ShopRite: Kraft, Nabisco, Purina & Nestle Buy $20 Get $20 Catalina Deal

Have you been bored this week?  Wondering if ShopRite deals are drying up?  Having withdrawals from running out at the first sniff of a good deal?  Ha, wake up people.  Get your scissors ready.  Put new batteries in your calculator. Brush off your coupon binder.  Cause we are ready to rumble.

ShopRite is rolling out a sweet catalina deal starting on Sunday, 9/26 and running through Saturday, 10/9.  There are 3 separate catalina deals that you can take advantage of.  All 3 are for buy $20 in participating products (in one transaction) and you will receive $20 worth of Catalina coupons that you can use toward that specific brand over a 4 week period.  So you will have (4) $5.00 catalinas that will be dated as follows:

Week 1: 10/10 – 10/16 Save $5.00
Week 2:10/17 – 10/23 Save $5.00
Week 3: 10/24 – 10/30 Save $5.00
Week 4: 10/31 – 11/6 Save $5.00

Here is the fine print:

Qualifying purchases are calculated BEFORE taxes, bottle deposit, and the face value of manufactuer coupons and AFTER ShopRite store coupons, ShopRite Price Plus club card deductions and any doubled or tripled value of manufacture coupons.  Promotion cannot be combine with any other discount offer.  Price Plus club membership is required to participate.

Here is what that means (this is an example only):
The amount to qualify is determined before manufacturer coupons but after Price Plus deductions and the double part of the coupon.  For Example:

Kraft Mayo $3.99
on sale w/ price plus: $2.99
use $.55/1 coupon doubled – $1.10
final price: $1.89
amount toward promo: $2.44 (2.99 – .55 doubled part of coupon)

Last time we had a promo similar to this it worked out better then expected because it was calculating some items before the Price Plus deduction.  We will see what happens here.

And with all that introduction, here is the Kraft deal.  I’ll do one at a time so as not to overwhelm myself you.

Kraft or Nabisco Products: Buy $20 Get $20 in Checkout Coupons (4 x $5.00  to use over 4 weeks)

Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip ($3.99)$2.99
$1/2 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)
$1/2 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Dressing printable
$1/1 Miracle Whip printable

Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayonnaise $2.49

A-1 Steak Sauce ($4.39) $2.99

Kraft or Seven Seas Salad Dressing $2.49
$0.55/1 Kraft Dressing, exp. 10-24-10 (SS 08/29/10)
$1/1 Kraft Salad Dress Printable (no longer available)

Kraft BBQ Sauce ($1.59) $0.99

Nabisco Snack Crackers $3.33
$1/2 Nabisco Cookies or Crackers, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)
$1/1 Wheat Thins Crunch Stix, exp. 11-21-10 (SS 09/19/10) (if included)

Jet Puffed Marshmallows $0.99

Nabisco Ritz Crackers $2.99

Nabisco Football Oreos $2.49

Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese $2.50
$1/2 Select Velveeta or Kraft Dinners, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)

Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 pack $3.49

Kraft Homestyle Deluxe Dinner $2.99
$1/2 Select Velveeta or Kraft Dinners, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)
$1/1 Kraft Homestyle Printable

Planters Flavor Grove Nuts, Cocktail, Almonds, Cashews or Peanuts $2.50 (must buy 2)
$0.75/1 Planters Flavor Grove Nuts, exp. 10-31-10 (SS 08/29/10)
$1/2 Planters Nuts, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)
$1/1 Planter  Printable (no longer available)

Planters Cashews Halves $3.99
$1/2 Planters Nuts, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)
$1/1 Planter  Printable (no longer available)

Planters Nutrition ($3.99) $3.49
$1/2 Planters Nuts, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)
$1/1 Planter  Printable (no longer available)

Maxwell House Ground Coffee ($3.49) $1.99
$1/1 Select Maxwell House Coffees, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)
$1/2 Maxwell House printable
$1/1 Maxwell House printable

International Coffee ($3.49)$2.49
$1/1 Select Maxwell House Coffees, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)
New–> Also producing a $1.00 catalina wyb 2 (Thanks Stephani!)

