Acme: Catalina Deal Ideas – No Coupons Needed!

I am happy to tell you that we have a new addition to our Acme posts.  Dana will now be the Living Rich With Coupons Acme Expert and will be here along with me to give you the hot deals from Acme.

If you have run out of coupons for the Acme General Mills Catalina that is going on this week, then you might want to give one of these scenarios a try.  Each of these require no coupons at all and are all Free after catalina. The sale ends tomorrow, 10/21 so you still have a couple of days to take advantage of the deal.   Here are your no coupon deal ideas:

Buy 10 Hamburger Helpers $1 each (shelf $2.69)
Pay $10
Get a $10 Catalina
free after catalina

Buy 5 Cake Mixes $1 each (shelf $2.59)
Buy 5 Frostings $1.50 each (shelf $2.49)
…double check the $2.49 shelf at your store
Pay $12.50
Get a $10 + $3 Catalina (frosting double dip)
free + $0.50 Money Maker after catalina

Buy 9 Progresso Soup $1 each (shelf $2.49)
Buy 1 Cake Mix $1 (shelf $2.59)

Pay $10
Get a $10 Catalina
free after catalina

Buy 9 Brownie Mix $1 each (shelf $2.49)
Buy 1 Hamburger Helper $1 (shelf $2.69)

Pay $10
Get a $10 Catalina
free after catalina

Make sure you head over here to check out the entire Acme Catalina Deal for this week.

Thanks Dana!

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  • Michelle

    I had an interesting encounter at Acme yesterday. After having done 5 transactions the day before and being on my fourth transaction yesterday, my catalinas would scan for the cashier (the printer was printing them out poorly) so he called the supervisor over to use her key and she said I couldn’t use both $5.00 Catalinas at the same time. She was very irritated and when I explained that I had done it previously and her cashiers had no issue with it she snapped at me and said she would take them this time, but it wasn’t supposed to be allowed since they are both the same manufacturer. What is the right way to approach that if I am told that again? I just let it be because she seemed in a bad mood so I did that trans. and took my catalinas home for the day lol. But even in their flyer it says $10.00 off your next order, not $5.00 off your next two orders.

    • Cindy

      Michelle, you can call the corporate office and get clarification. Let them know that this is what the store said to you. Your explanation is perfect….”their flyer says $10 off your next order, not $4.00 off your next two orders” . Their customer service number is: 1-877-932-7948 or you can email them here

  • Michelle

    I did call Customer Service and she said there should be no reason I can’t use them together. So we shall see, I have another store near me so I am going to go to the other one, just to avoid any conflict with that manager.

    • msrossdaboss

      Michelle the same exact thing happen to me yesterday night. Im in philly and Ihad corporate call the District Manger to the store this morning for a meeting with me. Although the floor supervisor (who harass me) was not there. The Manger explain to me that it is not there policy and the policy hasnt change since 2008 or 2009 (cant remember) but it defintly wasnt a overnite memo. Anyway I was issued a $25 Gift card and the $5 from my other catlina that she refuse to take. Most Acme have there couponpolicy posted at customer service. I think mainly you have to stand your ground.
      Let them know they are voilating your 14th Amendent Rights of due process and equal protection. Meaning they cant treat you differently bc u have coupon (cash) than a customer with the greenback cash (dollar bills). I think corporate was more afraid that I might file a lawsuit against them. When in fact I just want there employees to be more aware of the store policies. I get tried of going in the store for a “quick trip” and get held up because some teenager (still depending on someone elses baragin skills) is picking a part my coupons. Making me feel like a criminal in front of my small kiddo ( 3 kids under 5). As with all thing, coupons have the good and the bad with them.

  • Nancy

    I had 2 Acmes (Maple Shade and Cinnaminson) tell me that I can only use 1 $5 cat per order. You make some excellent points about the ad saying $10 pff your next order. At my ShopRite, they claim that the catalina paper (reverse side) limits the customer to one manufacturer’s catalina per transaction. I have not read Acme’s cat paper.

