Walgreens: Free 8×10 Photo – Today Only!

Walgreens is having their 7 days of deals again where they have a new photo deal everyday for a week.  For today only, you can score a Free 8×10.  Just head over here to check it out. Choice shipping to store to avoid shipping charges.

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  • Nick

    Has anyone gotten this to work yet? I clicked the link, logged in, selected one of my photos, add it to cart, select 8×10 instead of 4×6, update total and the total still shows up as $2.99. A message popped up that said a coupon was available for my account, and that I should hit Update Total again to apply it. I did, and there was no change to the price. I even went through the checkout process all the way to the last button and still no change, so I avoided finally placing the order.

    If anyone can tell me specifically how to get this offer to work, let me know, thanks!

  • hallie

    Mine came right off when I added the 8x 10 to the cart. Did you click on the link for the free 8 x 10?

  • Carla

    I got the same pop up and had to update total. The coupon code that popped up was FREE_8X10_DEAL. Not sure if that would be the same for everyone, but might be worth the try. 🙂

  • Nick

    Yes, I navigated from the link. The coupon code Carla posted works temporarily but is removed once you get to payment. I spoke to a live agent on the website who said that manually entering the code will not work, and that I should go to the My Account page, where the credit will show up and you can apply it to the Cart from there. So I tried that, but there is no option for applying the credit from that page. I tried logging out/in, tried the link several more times, tried the code again, no dice. Again to another Live Agent, who was unable to get this to work either. He suggested that I place the order and explain at the store in order to have them reverse the charge there. I did not want to do that and end up with an unwilling employee, so the Live Agent ended up instructing me to have the print shipped, since he couldnt apply the discount manually on an in-store pickup.

    So that’s what I did. I made the order to have it shipped, and the Agent refunded my card in full while I stayed on with him.

    In the end I get the free print, but this was probably not worth the headache. I hope it works more easily for the rest of you!!! I have had alot of issues with coupon codes on Walgreens.com in the past for some reason, the website is really quirky.

  • Liza

    I accidently placed an order twice and now i dnt know how to delete one of the extra orders.