Boca Java Coffee: $10 Off $10 + Free Shipping!

UPDATE: Site is either having issues or they took the code down.

Here is another hot deal for you.  And, this one is for you coffee lovers.  To celebrate National Coffee Day, Boca Java is offering Free shipping on any order.  And, to top that off, there is a coupon code available for $10 off a $10 or more purchase.  Now, the site is running super slow so please be patient.

You can snag the Fall Flavor Duo for only $2.95 for shipped. They are on sale for $12.95.   Or try the sale tab for some deals there.  You can head over here to check it out. Use coupon code: Cheggoff.

Note: If your balance is going to be zero, do not choose to checkout with Paypal.  Paypal will not work when your balance is zero.

Also, you can go through Ebates to score 5% cash back and and additional $5 if you are new to Ebates.

Here was my cart:

(thanks mojo!)

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  • Bree

    Woohoo! I just ordered the triple chocolate cocoa and some vanilla wafers for $1.70 shipped.

  • Bree

    Cindy, is this a coffee club – am I obligated to purchase more at a later time?

    • Cindy

      You can do both on the site. I believe it’s part of the VIP club or something. I have ordered through them before, just a straight coffee purchase with no club obligation.

    • Cindy

      You would have had to subscribe to this:

    • Cindy

      Sorry, me again. I keep thinking of these things.
      I believe the free shipping was only good on non-club purchases anyway.
      Okay, done now 🙂

  • Kelly

    HI Cindy. I just wanted to mention that I just registered for the first time and they sent me $5 off my next purchase. Not sure if this will combine with $10 off $10 yet but I will let you know!

  • Stefanie

    Wow….site is running REALLY slow. Good thing I never give up on a good deal!

    • Kelly

      me too!

  • egregg

    how does ebates work? I never used it before

    • Cindy

      Ebates is a cash back site. If you shop through them, meaning you just go to their site and find the store you are purchasing from, then you get a % of the amount spend back. The hold it in her Ebates account and sent you either a check or pay you through paypal. Payments are every 3 months (I think). So, it’s really like free money for shopping at places you would have shopped through anyway.

  • Wendy McCall

    Their server is down so I didnt get my deal! 🙁

  • Tracy

    Now the site is unavailable. I wonder if it got overloaded due to ppl wanting the great deal!

  • sarah

    there site seems to be down at the moment! Will try again later

  • Susan

    I was SO CLOSE! I was just confirming my order when the server crashed on me. I’m going to keep trying though. Nothing like perseverance for a good deal. 😉

  • Bree

    Now it says “cheggoff” isn’t valid … anyone else getting this message?

    • sarah

      i hope not………………….i have been trying to get things to load in my cart for a while now.

    • Susan

      It didn’t work for me for the first 2 try either. I tried a 3rd time and it worked. However, after I press “confirm order” it brings me back to the login page. I’m not sure if my order has gone through or not. There are no confirmation. It’s so frustrating!

  • Stacy

    Check your email. I finally received a confirmation that my order went through. Yay!

  • Susan

    Stacy, how long did it take to receive your confirmation?

    • Stacy

      It took about 50 minutes to receive the email confirmation.

  • Stefani

    I got the discount, but my total shows the regular price, not the sale price even though the description has the sale price. Go figure! I didn’t place order as a result.

  • Kelly

    I finally got my order to go through, but it didn’t include my $5 off for my first order so I will call them in the morning. I ordered 4 chocolate trio cocoas which came to $6.68 after the $10 off code. If they say I can’t use both then I will just return 1 cocoa. : ) thanks Cindy, this will be a nice treat in the winter. I love hot chocolate on cold winter days!

  • Carol Waggener

    Free shipping is no longer valid

  • Coffee Lover

    DAY AFTER NATIONAL COFFEE DAY — For anyone who experienced issues on our site yesterday we’re making it up to you today by offering 50% OFF ALL COFFEE. Just enter promo code “DAYAFTER” at checkout. Only valid on 8oz. and 2oz. coffee bags and does not apply to gifts that contain coffee. Not valid with any other offer, o…n previous purchases or recurring auto-shipments. Expires tonight at midnight eastern time. ENJOY!