Shopping Trip: A&P Kraft Catalina Deal!


I know some of you are anxiously awaiting the results of my A&P Kraft Cheese trip.  Well it was a success.  I was worried about the $5/5 coupon since it was such a high amount.  I went through self checkout and it requested me to bring the coupon to the cashier at the front.  She took it and had it checked.  I mentioned to her that I could show them the website that it came from right on my phone so they could verify it but they just accepted it without looking.  So that was good.  Here was what I did:

Transaction #1:
Bought 7 Kraft Cheese Bar $($4.39 shelf price) $1.99
-(1)$5/5 coupon
-(1)$1/2 coupon (no longer available)
Paid: $7.93
Received a $10 catalina

Transaction #2:
Bought 10 Kraft Shredded Cheese ($3.89) $1.99
Bought 1 A&P salsa $1.49 (needed a filler and needed salsa)

-(2)$5/5 coupons
-$10 catalina from transaction #1
Paid: $1.39
Received a $10 catalina

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  • Kelly

    I wishes I had an A&P

    • evonne

      do u have super fresh? they have the same ad and the deals are the same, its the same company

      • Terri

        I didn’t know that! Thx.

  • Laura

    This was an amazing deal! I went to two A&Ps and bought a total of 30 bags of shredded cheese for $2.55. My freezer is stocked! Thanks so much for the wonderful website!!!

  • Vera

    What will you do with this much cheese? I love the deal, but I just can’t possibly imagine using this much cheese!

    • Cindy

      My daughters will take some, I will freeze some.

      • Barbara A

        Interesting…I always heard that you don’t freeze cheese. How does it come out? Thanks. Great deal. I don’t usually have a problem finding people to share my extra stuff with…

  • sharon m.

    I freeze cheese all the time, with no ill effects. I haven’t tried it with cheese eaten cold, more the shredded cheese that I cook and use on pizza. I agree though, that the OP bought A LOT of cheese. I’m happy to have 3 extras in reserve. . .

  • CJ

    Shredded cheese freezes great! I have at least 15 bags in my freezer. Just take one out when needed and let it defrost in the fridge for a day or two. The catalina at my store was only for $5 on 5 cheeses. Wish I had an A&P!

  • Jennifer

    I went to A & P in Old Lyme, CT the worst store ever, they are so snobby in there. I dont think they have ever seen a coupon never mind be aware of there coupon policy. So I tried the Kraft cheese deal, too good to pass up. They tell me they can only accept one of my two $5.00 off coupons. It is there coporate policy to accept a max of $5.000 in internet coupons and one coupon maxed me out. I said forget it take the cheese off them I dont want it. Well she had already deducted my $5.00 off coupon so she would not give that back to me and just left the $5.00 off my order. I paid and got my 10.00 cat anyway lol, so they paid me $15.00 not to buy there cheese. So then I ask to see this policy because i think there full of it. She shows me at courtesey and tells me sorry she was wrong. I said well that was alot of scrutiny and humiliation over you not knowing your coupon policy! They btw do not take coupons for over $5.00 and a limit of 2 identical interenet coupons according to this policy she showed me which she said was corporate. They really should have just taken my coupons, the more they argued the more they screwed up and paid me to take there products.

  • carla

    My A&P (Edison NJ) would also not take the $5 coupons. Since Im well stocked on cheese I asked for it to be removed from the order, and the $10 cat printed anyway.

  • hallie

    I went last night to the little one in wayne and had no problem except that I had a negative balance on my second order and had to scramble to buy two extra chicken nuggets! In the end, I spent exactly 10.01 for 10 bags of cheese, four packages of purdue nuggets, 5 blocks of cheddar, a dozen eggs, and three balls (on clearance for the kids). I am still feeling the high!! Thanks for the tip off!

  • Adrienne

    Can you use the $10 cat that prints from purchasing the cheese to then purchase more Kraft items and receive another $10 cat?? Wasn’t sure if you could roll it towards different Kraft items such as the dressings on sale…..

    Thanks Cindy!

    • Cindy

      yes you can use it for any of the Kraft items.

  • Meryl

    My A&P (woodbridge) NJ also refused to take the coupon. They made me wait half an hour to go check with the manager. then said that they do not accept such high value coupons!

  • Cortney

    MY A&P would not accept the coupon in Randolph NJ. They told me company policy states they do not accept internet coupons $5 and higher or for free items.