Giveaway Winner: $25 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card!

The winner of the $25 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card is:

Comment: Jen says Happy 21st Birthday Cindy! already following you on facebook, and have told many family members about it as well.

Thanks to everyone for entering and for all the birthday wishes.  And for all those that are wondering, I really turned 47 but 21 sounds much better 🙂

You can see a complete winners list of all giveaways on LRWC.

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  • George

    First off congratulations to all of the winners and in reality because of all the work you do for us we are all winners. Now I do not want to come across as being inappropriate by asking this but how come all of the winners past included have been for the most part women. Again it is not about winning cause I already am a winner by taking advantage of your deals. I guess I was just curious about the selection process.

    • Cindy

      Hey George, I never noticed that before and I didn’t take it as inappropriate. I’m glad you asked.
      The selection process is done by a plugin that I have in my blogging platform. I used to use but that did not allow me to save the results. So I have since installed a program that randomly chooses the winner from all the entries. I looked through the entry list out of curiosity and from what I can see about 6 of the 400 entries for this giveaway were men. It’s hard to tell exactly because some men’s name could be women’s and vice verse and some are initials but only a small percentage of men entered so that would make it less likely to win. However, I did have a male winner for the Crocs Giveaway in August. If you look at the winners list you will see a winner named DJ. That winner was male.

      Also just as an FYI: the demographics of my site in relation to male and female visitors are:
      Male: 27%
      Female 73%