ShopRite: Update On The Buy $20 Get $20 Catalina Deals!

This week we have the Buy $20 Get $20 in catalina at ShopRite. This is working on select Kraft/Nabisco, Purina & Nestle.  Here is an update on the deals for the week.

  • This appears to be working on shelf prices as a few of you have reported in that your catalina DID print when you purchased on the shelf price.  The shelf price would be the pre-price plus price.

UPDATE ON THE SHELF PRICES:  It appears that not all items are working on shelf price.  Some items are showing up as a store coupon deduction for the Price Plus so I would NOT base your deals on Shelf Price for now.

  • There seems to be something happening with the Kraft Singles.  Not sure if there is one of the Kraft Singles that is not registering or if it’s all of them.  But at this time, people that have tried the deal with Kraft Singles are not getting the catalina.   So, I would recommend not trying this deal with Kraft Singles until we figure this out.

I am updating the original posts to include the shelf prices.  Please note that if your catalina does not print and you’ve done the deal on shelf price, you will need to call catalina marketing because in most cases, the customer service desk will not issue you the catalina.

You can check out the original posts here:

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  • eden

    Yeah, found that out about the singles too late! They didn’t work for me. And on top of that, my SR said they weren’t taking coupons anymore with a face value over $4.99 so they wouldn’t take the $5 kraft coupon. 🙁 Oh well, hopefully better deals to come!

    • vic from harrison

      lucky you. kearny, nj shoprite laughed at my $5/5 coupon and said they don’t take internet coupons over $2. funny cause most of the kraft dairy products at the kearny shoprite had peelies directing you to download the $5/5 coupon off their website.

      • Cindy

        It’s stuff like that, that drives me crazy. Each ShopRite owner should employ one person that is in charge of their coupon policy. Policing coupons and being aware of what is out there. It would save them money, time and unhappy customers. Knowing that there is this high value, legitimate coupon, alerting their stores, CS dept, cashiers so there is no problem. I’m sure Krafts intention is not to have stores reject it. Drives me crazy. Sorry, was venting there for a second…carry on 🙂

        • Stacey

          The Toms River NJ shop rite took the $5 off Kraft coupon. The cashier had to get a manager over, but they approved it.
          I also was able to use the Dole salad coupon that was for Ralphs.

  • linda clark

    Eden which shoprite do you go to? I had that problem with Acme not taking coupons over 4.99.

    • eden

      Enfield, CT. They are changing lots of things there these days!! 🙁

  • Jig


    Sorry to make you repeat yourself, but the cats are printing out on $20 BEFORE Price plus and the store coupon double? Would like to feel surer about this before showing up at the register and potentially losing coupons and ink, but if it is really working that way, I could reduce my OOP on the Nestle deal by $3.

    My first comment, BTW. Fantastic job helping us all!

    • Cindy

      I have not actually tried it myself but from comments from readers, it appears to be working before price plus. But, if you have a doubled coupon I would count it after that double deduction because that I am not sure about. So for instance:
      Nestle Coffee Mate 2 lb Powdered ($5.99)$4.99
      $0.55/1 coupon

      Count it as $5.99 – $0.55 for the doubled = $5.44 toward the $20
      Actually pay: $3.89

  • Mina Zaveri

    I did Kraft Singles on Sunday – It did not work. Supervisor had to come to check $5 coupon. Gave me hard time but she took it.
    Customer Service gave me $20 gift card because catalina did not print for singles.


  • Purvi

    Last week I moved to Parsippany and shopped yeterday at Shoprite. I need to stock up on all things so Kraft 5 dollar coupon came in use at right time. I had no problem using it. Cashier needed an override from his supervisor though. I guess I am going to like my new shoprite. But I am sad since I have no CVS closeby.

  • Susan C. in NY

    Just wondering if those who purchased the Kraft singles bought the regular (full fat) ones. My ad shows that the Fat Free and 2% are excluded from the sale–which is what I’d rather buy of course. 🙂 Just wanted to double check b/c sliced cheese is the one thing I do need this week.

    Cindy, thanks for all the work you do on these match up each week. You’re the best!

  • Cassie

    I did this deal yesterday- bought, based on sale prices:
    2 philly cream cheese 0.99 each =1.98
    1 marshmellows (no sign in store but were advertised in flier)= 0.99
    1 maxwell house coffee 1.99 – SR coupon 1.00= 0.99
    2 oscar meyer lunch meat (had signage in store they were part of the deal) 3.99 each =7.98
    2 wheat thins 3.33 each =6.66
    1 kraft chipotle mayo =2.49
    Total =21.09 (although I actually paid 14.09 after my coupons)
    My catalina did not print, so I went to customer service who couldn’t get them to print either. They ended up giving me 4 $5.00 catalinas that are good for ANY products except procter & gamble and all expire on 10/10.

