Lesson Number 1: Don’t Eat The Coupons!

Ah, no! Is all I have to say!  This will not work.

I think I have a little training to do.  Maybe I should get him a coupon binder 🙂

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  • becky barley

    Lol this is too cute! I have a shar-pei but would love to have a cutie like him. He’s ready to go shoppin with his coupon..lol

  • Cheryl

    He is oh-so cute. Just looking at those gorgeous eyes I’m sure is forgiveness enough! lol I have a Pomeranian and looking at Bogo makes me want another one. 🙂

  • Kelly

    Maybe he felt it was not a good buy 🙂

    • Cindy

      lol! Actually he was right. I had thrown it in the garbage and I missed. He scooped it up in a second and took off. I was like get the camera, this is too funny!

  • laura

    I wish i had such a cute puppy to eat my coupons! My son (15 months) rips up and occasionally eats my coupons-he’s obsessed with getting my coupon binder.

  • Bree

    Oh Bogo!! Too funny :o)

  • Ueen

    He knew that his name is BOGO and the Q that he is playing with is not a BOGO. I think he is trying to tell the coupon, you are not a BOGO, you do not belong to my territory.

    • Cindy

      lol 🙂

  • Patti

    the cutest thing ever….

  • Bridget

    I could transpose my dog in there; he loves to eat coupons!