New Coupons: Hartz Training Pads & Nutro Dog Food!

Would you look at this.  It’s like the people at knew I needed these coupons.  Here is what just popped up:

  • $1/1 Hartz Training Pads
  • $4/1 Nutro for Small Dogs

Thank you  Your timely is impeccable.  Too bad there were no BOGO coupons for BOGO 🙂

If you need them too, you can head over here to print your coupons.  Found at zip code: 07039

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  • Use the bell method to house train. My two labs were housetrained in 2 weeks!

    • Cindy

      The bell method? Do share. Obviously with a bell but any details would be wonderful!

  • Melissa

    my friend does the bell method. You put bells on door and teach dog to ring the bells when it needs to go out. They even dog sat for someone and in the week the dog was there it learned the bell method. I don’t know the specifics on it but I think you ring the bell every time you take them out and they start to learn to ring it themselves.

  • They sell these fancy “poochie bells” now…I wish I thought of it when I started with Bella.

    Grab 2 bells from the craft department at Walmart or a local craft store. String ’em onto string (I used ribbon to make it pretty). Hang them on the door you’ll ALWAYS use to go outside. But hang them low enough so BOGO can reach them.

    Each time you get to the door to go outside give the bell a bit of a shake and say “go potty”. Do this every time you take BOGO outside to the toilet for a week or two.

    After a week or so when you arrive at the door say “go potty” but don’t touch the bell. You want BOGO to give it a nudge, if he does, give lots of enthusiastic praise and quickly open the door. If your BOGO doesn’t nudge the bell after standing at the door for 10 seconds, shake the bell yourself while saying “go potty”.

    Keep trying this procedure every time you go outside until your dog “gets it”. With most dogs it doesn’t take long at all.

    Eventually your BOGO will make his way to the door and tap the bell every time he needs to go outside to the toilet.

    Mine both still use the bell although I take them out usually before they need to tell me.

    • Cindy

      I am going out to get my bells this afternoon. Sounds great! Thanks so much!! 🙂 And BOGO thanks you too!