Cyrstal Light Drink Mix $2.99
$1/1 Crystal Light Printable (no longer available)

Kool Aid Drink Mix $0.20
B10G4 Kool Aid Packets, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)

Kool Aid Fun Fizz Drink Mix $1.99
$1/1 Kool Aid Fun Fizz, exp. 9-30-10 (SS 08/29/10)

Kraft Singles $2.99
$1/2 Select Kraft Cheeses, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)

Kraft Deli Deluxe Singles $4.99
$1/2 Select Kraft Cheeses, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)

Philadelphia Cream Cheese($1.85) $0.99

Oscar Mayer Turkey Franks $2.50
$1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)
$1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, exp. 10-17-10 (SS 08/22/10)

Also don’t forget about the $5/5 Kraft Cheese/Dairy Product printable

Quick Deal Idea:
Buy 5 Kraft Singles $2.99 each (2 diff varieties)
Buy 5 Philadelphia Cream Cheese $0.99 each (2 diff varieties)
Buy 1 Kool Aid Packet $0.20

-(2)$5/5 Kraft Cheese/Dairy Product printable
Pay: $10.01
Get 4 – $5.00 catalinas (to use over 4 different weeks on Kraft/Nabisco products)
free +$10 Money Maker after coupons & catalinas

Whew, one down 2 to go.  Stay tuned for the other 2.

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  • Terri

    Oooooohhhhhh!! I am so excited! Thanks for your legwork on this, Cindy.

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    That is awesome, the way we go through cheese in this house, it is well worth it! I got both my coupons ready to use!!

  • Ueen

    I think Shoprite knows it is your 21st birthday 🙂

  • staceypunk

    Nice intro Cindy! This is gonna be sweet!

  • Mina Zaveri

    Does anyone knows if this catalinas will work on milk? It says buy Kraft or Nabisco products during next four weeks.


    • Cindy

      Mina, It’s only for the specific brands that the catalina came from. Kraft, Nabisco, Nestle, Purina.

  • Susan

    Woo Hoo! Love it! Was trying to figure out what other Kraft products qualify-coupon just says ‘participating Kraft cheese or dairy products’, which is not much help. Looks like Mac & Cheese is pictured on the coupon, along with cream cheese, singles, velveeta and shredded cheese. Does anyone know?

  • Debi

    I’m new at this. Can you do a second transaction to get a second catalina deal or is is it one per price plus card?

    • Cindy

      Most times you can do more then one but it has not been confirmed yet. I would guess yes, but it’s only a guess.

    • Esmeralda

      circular says limit one offer. one catalina.

  • christine

    Cindy, Can you combine the single cheese slice coupons and the $5.00 off or is it just one or the other?

    • Cindy

      It would be one or the other. The $5 is for 5 items so it would technically attach to all 5 items. It would be the same as a $1/2 coupon.

  • anne

    how exciting! has anyone ever used the 5/5 coupon? i never used such a high value coupon before and am worried they might not accept the coupon.

    • Kristine Twardy-Todd

      I would think it would really depend on your Shoprite. I used the $7 Brita coupons with no issues at all, they didn’t even need to override the transaction…

    • Esmeralda

      We tried it at the Shoprite in Kearny. Wish we had asked the customer service desk before shopping. They have a store policy to not accept internet coupons over$2. 🙁

      • Cindy

        Each ShopRite has different coupon policies. Some allow IP coupons up to $5.00 and some have no limit.

  • Anonymous

    I just looked at the add and it says kraft singles limit 4 and the cream cheese limit 4 so I don’t know if your scenario would work

    • Cindy

      It’s limit 4 per variety. You can purchase 4 of each variety. So you can buy 4 yellow and 1 white for the Kraft Singles and 4 original and 1 Fat Free for the Philadlephia.

  • Sarah

    Are you allowed to do both the Kraft deal and the Nestle deal getting 40 dollars in coupons?

