3 Inserts In This Weekends Paper

There will be 3 inserts in this weekend’s paper.
  • 2 SmartSource (General Mills)
  • 1 RedPlum
You can check out the Sunday Preview for a complete list of the coupons that will be available.  Remember, coupons vary by region and even as much as newspaper to newspaper in the same time so get to know your papers and find the best combination of inserts

To learn how to get started go to the beginners section here.

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  • Lynda

    FYI: I got 4 inserts. 1 x Red Plum, 1 X General Mills, and 2 different SmartSource.

    • Cindy

      Me too! What a nice surprise

  • Rachel

    Im so excited – a quick check near my house throws away their extra papers on Sunday night at 9:30 (into a 4.5 foot open dumpster) the dumpster is always full already bc trash pickup is Monday so the papers are always right on top- SO I go at 10pm – its right at the height for me to reach and see perfectly – I pick out 6 sets of Qs for free! yay me! This week though the star ledger had GM and 2 SS but no RP, but the NY Times had the RedPlum (tahts all though) but I was able to get them all – yay!!

  • Stephanie

    I was able to get 6 free papers this week. Each had 4 inserts 🙂 Very nice! I love not paying for papers bc then I really save money buy using my “free” coupons to get products free or have money makers.