AGAIN. I keep thinking that I should stop shopping at Target. Cashier was nice and fixed it right away but what about all the other people that are going through with lots of stuff and will never know what Target is doing.

    • Ali

      Someone should go there with a news reporter and camera, and do the exact same deal. Using the 2 $1.50 coupons on the Ax.