3M Window Insulator Kit: $2.00 Mail in Rebate

There is a new Rebate for $2.00 back when you buy any 3M Window Insulator Kit.  Purchase must be made from 8/1 – 12/31/10.  You can head over here to print your rebate form.

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  • Betty

    there is also, a menard’s rebate on these until today 10/24. double dip rebate!!

  • Vicky

    I used these every year in our apartment which had awful wiondows that were very drafty. A better way if you know your going to plastic up every year is to buy a shower curtain or plastic table cloth cover. You can find these at the dollar store. And shop around for super sticky velco. Surround your window with the velco, apply your plastic covering and you can re-use it year after year. Ours have last over 3 years and work great. We even made one to go over a huge drafty door that we never use. I estimated our savings at about $100-140 each year since we have done this.

  • Carol Szaroletta

    I saw your offer of a $2.oo rebate but didn’t have the time to print it out. Now I realize your website is over a year old and the rebate is null and void. Please get rid of the rebate offer that isn’t a rebate offer in reality. Wonderful product tho.