My Shopping Trip: Rite Aid & a $10 Profit!

Rite Aid

You’ll have to excuse me while I announce something.  Okay…Rite Aid.  Listen.  I post your match ups every single week.  I would be an almost daily shopper to your store.  Please, please, please, open up a store near me.  Palease!  {tap,tap,tap…is this thing working?}  Can you hear me Rite Aid?

Okay, I’m done.  Now I can show you the most awesome deals I got today.  Being that I went to Rite Aid on a Friday, most of the stuff I had on my list was already gone.  You know like those cute Nivea Cream Tins.  Hmmm?!?  Gone.  Well, the good thing about this week at Rite Aid is that there was so much profit happening with all those UP rewards printing that there was plenty of room for adjustments.  Even without coupons or when you bring the wrong coupon.  Yes, I did do that.  Brought the wrong coupon.  No worries though, the deal was still awesome.  Here is what I stole bought from Rite Aid.  Ha, you know I wrote that stole, bought thing to be cute and funny (or at least think that I am being cute and funny – just humor me 🙂 ) and then it hit me.  We make out better then a shoplifter. Shoplifters just walk out with “free” merchandise.  We walk out with free merchandise and a profit.  Ha, now that is funny.  Give me a bunch of shoplifters and I’ll teach them how to really get free merchandise.

Okay enough babble…here are the goods:

Transaction #1:
2 Reach Toothbrush $2.99 each
1 Listerine Pocket Pack $2.99
4 J&J Baby Shampoo $3.99 each
1 J&J Baby Lotion $3.99
2 J&J Baby Wash $3.99 each

-(1)$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon
-(1)BOGO Free Reach
-(1)$1.00 Reach Video Values
-(1)$0.50/1 Listerine Pocket Pack
-(1)$1.00 Listerine Video Values
-(2)$1/1 J&J Shampoo
-(3)$1/1 J&J Baby Care
(1)$1.00 J&J Video Values
Paid: $18.02 with tax
Received: 3 – $2 UP (Reach/Listerine), 6 – $2 UP (J&J), $10 UP (J&J)

Transaction #2: (this is where I had to make adjustments)
2 Oreo Cookies $0.50 each
3 Trident Gum $1.00 each
1 Clairol Loving Care $4.99
1 Maybelline Great Lash $3.11
3 Playtex Sport $4.00 each
1 J&J Shampoo $3.99

-(1)$1/2 Nabisco Video Values
-$0.50 Trident Video Values
-$1/3 Trident
-$2/1 Clairol
-$1.00 Maybelline Video Value (and brought the wrong mfg q)
-(3)$2/1 Playtex
-$10 UP from transaction #1
Paid: $1.11
Received: 2 – $3 UP (Playtex), $2 UP (Clairol) , $1 UP (Trident), $2 UP (J&J), $1 UP (Maybelline)

Total OOP (including tax): $19.13
Have: $30 in UP Rewards Left
all free + $10 moneymaker

Okay I’ll say it again.  Rite Aid, please move near me so I can steal buy from you again. (couldn’t resist one last time) 🙂

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  • Tina

    Rite Aid had great deals this week! Luckily for me there are 2 within walking distance of my house and 2 more that are about a 5 minute drive 🙂

    • Cindy

      Tina don’t rub it in 🙂 Lucky duck you are!

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    I have like 5 within 10 mins of me, it’s crazy, and I still haven’t been there this week. I HAVE to make a trip tomorrow morning, I have 2 dollars in UP rewards that expire on monday too so I need to use those!!

  • Jason

    In Stamford, CT, there is a Shoprite, Stop & Shop, A&P, CVS, Rite Aid, and a Target. Walmart would be a 20 minute drive. 🙂

    By the way, scored over $40 of stuff for free today in A&P and Shoprite combined, PLUS a $7 MM. 😀

    • Dee2

      You need to move up the coast to Milford. We don’t have A&P, but we have all of your stores plus Walgreens, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Costco, Adams and Aldi. 😉

  • Maria

    Does UP Rewards roll? I mean, can I use UP Rewards from Playtex to buy another Playtex? Monday, I bought 2 Playtex — got (2) $3 UPR. Wednesday, I used these UPRs to pay for a transaction that has 2 Playtex in it — didn’t get UPR for playtex.

    • Cindy

      Maria, they do roll. The reason you didn’t get the UP rewards on Wednesday for the Playtex is because you had already reached the limit with the 2. Well actually the limit was 1 but 2 were printing. If you had bought 1 got an UP and then bought another and used your UP to pay for it, you would have gotten another UP. But, then you would have reached your limit.

      If you look at my deal. I bought 3 but I only received 2 UP rewards.

      • Maria

        Thanks for your reply, Cindy! 🙂

        Oh, and I hope you get your wish (a Rite-Aid near your area :)) …..

  • Stephanie

    These last few weeks have been amazing for us couponers. Just this week I got $450 worth of stuff at Rite Aid for $30. Also walked out with $16 left in Up rewards, $15 in SCR, and $10 in rebates. I also got some amazing deals at Meijer. My total there would have been $480. I paid $25. Still going back for more tomorrow. I can’t stop myself 🙂 LOL
    I love the good deals, but I am so looking forward to a no deal week. I need a break! Just wondering if anyone else does this….I use coupons to get free/cheap stuff and make money. I then use my “store money” like up rewards, ECBs, and catalinas to buy my newspapers and then use the coupons to get stuff cheap/free and money makers again. So, basically just circle everything. Does anyone else do this?

