Reader Shopping Trip: Rite Aid!

I think reader Ueen is finding some awesome deals at Rite Aid.  Here is what Ueen said:

I can not just resist sharing the negative amount sub-total on my receipt. Thank you for your website, I learned soooo much from here.

Here is what Ueen scored:

2 Mom’s best quick oats $0.98 (0.49 each)
2 Mom’s best instant oats $1.48
(0.74 each)
8 Old Spice Red Zone Collection Body Wash $28.72
(3.59 each net of my 20% wellness Gold+ level) sale price is 4.00 but since 3.59 is lesser than 4.00, it rang up at $3.59
1 Nexxus Shampoo -$5.99
1 Nexxus Shampoo $2.99
2 Oral B Cross Action TB $5.98
1 Container (this was a filler) 🙂 $0.80
(originally $1, .80 is net of 20% wellness gold level discount)

Coupons used:
1 $5/25
4 Old Spice BS (deducts 14.36)
4 $1 off when you buy two Old Spice BS. I only gave 2 because I already used 4 Old spice BOGO but the cashier says, it’s ok. The system will take 4. (deducts 4)
1 Oral B Bogo (deducts 2.99)
1 $6/2 Nexxus Video Value (deducts 6)
2 $2/2 Nexxus Q from the Rite Aid Booklet (deducts 4)
1 $10 UPR from the prior buy $30 get $10 UPR
4 $0.75/1 Mom’s Best Product (deducts 3)

Total purchase: 46.94
Less Q : 49.35
Sub total : -2.41
Tax: 2.77
OOP: 0.36

Got the following:
1 $10 UPR from PG
1 $1 UPR from Nexxus
2 $1 UPR from Mom’s best

Wow, great stuff Ueen!  Thanks for sharing.

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If you have a great shopping trip(s) and want to share with us you can send them HERE. And we LOVE pictures :)

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  • Katie

    Amazing!!! When I checkout, can I give my $5/25 before I hand over my wellness card? If you do that, you’ll reach the $25 mark much sooner because their nonwellness prices are usually higher. Do they let you do that? Thanks!

  • staceypunk

    whoa! I didn’t know they let you have a negative subtotal as long as it outweighed by the tax, bringing you into a positive balance. I always have been planning my trips so that my subtotal gets to 0.00 because I thought the register wouldn’t let it go through if it was negative!

  • Susan

    As I have said before, having worked for Rite Aid for nine years, I have found many freebies! You CAN have a negative subtotal and as long as your tax will bring you to at least $0.00 you are home free!!

  • Patti

    R-O-C-K O-N!!!!!

  • Kari

    I have a lot to learn : ) I am loving your site!!!