    • Cindy

      Since they are 3 separate offers, I am understanding it as yes you can do all 3 in one transaction.


    I also had a problem when the kraft .00 came out. It was the week with cheap kraft cheese at Acme. I used it oncealthough clerk needed to to push it through. When I went back one day later I was informed Acme had just added to their coupon policy that they no longer accept coupons 4.99 or above. Does anyone know if shporite has a policy like this?

  • Sally

    I just went to the SR in Lincoln Park, NJ tonight and I must say that I am getting so frustrated with SR ever changing coupon policy. Tonight when I was checking out they told me that I can only use 20 coupons now on an order, after I had spent an hour and a half gathering my groceries and going through the check out they tell me of this policy. The manager was called and he finally told them to push my 40 some odd coupons through but that I wasn’t to use more the 20 anymore. Seriously are they trying to drive customers away?

    • hallie

      That has been Lincoln Park’s policy for years. I love that store, but stopped shopping there becuse of the limit. The one in Oakland has no limits and they are REALLY good there about coupons. When I know I am going to make a big trip, I drive the extra few minutes to that store.

  • rosanne

    Thanks for taking the time to come up with these scenarios. Somehow my brain is not wired to figure these things out on my own.

  • Teresa

    Does anyone know if we can do these catalina deals and use the % off certificate promo from the last weeks? I have 10% off which I was thinking of using towards these catalinas but didn’t want to mess the deal up..
    Thanks for all these matchups! It’s so helpful!

  • raina

    Are you able to use the Kraft Shredded Cheese (on sale for $1.99 this week) on the Kraft/Nabisco deal?

    • Cindy

      It is a possibility. The circular says on participating products and lists the items but there have been many times that it includes others not listed. My guess is yes, but we’ll have to see if the shelf tags show it or someone tries it. I didn’t put it on the list yet because I wasn’t 100% sure. The fun of these deals is finding the hidden stuff.

      • Kristine Twardy-Todd

        I would love to know this as well, I would want to purchase this instead!

        • Esmeralda

          We tried it at our Shoprite in Kearny. It was a terrible experience. We bought way too much cheese and they still didn’t print our catalina. I think you have to be meticulous about buying whats exactly written into the circular. We got the shredded as opposed to singles. No Catalina printed. 🙁 We went back and spoke to customer service and did the transaction over twice with different products to see what the problem was. We mistakingly put the boxed crystal light as opposed to the can. My theory after all the work we did is that you need to be meticulous about getting only the circular listed products with the right ounces and description. We still didn’t get our catalina. 🙁 and they didn’t accept our $5 coupon. It was a terrible shopping day for us yesterday.

          • Cindy

            Esmeralda, you also have to pay attention to the shelf tags. If they don’t show it as being part of a deal, the circular does not show it as being part of a deal or you haven’t seen confirmation of it working here or anywhere else, then it’s a hit or miss. If you are unsure, then try to stick with just what you see in the circular. I always carry a copy of the circular with me and read the shelf tags and my circular before I put anything in my cart. Don’t give up, it’s just a learning experience.

  • andy

    Copied from Nestle thread

    Donna September 26, 2010 at 12:11 pm


    I bought 5 Kraft singles, 5 Philly cream cheese and the Maxwell House coffee, using 2 of the $5.00 off of 5 products coupons and a Maxwel House coupon. The total spent, before coupons was $21.89, but because I used the coupons, they refused to give me the $20 in Catalina. Using coupons was never mentioned in the add. What did I do wrong?



    7 Cindy September 26, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    the ad states the price before coupons but after doubled part of the coupon. I’m not sure why they would say that it was because you used coupon because they specifically say that it is $20 before coupons. I would either try customer service again and show them the ad saying that it is calculated before coupons or call Catalina Marketing. Not sure why happened.