    • bernell

      Thanks for that idea!!!!

      That makes so much sense!!!!

    • ueen

      stephanie, i do the same. i told my family that since we do have so much stockpile, if the item is not free we dont need it. loooool

    • Dee2

      I’m doing the same. I have no room left in my linen closets, pantry or freezer. We are overstocked. I’m only buying produce, milk and eggs for a least a month. (No bread because I have enough in the freezer.) Even with all the great deals, I haven’t stepped foot into any store but the farm stand and Whole Foods this week for corn, peaches, apples, a quart of yogurt and a dozen eggs.

      I don’t need toiletries for at least 6 months.

    • Susan

      I worked there for 9 1/2 years and I can tell you that if you study the ad and the rebate directory you can get many items free!! or they pay you money after the rebate!! The LP Manager once told me that Rite Aid loses more money in single check rebates and coupons every month than they do from what shoplifters take. Just think…they get arrested for stealing and you make money – legally!! I have no idea how they manage to continue to make money with the deals they offer.

  • How did you get your J&J $10 + up? The 7 bottles comes to $27.93, not $30. I had a friend that bought 7 bottles and got 7 of the $2 + up but no $10 one.

    • Cindy

      In the first transaction I bought 3 bottles of shampoo, 3 bottles of baby care(lotion,wash), 2 reach toothbrushes, 1 listerine pocket packs. They are all included in the the J&J buy $30 get $10 UP.

      The extra bottle of J&J was from the second transaction and was just used to fill in to get to $25 since they didn’t have a few things that I had planned on getting. Since it produced an UP and it was really free (to get up to the $25 so I could use the $5/$25).

      • ok I didnt realize those were J&J as well. got it!! I had to yell at my friend though. I told her never to go to Rite Aid again without running the scenario by me first lol … this was her first time! 😉 But she was happy with the results and it wasnt my money so who am I to get so upset haha

  • I did good at Rite Aid this week too!! $0.78 before taxes! almost $97 worth of product and left with like $12 + up… it does feel like you are stealing!!

  • msrossdaboss

    Cindy just wanted you to know that “it” ( meaning your joke) was cute and funny. I said the samething about stealing from Rite Aid . I love going to Rite Aid to steal/ shop. By chance did you notice the cleaning supplies were on 75% off clearance. I was able to get Bounce fabric softner sheets for cheap , Febreeze candles, Endust, and Glade products from free to .74 after coupons.
    Maybe next time your there you can look.

  • Stephanie

    Speaking of stealing…at least we all do it joking wise. I was at the store a few weeks ago and a lady was clearing off the cleaning shelf. I mean top to bottom, row by row, side to side. Anyhow, I asked if she had access to different computer (bc that is what I do as far as printing goes) she said no and then told me how she sets her printer to print more than the allowed coupon limit. I said “Don’t they all have the same number”. She says “Yes, but its okay bc the stores don’t look”. I told her the store will not get paid for those coupons and she said yes they will its the law that the mfg has to pay them. She then changed her story and said oh they do have different numbers. So, I went home and tried what she told me. Sure enough it works on certain websites (not all), but they each printed with the same number. I called the store and reported what happened. They pulled the coupons and let loss prevention know what happened. She was always dumb enough to give me her name and phone number incase I had any questions as far as getting more coupons the way she does it. From the way I understand it, she is now being investigated by the FBI for wire fraud!
    I wasn’t going to be a tattle tale, but because of people like her some of us get treated like criminals when its legit. I have several coupons, but I get papers, trade, and print from various computers. Why cheat? lol

  • Stephanie

    She was always *She was also* lol

  • bernell

    I STOLE (LOL) from Rite Aid too this week!!!!!
    I have so much stuff—-and then I rolled the J&J UP to purchase 2 packs of the Big Pampers Diapers……and then received the P&G 10UP and 2 $5 UP for the diapers!!!!!!
    My Rite-Aid, which is only 2 minutes from me, has seen me EVERYDAY this week!!!
    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!! I look forward to your Rite Aid blogs everyweek!!!

  • Stephanie

    Everyone else is able to roll their P&G ups. I only got the 10 from P&G twice 🙁
    I got the Johnson and Johnson several times
    FYI: sorry if this is a repeat. When you buy the Crest toothpaste to go alone with the buy $30 get $10 P&G deal you also get a $1.50 up for every tube of toothpaste you buy. I did that for my first transaction. I paid $1.42 after using previous Ups. I got back a $10 up from P&G, $5 Up from Pampers, and (4) $1.50 Ups from Crest 🙂 Its not on the front page but the page in the inside with more Crest advertised says “Buy any Crest toothpaste get $1.50 UP”

  • You need to move to south jersey! =) I have FOUR within ONE mile of me! I was just telling my husband i’m addicted to them! I was there SIX times this week! All of my transactions were $1 and change and I have a STACK of +UPR. So. In. Love. !!!!!

  • Joanie S

    I gave up on RA a long time ago because of their bad attitude. I may have to re-think it! I have 3 within 5 miles of my house….

  • Adrienne

    Yup, I do the same thing…use my ECB, RR, or Up’s to purchase papers. This way I’m not shelling out $10 plus a week towards extra papers. I have one delivered and buy the rest….

    Also, have 6 Rite Aids within 10 minutes in every direction. I just found a new one yesterday that I “missed” for some reason???….love it! (Sorry Cindy 🙂 )