Target Coupon Issues Exposed!

That title sounds so TMZ.  Like a gossip site for couponers.

Target Coupon Issues Exposed!  Your Receipt Tells All!

Okay, okay.  Just having a little fun.  But seriously, I’m posting this up after I received a flurry of emails & comments.  Some of you may have already seen this article, Target Accused of Not Giving Full Value of Coupons,  but I wanted to post it up for those that have not.  It’s a great article about the use or misuse of Target’s coupon deductions on your receipt.  Particularly coupons that are for more then one product.  For instance, as they referenced in the article, a $4 off 10 Weight Watchers coupon that only deducts $1.99.

Target’s response,  “We are working on a fix. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our guests. They can certainly return to a store with receipts if they didn’t receive the complete coupon amount.”

Personally, I think they have a lot more issues with coupons then just that so hopefully they will take a long, hard look at their registers and the training of their managers and cashiers on their coupon policy.

You can head over here to read this article.

(Thanks to everyone for letting me know!)

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