    8 Kristine Twardy-Todd September 26, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    OK so I went to Shoprite and bought 5 Philly cream Cheese 4.95
    1 Kraft Mac and Cheese 2.99
    1 Kraft Singles 2.99 and
    5 Kraft Shredded Cheese 9.95

    Total 20.88
    Less 2 $5/5 Kraft for the Cream Cheese and Shredded Cheese $10.00
    Less $1/1 Kraft Singles and
    Less $1/1 Kraft Mac and Cheese = $8.88 OOP

    Now as for the Catalina it didn’t print BUT I don’t know if this was because the Shredded Cheese was not part of the catalina or because some of the computers started going down right as I was paying. I did go to customer service and they DID give me the Catalina’s, so I got them regardless!

  • andy

    I think some of the Kraft singles do not count (even though they are in the ad) Please post upcs of the ones you bought.

    As for Kraft shredded cheese – unfortunately we can’t establish yet because the transaction was affected by Kraft singles which possibly did not count.

  • liz

    this worked on shelf price for me today.
    10 cream cheese (regular/neufchatel/fat free) & 1 maxwell house, got the $20.

  • Ruth

    Using coupons at Shop Rite can be frustrating but it is worth the hassle. I go to three Shop Rites and they are pretty good, I always go through the self checkout. I won’t go to a Shop Rite in Newport, DE. One of the managers is absolutely nasty and told me I could scan my card only once and for my second transaction, I would have to pay full price. He also told me if I used my card the second time, he would ban me from the store. That was my first time going to the location. I calmly told him that he wouldn’t have to worry about me coming to his store again since he obviously had no customer service skills. I also left him with a cart full of stuff. Managers at different stores can make up their own policy so there is no one to complain to. Most Shop Rite in the DE area are in poor neighborhoods and most shoppers are not very informed or use coupons. ShopRite exploits lack of knowledge of their customers.

    • Irishsaver

      Ruth, I would contact here
      fill out you name address and phone # shoprite card etc and they will call you. I have had shoprite call me when I used to a SAHM. Complain about that rude manger and they will call over there and educate him on coupon policy.
      Dont let one bad experience turn you off in fact go back there after you speak or here from them and see how different you will be treated. Thanks for sharing I cant wait to get my coupons together and get out there…

  • linda clark

    Liz, just wondering did you use the kraft $5 off five??

    • liz

      yes i used two $5/5 and $1/1 maxwell house IP’s. w/ my reusable bag came to .84 and i got $20 in cats! 🙂

  • Jennifer C.

    I went today and did the deal with 5 Kraft singles @2.99, 5 Philly cream cheese @.99, and one Jet-puffed marshmallows @.99. No catalina printed 🙁 I went to customer service and she added it up and told me that it was only $19.90, but when I checked myself at home it, I got $20.89. Could a call to the catalina customer service help?

    • Cindy

      Yes you can try that. It seems that it may be something with the Kraft singles. At least that is what I’m seeing. The catalina info is:
      1-888-8COUPON or email

      If you have a chance, could you please post the types of Kraft Singles or UPC codes so we can see if it’s one or all triggering it not to work.

      • Jennifer C.

        It was Kraft Singles White American, 12oz (4 purchased) and Yellow American (12 oz, 1 purchased.) I put in a call to them, and they told me they can’t verify my purchase until tomorrow, and they will get back to me. I’ll let you know the outcome.

        • Lori

          Jennifer – please post back after you hear from them. I want to do the same deal as you.

  • laurie

    I tried this deal today but didn’t get the Catalina 🙁 Here’s what I purchased:

    1 kraft deluxe mac & cheese
    1 philly cream cheese
    2 pkg oscar mayer turkey hotdogs
    4 pkg kraft singles

    My total for these items was over $20 and they were all in the circular so I don’t know why it didn’t work. Do you see anything I did wrong, Cindy?


    • Cindy

      All I can tell so far is that it’s something with the Kraft Singles. Seems that everyone buying Kraft Singles are not getting the catalina. ShopRite should be giving you the catalina or credit since you purchased everything listed in the circular. You can also try Catalina marketing directly. 1-888-8COUPON or email

      • laurie

        I had to go to customer service and explain the deal to them but they finally printed out my catalinas for me – yay!

