No Inserts This Weekend!

Take a break from coupons this weekend!

There are no inserts in this weekend’s papers.  You would think I would be disappointed but nope, we need a break.  So, forget about picking up your multiple papers this weekend and relax.

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  • Maybe now I can organize the past 3 weeks worth of coupons! Probably not since we have to take the oldest back to college Monday.

  • Susan C. in NY

    Hey, I’m totally with you–I’m ready for a little break from the inserts, usually I have last week’s still needing to be sorted when the new week’s inserts come out. 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

  • Julie

    Thank you!!! I would have forgotten and bought two papers. I’m SO ready for a week of not clipping coupons.

  • CJ

    I hate no coupon weekend, nothing to look forward to for me 🙁

  • gina

    I’m with CJ, I just started and (sadly) I get really excited about new coupons.

  • MANDi

    Wedding planning & coupon cutting & work are wearing me out….thank you coupon god for a weekend break from cutting/sorting