Reader’s Digest: $5.99 For a 1 Year Subscription!

Everytime I see a Reader’s Digest it reminds me of my childhood.  Yeah I know, funny thing to remind me of my childhood right?!?  Well, I think it does because we ALWAYS had these magazines in the house.  Never missed an issue.  And, I used to love to read it, even as a young kid.  Things like “Word Power”, “Quotable Quotes”, “Drama in Real Life”, “Humor in Uniform”, and “All in a Day’s Work”.  I think they still include some of these great columns if not all.  I should check because I know my parents still get this magazine.

Well, right now you can score it for only $5.99 for a 1 year subscription (reg $24.99) from Tanga.  Just head over here and use promo code: DIGEST to bring the price down to $5.99.  And you can get up to 4 years at that yearly price.

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  • Dacia

    Reader’s Digest always reminds me of childhood too for the same reason! There was always one on the coffee table! Not such an odd remembrance of childhood – at least not in my book! Of course – the other two magazines I always remember from childhood – Boy’s Life and Popular Mechanics! I always loved to look through both of those too!