  • Aileen

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting this all together. This was my first week shopping this way. You know you did well when the cashier says she has never seen that many coupons print out! (I did all 3 catalinas). Just a couple of things I noticed… first, the woman before me must have left before all of her catalinas printed because I got 2 extra Kraft & Nestle $5 coupons. Mine took a while to print as well. Just make sure not to leave before you get all of them!
    Also, the Kraft $5 off of $5 only scanned as $1.85. She had to type it in to get the $5 0ff.

  • deanna heuer

    Cindy I did want to say that I did by the kraft singles today and my catalina did print. But maybe it was because I was going by the sale prices and not shelf prices. I didn’t want to chance that it was on sale prices only. Thankfully right now one of my store still excepts all coupons. Though last week one of the shoprites I shop at said I can only do 4 coupons of the same item total. I couldn’t do 2 seperate orders. Which was totally new. I used to split my orders up if I had more than 4 coupons of the same. That is not the case with the other shoprite that I go to!!!

  • Barbara Kelley

    Thanks for all you do in letting us know about match-ups and freebies. I was a little disappointed though when I missed out on the Free Crisco Olive Oil; somehow I got the email around 3:15 and noticed it was originally posted at 7am…I didn’t even have a chance.
    Hope I get the emails sooner. Other than that – Thanx for all you do again.

    • Cindy

      Barbara, the email subscription goes out at 3:00pm EST. I have played with a lot of times and that seems to be the best time for the newsletter. If I go too early in the day you will only get yesterdays and since there are some deals that only last a day, it would be almost a total waste. If I go too late, then it might be too late to head out to the store or try a deal.
      Unfortunately, some deals only last an hour or so (like the Crisco). The best way, if you have it, is to “like” the Facebook page. All the feeds come through within a half hour of posting so you can pick and choose when and what you want to look at.

  • Lynn

    I did the Kraft and Nabisco cat’s yesterday at Shoprite in Rio Grande, NJ and the Nabisco printed but the Kraft didn’t. I went to customer service and they have a sku to print them out for you. Only it printed all four for the first week of Oct. so I have to use all $20 at once☺

    • Kristine Twardy-Todd

      Same thing happened to me, only she printed them for the LAST week of the Catalina. So that final week I have the $20 from Kraft and the $5 from Nabisco. That will be a great week for shopping though LOL!!

  • I went to the Shoprite in Brick, NJ on Sunday. I did the deal Cindy posted (plus I bought coffee). They took the $5 off coupons (after checking them) but the catalinas didn’t print. The customer service desk gave me a $20 gift card instead. They were really great there (unlike Walgreens where they just lost my business tonight).

    • Stacey

      Bethany, that’s good to hear something positive about the Brick shoprite! They always seem so cranky when I’m there….

  • Jennifer C.

    I did this deal earlier today with the Kraft singles (not the lowfat variety) Philly cream cheese, and Jet Puffed marshmallows. It didn’t print, and the customer service rep looked at it, added it up and told me I was .10 short. At home I added it myself and I was NOT .10 short, even based on sale prices. So I called Catalina, and they are supposed to get back to me tomorrow. Retrospectively, looking at the ad, I may have gotten the wrong marshmallows…I got these cute star shaped ones, and the add says “regular or mini”. Maybe that was my problem, and if so, a lesson learned in paying CLOSE attention! I’ll keep you posted on what Catalina says.

    • Jennifer C.

      Well, in case there’s actually anyone out there who wants to know, after numerous emails and calls to Catalina, I rec’d my 4 $5 off Kraft/Nabisco coupons in the mail today! It was worth it for $20! However, they sent me all 4 coupons for THIS week. Guess I’ll be stocking up this week!

      • Cindy

        I want to know 🙂

        That’s awesome!

  • Debbie

    I did all three “cats” on Sunday,no issues( for a change!) they took the $5 coupon, called a supervisor, never even blinked….Bought the shredded cheese (10 @1.99), used the 2 $5 off’s..Had a philly cream cheese too to get over the $20. Also had the 30% off bringing my total saving for the day to $318.80!!! Over $514 dollars worth of food, toiletries, medicines for $195 with coupons and 30% off…Also noticed they rang up the Hartz puppy training pads for full price ($16.99) after I was done..They were on sale for 8.49. So went to CS and received credit for one ($10 is the max for price scan) and 8.49 back…So total is truly 177.11!! Love those days at Shoprite…We had three full carts and initially the lady behind me was cranky, but her jaw dropped when the total was announced!