  • Lori

    So much to consider before doing this deal and now I am utterly confused! Would this work:
    -5 phila cream cheese $1.85 x5=$9.25
    -2 maxwell house $3.49×2=$6.98
    -2 planters flavor grove $5.00
    Total is $21.23
    After coupons and price plus:
    cream cheese $.99 ea, $5/5 Kraft coupon = $0
    coffee $1.99 ea, (2) $1/1 coupons =$1.98
    nuts $2.50 ea, (1) $1/2 coupon = $4.00
    Total $6.98

    • Cindy

      Yes it should work. I’m hoping for even more confirmation of more deals working on shelf price so if you want to wait a little longer to be 100%. Although with coupons, nothing is 100% 🙂

    • Cindy

      Hey Lori,
      Definitely wait on this deal. Some of the items, including the cream cheese are showing the price plus deduction as a store coupon and not counting toward the $20. It may be best to just use the price plus prices for this deal.

      • Lori

        Thanks Cindy! I am going to wait a bit. The coffee and nuts alone are worth it to me but the cream cheese i am splitting with my parents and don’t want to waste a good coupon on it. Honestly, this deal is so confusing to me right now, it may be worth skipping! After all, another good one will come around soon.
        Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

        • Lori

          I did the Kraft deal and all of the catalinas printed but I changed it a bit. I decided to stay away from the cheese and cream cheese, I would have been too disappointed if it didn’t work! I based my total off of shelf price. I bought:
          3 Maxwell House coffee – (3) $1/1 coupons
          2 Football oreos – (1) $1/2
          2 Planters flavor grove (1) $1/2
          Total oop: $10.90

  • Sara

    I got the Catalina with
    5 Cream Cheese 0.99
    3 Ritz Crackers 2.99
    1 Kraft Homestyle 2.99
    Total: 16.91 (21.21 before Philly discount) – 7Q = 9.91

    Was going to get the Singles, so thanks for letting me know to stay away from those!

  • linda clark

    I did the same deal that Liz did. Thanks Liz!!! They took my 2/$5.00 off kraft and I also used a $1off 1 max house coffee.Cashier had to call for someone to push $5.00 through & she was misserable. Perhaps just jealous??:)

  • linda clark

    The cat did work for me forgot to mention.!!

  • Sally

    Anyone tried the $5/5 at either the Oakland or Lincoln Park NJ stores?

    • hallie

      I ran to the Wayne store tonight and used it no prob.

  • Annie

    I just bought a combo of shredded cheese and kraft singles that totaled over $21, and the cats did not print. I’m sure now that the shredded cheese is not a participating item.

    • Kristine Twardy-Todd

      I wasn’t sure what was and what wasn’t but I went to customer service and they gave me the Cats no problem, I had bought the shredded cheese as well as part of the deal.

  • eden

    Curious to know if anyone has used the $5 Kraft coupons at the self checkout? Do they beep at all?

  • Darlene

    On a lark I went back to the Kraft page to see if the $5 off 5 coupon would print again…guess what? IT DID 2x’s! YAY!

  • staceypunk

    I have a question about the catalina’s when you go to use them in the upcoming weeks: can we purchase any of these items in the link?

    • Cindy

      Yes and last time you didn’t even need to use the entire amount of the catalina on that brand. People had reported that even if they had say a $2.00 Kraft item in their cart, the $5.00 catalina worked.

  • Lori

    This comment is a little late, but I’m so confused. Catalina marketing told me I only spent 16.00 in Kraft products when I bought the following…
    5 Kraft singles x 2.99 ea = 14.95 (4 white full fat + 1 yellow full fat)
    5 Philly Cream Cheeses x .99 ea = 4.95
    1 pack of Kraft Mac & Cheese (5 boxes) 3.49
    Total = 23.39
    I did have 2 $5.00 off 5 kraft cheeses coupons

    From what I gathered from the conversation, the coupons affected the base price of items that went toward the 20.00 total.
    Anyone have any suggestions?