Toys R Us: Monopoly and Sorry Games As Low as $1.33 a Game!

Toys R Us is the place to be.  I will even be stopping in there to pick up some of these great deals.  These work great for donations and gift drives if you don’t have little ones to get these for already.  Here are some way to score great deals on Monopoly & Sorry Games.

Buy 3 Monopoly and/or Sorry Games $7.99 each
-$7.99 for B2G1 Free
-(2)$4/1 Hasbro Game Coupon
$2.66 each game after coupons & free item

Again, like the LeapFrog Tag deal, you may be able to use 3 $4.00 coupons.  If so this would be your deal:

Option #2:
Buy 3 Monopoly and/or Sorry Games $7.99 each
-$7.99 for B2G1 Free
-(3)$4/1 Hasbro Game Coupon
$1.33 each game after coupons & free item

If you are really want to go for it all you can try this deal:

Option #3:
Buy 3 Monopoly and/or Sorry Games $7.99 each
Buy a filler item for $1.03 (to get your total to $25)
$5 off $25 Toys R Us coupon
-$7.99 for B2G1 Free
-(3)$4/1 Hasbro Game Coupon
$0.1 after coupons & free item

Here is the note I left on the Tag post regarding the $5 off $25 coupon:
The coupon states, not valid with any other total transaction offer and I believe that to mean a similar coupon to this such as another coupon for $10 off $50 or something like that. So, there shouldn’t be a problem using it with a B2G1 free offer.  But, I’m just guessing here.  Also, it will depend on how the register rings up the free item.  If it’s free after they total the sale then you probably can use the $5/$25 coupon.  If it’s free right when they scan it, then it won’t work.

You can head over here to see how to score a great deal on LeapFrog Tag books as well.

Let us know which option you tried and how you made out.

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  • Bridget

    I dont see how the total will hit the 25.00 with 3 games, seeing as one game is free, and will not ring up as 7.99??

    • Cindy

      That is why I said you can try it. It will depend how it rings up at the register. It might ring up at $7.99 each and then deduct the $7.99 at the end. But then again it might ring up as free right from the beginning and then it won’t work. It’s just an option to try. I am only giving a suggestion for those that want to try it.

  • Erica

    Can these be purchased online for these prices? Will the coupons have a code for online shopping? Thanks.

    • Cindy

      No the $4.00 coupons need to be scanned.

  • Dee

    Did this transaction today… the cashier and the manager would only let me use 1 coupon per transaction .. the games are b2g1 free, so I did make out ok, just going to try another toysrus the next time

  • Stephanie

    Toys R Us is a pain when it comes to coupons. I remember the My Little Pony bogo deal. .What was their reason behind only letting you use 1 coupon per transaction? I mean…they say one per purchase and you purchased 3. I understand if they only let you use 2 coupons since one does ring up free. Wish these stores knew how to use coupons. Sorry don’t mean to be cranky on here…just frustrating.

    I’ll see how it goes for me tomorrow and let you know. If they say I can’t use 2 coupons. I’ll price match at Walmart. They will do a b2g1 deal as long as the price is in the ad. Plus they take store coupons.

  • Jay

    I was able to use the 3 MC of $4 each, but the $5 off $25 did not do too good because she said the total was not above the $25 amount. I was not going to argue because she actually scanned the 3rd $4 coupon which was for another game, not any that I actually bought. Still the total 1.33 per game is an excellent deal for monopoly, scrabble and sorry.

  • Stephanie

    The store won’t get paid by the manufacturer if you use a coupon on an item it isn’t for…even if it scans. I think? lol
    Cindy, do you know for sure? 🙂

  • Andrea

    I tried this today and the games were not $7.99 at my local store. The least expensive game was Guess Who and it was $16.99. The prices only went up from there, so for me this deal was a no go. : (

    • Cindy

      Did you look at your circular? It is listed right on page 3, top right corner

  • Staci

    I did this today in Freehold. Two Monopoly, one Sorry, and one lego toy that was $10.99. The cashier took 3 $4 off coupons and the $5 off of $25 without any problems. Total was $11.51!! Thank you, Cindy!