    • andy

      Thanks. Others had problems with shredded cheese. Which exact varieties did you buy? With upc codes if possible.

  • Annie

    Regarding the Kraft singles, I wonder if it is because people are buying 5 singles, when the ad says limit 4 per variety? Even if they get the right variety, maybe only 4 are counting towards the catalina, since that is the limit? I will try tomorrow and be sure to get 5 from different varieties and let you know if that will work.

  • Can you do any of the deals more than once in separate shopping trips, or do they track back to your SR card and only print once?

    Also, based on Debbie’s post above, it sounds like the deal IS working on shredded cheese – I hope so b/c I’d like to get a bunch of that!


    • Anonymous

      Wondering the same thing……..

      • Emily T.

        I have done the Kraft deal twice in separate transactions but with the same price plus card, and I received cats for both transactions. : )

  • PK

    I sent an e-mail to Shoprite to find out exactly what the coupon policy is and why they are trying to drive customers away. I’ve shopped at the same store for over 10 years and I don’t want to change. They do have great prices but…..I don’t want to ridiculed or embarrassed when I shop. Like I said in my e-mail, why would manufacturers publish coupons if they didn’t want you to use them? Don’t they get reimbursed? Of course I did throw out there that I didn’t think they’d like bad publicity in the local paper or national TV since everyone guiding consumers to these websites to help them save money (i.e. “Saving at 6ABC with Nidia Han”?).

  • staceypunk

    So, is the Kraft shredded cheeses included in the catalina deal or not?

  • Anna

    I am not sure if I understand this spend $20, get $20 deal. Are there 4 catalina’s $5 each which can be deducted from next shopping order, or $20 worth of coupons?

    • Diane R

      You will get 4 $5 catalinas, each good for a different week. The weeks are 10/10, 10/17, 10/24 and finally 10/31. Each $5 catalina can be used towards ANY Kraft or Nabisco products. So basically the deal is you will end up getting $20 worth of free Kraft and Nabisco groceries.

  • Cindy

    When you do these deals you must follow the directions in the deals. For example with the Kraft cheese. The fat free & 2% cheese is NOT included in the deal, so if you buy those you won’t quality. Gotta read the fine print! I learned that about 2-3 weeks ago SR had a sale on Ragu sauce (maybe you’ll remember it) which I had .75/2 cpn. I read the fine print (so I thought) it said with a 10.00 purchase. I had several cpn’s. Sale price Ragu 2/3.00 so I purchased 8 jars = $12.00. So far so good, right? But it rang up at non-sale price 2/5.00 why? because I didn’t see where it said excludes the price of the Ragu. Which means I had to first buy $10.00 worth of other stuff before I could get the sale on the Ragu. All in all, I love my SR here in NY, its the best!

  • staceypunk

    So, if I wanted to buy 5 kraft singles, I would need two varieties. What other varieties are there besides Full Fat, 2% (not included) and fate free (not included). Would buying some orange and some white be good enough?

    • I bought four orange and one white and got the sale prices on all.

  • Cindy

    oops! ment to say qualify (typo)

  • Diane R

    I shopped at SR in Lyndhurst today and everything worked just fine. They accepted 2 of the $5/5 coupons and all my other printed coupons without any hassle at all. The 4 $5 catalinas printed out perfectly. My cashier and the front end manager were both very nice. I just wanted to give some praise to a SR that is actually NICE to their couponing customers (unlike SR in Kearny, which I swear is the worst SR ever to couponers who dare to want to use internet coupons!). From now on, I’m going to give SR in Lyndhurst all my business. SR in Kearny has lost a long-time customer.

  • Stefani

    I just got back from SR and did the Kraft and Nestle deal. The shelf price worked great on Kraft.

    I got :
    4 International House coffees (This had it’s own catalina of $1 wyb 2. Nice surprise!) 4 $1 Q
    4 cream cheese $5 off 5 IP
    1 Shredded cheese
    4 california pizza- 4 $1 Q
    1 toll house cookie dough 1- .75/1 Q doubled

    I spend $22.89 – $4 Tyson catalina for a total of $18.89 OOP. I received $20 Nestle, $20 Kraft and 2-$1 for the coffee catalinas.

    The cashier was shocked I got so many, they just kept coming out. But she was good nature about it and I shared the buxom mascara printout with her.

    Thank you all for the info on this site.

