What Is A House Party? Check It Out!

I  know that some of you really enjoy applying for and doing house parties and as soon as I find out about one I post it over on the LRWC Facebook page.  I personally have never even applied for one so I can’t give you my opinion or experience.  However, because I have such awesome readers who love to help each other out, reader Cheryl was nice enough to send over a photo of what she received for the Kraft Mac & Cheese House Party that she was accepted for.  Here is what she received for the party:

  • Pyrex baking dish
  • Pyrex pot w/lid
  • Pyrex mixing spoon
  • 6 packages of Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese
  • plates/napkins
  • 16 pairs of comfy socks
  • 16 coupons for $1.50 off Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese
  • 16 coupons for 20% off at pyrex online or pyrex store.

Here is what Cheryl said:

I was thrilled to come home and see them!  The pot w/lid, spoon & 6 packages of mac & cheese are valued @ over $70!

What is a House Party?

House Party lets people who really love something host a special event featuring a fun, free, exclusive experience sponsored by the world’s leading brands.

Cool people sharing cool stuff. A House Party is thousands of parties happening across the country on a single day, hosted by people just like you. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand and focuses on something cool–like a new product, hit TV show, or great cause–that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends.

You can head over here to find out more information about House Parties and check out what is currently available.

Thanks for sharing Cheryl!

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  • Milena

    This sounds like an awesome and fun way to try new products and share them with your friends and family. Thanks Cheryl for providing details of your experience and the cool package you received from Kraft. I just joined based on all the fun stuff I hear from others and I’m so excited for my first house party!

  • Mandy

    I’m doing the Capri Sun House Party this weekend. I’m so psyched! The party favors they sent me are awesome – Capri Sun frisbees, pencil cases made from empty Capri Sun pouches, Capri Sun napkins, $1.00 off coupons for my guests, two boxes of Capri Suns, and a tote bag made from Capri Sun pouches.

  • mary beltowski

    I too, am having the capri sun party this weekend! I can’t wait. I have applied for others and the process is simple. It seems to me that people are excited and intrigued by the “House Party” concept~ I’m telling everyone I know and hopefully will get picked as well as invited to some more!

  • I’ve done several of these and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Great way to get the word out about products and have tons of fun getting free stuff!

  • Claudia

    I love doing this!!!! I’m having one this friday, for star wars!!! my kids don’t know yet, and the gifts I got are so cute, they’ll have a blas with their friends!!!!!!!

    • Kristina Cinato

      me too, Claudia! I am so excited. This is my first House Party and I am LOVING it!

  • Kristina Cinato

    I am doing a Star Wars: Clone Wars house party Friday night for 10 boys. House Party sent me: 10 SW action figures, 10/$1 coupons off the purchase of SW action figures, a game board/case, 10 codes to the SW virtual game, 10 sheets of SW tattoos and a DVD of the premier on Cartoon Network preview and how the show is made (see pics on links). I ordered a banner and stand for the party for FREE through vista prints (just paid shipping- it’s nice, look at pics). I burned a CD of SW music with my FREE itunes card for buying 3 energizer batteries. I got food and drinks for the guests DIRT CHEAP by stacking sales, with store coupons and manufacturer coupons. My guests are dressing in costume and bringing light sabers from home. We did this sooooo frugally we had extra $$$ for my hubby to rent a Darth Vader costume. He is going to surprise our guests.

  • Deanna H

    I have done a few parties for them, but my favorite was 2 years ago when I got the Fisher Price Play Date Party. They sent us 4 of the seasons new larger toys, ie the bouncing pony, and other toys to pass out to all the guests. It was the best party and helped us out for Christmas. Well worth it if you can have the party. I also did a Saturn party for them and they actually let you have a Saturn to drive and display for that weekend.

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    I am doing the Capri Sun one too, we actually already had people over last weekend because I couldn’t do it this weekend, lots of goodies!!

  • Cheryl

    I’m also doing the starwars clone wars this friday ! The kids are sooo excited!

  • Pam

    We are also doing the Star Wars Clone Wars party this weekend. My kids were thrilled that we were chosen and so excited for the party. I am in the process of preparing, or course by using coupons and going to the dollar store. http://www.pamspartyplanning.com/2/post/2010/09/its-a-star-wars-house-party.html

  • Mary

    We are hosting a Star Wars party tomorrow;)