Target Coupon Issues Exposed!

That title sounds so TMZ.  Like a gossip site for couponers.

Target Coupon Issues Exposed!  Your Receipt Tells All!

Okay, okay.  Just having a little fun.  But seriously, I’m posting this up after I received a flurry of emails & comments.  Some of you may have already seen this article, Target Accused of Not Giving Full Value of Coupons,  but I wanted to post it up for those that have not.  It’s a great article about the use or misuse of Target’s coupon deductions on your receipt.  Particularly coupons that are for more then one product.  For instance, as they referenced in the article, a $4 off 10 Weight Watchers coupon that only deducts $1.99.

Target’s response,  “We are working on a fix. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our guests. They can certainly return to a store with receipts if they didn’t receive the complete coupon amount.”

Personally, I think they have a lot more issues with coupons then just that so hopefully they will take a long, hard look at their registers and the training of their managers and cashiers on their coupon policy.

You can head over here to read this article.

(Thanks to everyone for letting me know!)

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  • Brianne

    I knew it. I have been watching my Target very carefully lately because this was happening to me. The cashiers have also been willing to help me but it is annoying to have to watch them ring up every single item and make sure that the coupon is getting applied appropriately.

  • Pam

    That is interesting! Since I emailed Target last week to complain about the very same problem. I got an email back telling me to call their customer service department. And the lady that I spoke to was so convincing that she had NEVER EVER heard of anything like this! But for my troubles they would send me a coupon. I got the $3 coupon (which was $1 more my complaint) within a few days. There are places that are coupon friendly and some that are not. I do not shop anymore at Walgreens or Target due to their coupon practices.

  • Danielle

    I think it is great that they are recognizing this. I have had issues everytime I have used coupons at Target. The cashier always swears they are ringing up correctly, but I always go back over the receipt and make my usual trip to customer service. I have noticed the problem when I am combining store and manufactures coupons. So, heads up on another thing to watch out for there.

  • Had a personal experience with this issue last night and dealt with it this morning along with my associate, Allie.

    Here’s more information on it!!

  • Larrina

    I started to notice my Target receipts werent reflecting the proper amount of coupons about a month ago. SO my fix for this problem (until the store resolves its issues hopefully) was to calculate my MQ and TQ totals seperately. Then at the end I hand over my MQ and use my cell to make sure they all came off and then do the same with the TQ. Since I started doing this I have gotten full value of all my Qs… sometimes the cashiers arent too fond of my process but it works for me 🙂

  • chrissybozz

    i shop target ALL THE TIME!! and i have had problems 90% of the time…i watch each coupon come off or i even seperate orders to make it more simple for me (when i have the kids in tow..) also, i find the order and then tabulate the coupon deduction value and make sure it’s the same..but i am still at customer service more times than not! if they didn’t have such great deals, i’d be done…

  • Thanks for sharing the article. I recently used a fabulous coupon for a free full-sized bottle of Suave Professionals at my local Target. It’s partially my fault for not catching it in the store, but when I got home, I discovered that the coupon had been rung up as $0.01, instead of $1.99. I returned to the store and asked for it to be corrected and they said that without the coupon, they couldn’t correct it for me. Ummm…how am I supposed to have the coupon if they took it from me. I tried to point out that a coupon for $0.01 is clearly a mistake, but they wouldn’t budge. I will note that I rarely have problems with coupons at Target. Just thought I’d share.

  • Bree

    I have always had problems with Target and coupons – most recently last night! It’s just so stressful because at so many stores, not just Target, I’m made to feel like a villain or criminal when using my coupons. Do these cashies and managers NEVER use a coupon when doing their personal shopping?! Is it that much a foreign concept to them?

    My most recent Target fiasco was when the cashier told me that the new coupon policy was that they are only allowed to accept [3] coupons of any kind per customer. I calmly tried to tell her she was wrong and that Target accepts up to [1] Target coupon and [1] manu. per item. She wouldn’t budge and being that I had crying kiddos with me (as usual lol) I just cancelled my entire order.

    Target needs to better train their cashiers and management staff not only when it comes to their coupon policy [from what I’ve experienced 90% of the time staff doesn’t know it] and customer service in general. So frustrating!

  • Ann

    Actually, I don’t recall having a problem with Target. Unfortunately, most places you are better off watching them ring up every item and coupon closely. Of course, that is easier said than done when you have 2 kids in tow! I sometimes prefer self- scanners because I am forced to look at each item. But it is much easier than having to come back or explain things to customer service.

    I recall one problem with a $3 off 2 John Frieda coupon. In 2 separate stores, they both scanned as $1 off rather than the $3. So if I didn’t catch it at the time of purchase, it would have been a lost cause to explain that to customer service without the actual coupon.

  • Fatuma

    So I had several serious issues with coupons at target and recently when I approached customer service and the rep there didn’t know why it happened, a section manager, said “we know about it, it’s a systematic issue, just adjust the coupon price.” So I watch as the coupons are entered and have the cashiers make the adjustments as to not waste my time at customer service.

  • angel

    I am so frustrated with target! I went in today with 6 newspaper clipped manufacture coupons for birds eye frozen veggies. They told me I could ONLY use 2 of my 6 coupons! They wouldn’t let me do 3 separate transactions, they wouldn’t even let me leave the store and come back a few minutes later to buy the rest. The manager said “We have a high coupon fraud at this location” … well my coupons were newspaper clipped! how can they be fraud!??!?!
    I called customer relations and they would not help me. Even though their online coupon policy says NOTHING about only 2 coupons for the same items to be used. They still said they could not override the stores decision. The store was able to make their own decisions regarding policies …. WHAT!??!?!? That means that target is allowing their stores to be ran INCONSISTENTLY! There is ZERO consistency within the stores nationwide if they allow store managers to make their own policies about things. This is WRONG! If the coupon policy online says “Will not accept more than 2 coupons per same item” okay fine, BUT IT DOES NOT STATE THIS ONLINE! I should have been able to use these coupons! THEY GET REIMBURSED NO MATTER WHAT BY THE MANUFACTURE! WHY AM I, THE CUSTOMER BEING INCONVENIENCED!??!?!?!

    • skur

      Actually, they don’t get reimbursed no matter what. The manufacture can decide to audit Target at any time and if they find that its the same payment used for those three transactions or by chance have camera proof, then Target DOES NOT get reimbursed. Stores have to make profit too. Just come back the next day to buy the veggies.