    • andy

      Looks like your shelf price was over $20 without the shredded cheese, you just needed it to use $5 off 5 Kraft coupon

      • Stefani

        You got it! Made it easier to use the $5/5 coupon and I didn’t need that many cream cheese.

  • Emily T.

    Since we are on the subject of Shoprites with AWESOME customer service, I’m going to give a shout out to Shoprite of Pennington, NJ. Seriously- the nicest cashier and most helpful and friendly customer service people. I’m one of the lucky ones, I guess. I have another Shoprite sort of nearby that isn’t nearly as great (Flemington, NJ).

  • Danielle

    Ok, so today my catalina worked! Bought: 10 cream cheese, 5 shredded cheese, 2 Breakstones Sour Cream. Used 3 of the $5 coupons, and a $1/2 for the sour cream. Got my cats no problem! Also, there was a Ziploc cat I wasn’t expecting (YAY! 🙂 Bought 2 packs of containers (not on sale…$2.99 ea) Had a $1.50/2 MFR + $1.50/2 Cellfire coupon. Paid $2.99 oop, and got a $1.50 cat, so .75 each! 🙂
    And also – the Glade candle deal worked fine also – 2 – $2 cats on purchase of 4. Used 2 BOGO coupons. 🙂
    Good trip today!!

  • Jennifer green

    I had an awesome day at my Shoprite! They work with me every time! Did my first 20 for 20 with my regular order Nestle printed all my catalinas bought
    2 juicy juice bottles 2/4
    1 juicy juice box 1.99
    4 nesquick choc milk mix (liquid) 1.99
    3 H2O 10.00
    $1/2 juice
    $1/1 box (catalina)
    (4)$1/1 choc mix
    $1/2 H2O
    This is all stuff I would by in a trip anyhow so spent $13 and got my $20
    Now my second trans did not go as well……..
    Purina say ANY purina so I bought
    8 bags of cat litter 2.49 ea
    used 5 $1/1 and had 2 $2/1
    threw in a can of dog food for 79cents
    Kraft was not specific and not all items were marked in store so
    5 bags of marshmellows 99ea
    4 Cream cheese 99 ea
    6 shredded cheese 1.99 ea
    used $1/2 cream cheese -Giant coupon from mail
    $5/5 and this one was giving her trouble
    paid 24.32
    * she goofed on that couping and I came out a winner*
    My catalina did not print
    Had to goto Customer service but as always they took care of me! got my 40$ woot woot is all I can say!

  • Anonymous

    Does any1 know shoprites return policy? I sent my husband to do the trip and he was suppose to buy
    5-Kraft mac and cheese @ $2.50= $12.50
    5-Philly cream Cheese @ $.99 = $4.95
    1-A1 sauce @ $2.99=$2.99 total should have been $20.44 – (2)$5 coupons= $10.44 get back $20 in catalina (so a profit of almost $10)
    BUT this is what he came home with
    10=Kraft mac and cheese =$25, 5-Philly cream Cheese @ $.99 = $4.95,
    1-A1 sauce @ $2.99=$2.99 TOTAL $32.94 after coupons $22.94
    I dont need 10 mac and cheese and want to return 5, will they give me a problem?

    • Cindy

      I guess he was in the mood for some mac & cheese :). They are usually pretty good about taking returns. As long as you have your receipt it shouldnt be a problem.

      • Anonymous

        lol, thanks

  • staceypunk

    I did the Nestle and Purina deals with no problems. Cat’s printed out at end of transaction.

  • staceypunk

    Can anyone post links to the brand that shows all the items we can buy with the cat’s we earned? I think I found one for Nabisco
    So we can use the $5 cat’s to get any of those products?
    Anyone have a link to Kraft, Nestle, Purina?

  • PK

    My Shoprite (Stanton, DE) told me last night that they don’t accept black & white coupons. First I was told it was a copy of a copy, then I was told it was fraudulent (by a new associate). The supervisor did override and gave me the $5 off 5 kraft but it was a struggle. She said I would have to print them in color from now on.

    • Stacey

      Whhhaaattttt? We don’t even buy color ink for our printer…. Shop Rites really need to get on the same page! Don’t you hate being treated that way? ugh.

  • Brooke

    By the way, went to the Enfield Shoprite and was told they don’t accept internet coupons over $4.99. But I showed them the peelie on one of the cheeses that said go here to get $5 off 5 Kraft products to show it was a legitimate coupon I had printed off. The manager finally o.k.ed it and then took my coupon to photocopy to show employees this was a valid coupon. So if you were avoiding going to Enfield, you can go now use that coupon and if you do get told it isn’t valid, just ask for the manager and show them the peelie. Hope that helps someone!