  • Michelle

    I read the back of the cat and the customer service rep who answered the phone read the back and it doesn’t state you can’t use more than one at a time. I went to a different Acme and did alright today. Although I went with two different cashiers and the first one doubled all my coupons and the second one only doubled the ones that didn’t say DND. THe last time I went through I must have calculated something wrong because my cat didn’t print out. After 12 transactions over three days I called it a day. I did awesome and we are stocked up for a long time on quite a few items. msross, I agree about hating how the cashiers/managers can make you feel like a criminal sometimes. That manager did that to me yesterday and today one of the cashiers read every single word on every single one of my coupons before putting them through. I think that YES we save a ton of money, but YES we also work darn hard putting forth the effort to get, clip, organize and properly use all of the coupons with sales. We deserve every penny we save.

  • May

    I am just learning how to use coupon and save money. I went to Acme yestersday to buy 10 hamburger helper, but the cat dollar didn’t print out.
    I get the right stuff , I just wonder why is not work for me.


    • Gen

      Hi May, I have been working the deal all week and found that there are a couple of flavors of the hamburger helper that have a shelf price of 1.89 or something. I think its the chili and one other flavor that comes up cheaper for some reason. Perhaps that is what happend with your trans. I say return everything and try again. GL!

    • May,
      Sorry this didn’t print for you. 10 HHs at $2.69 shelf is over $25 so most likely it was a machine malfunction…offline, paper jam etc. Call the catalina company 1-888-8coupon. They will ask you for the numbers on your receipt and confirm that you bought the correct products. Then they will mail you your money. Don’t let this discourage you from trying again!

  • Jena

    went this morning after work to ACME and gave the cereal deal a spin and boy did I get lucky
    Bought 6 boxes of Multi cheerios $2 ea.
    1 hamburger helper $1
    1 tasty Kake pumpkin pie $1
    Used (2) 1.50/3 -Catalina coupons for GM cereals and one was from shoprite….
    (2) 75/3 – could not find more in my stash
    paid a $1 and got back my 10$ and I also got a catalina for FREE MILK upto 3.75
    I am giving the cereal to my friend who has twins and they love and I get bonus. I have more coupons going to try it again!

  • Jena

    oops I did not use the 75/3 in this transaction it was my second that I did that……
    bought 9 Hamburger helpers $1 ea
    1 cake mix $1
    1 frosting $1.50
    1 Pumpkin pie Tasty Kake…..My hubby loves my payment for running late in morning
    1 Box Captin Crunch Cereal (the big box) 2.50
    Used (2) 75/3 for Hamburger helper
    (1) 75 off both cake and frosting
    Paid out of pocket .50 cents
    Got my 10 off next going back this afternoon if I can wait that long……..

  • Nikki

    My cat didn’t print the other day at acme & I emailed catalina. They told me I only spent $22.32 when I clearly spent $25.32. I checked it 100 times, my husband checked it,and my mom checked it. We all came up with 25.32. I emailed them back asking for an explanation to which i haven’t received a reply yet.
    Here’s what I bought:
    6 bags tradition chex mix (3.39shelfx6=20.34)
    2 Progresso Bread crumbs= (2.49×2=4.98)
    All were the appropriate size & labels clearly marked with the deal.
    I even sent catalina a picture of my receipt! That’s all I bought in that transaction, so how they are off from my total by exactly $3 makes no sense when neither of the items were $3 or added up to $3.
    Am I nuts or is catalina incapable of simple math?

  • Nikki,
    Your math looks should get the cat. If you don’t get a reply, talk to someone on the phone. 1-888-8coupon. Just curious did you use $3 in coupons? Is that where their math error is coming from?

    • Nikki


      That’s what i thought too. But then it didn’t make sense because i used 8 (.50) coupons so $4 in coupons before doubling.
      heres how it went down:
      6 chex mix x 1.69= 10.14
      2 progresso x1.50=3.00
      – 6(.50) CM doubled
      – 2 (.50) any progresso doubled
      – 5 oyno catalina
      =.14 oop
      I know I sound crazy fighting for it bc i barely paid anything but it’s the principle! haha

      Thanks for responding so quick!


  • Oh you do NOT sound crazy! Crazy is me sitting here REALLY wanting to figure out how they could make the $3 error! I was thinking maybe they missed the progresso all together (since the 2 of them are sale price $3) but that doesn’t make sense. If that were the case, they would have said you were $4.66 short …not $3. I don’t get it!

    • Nikki

      I’m going to call after work today & get to the bottom of this. They were quick to respond to me b4, but after i asked them to explain their calculations they haven’t said a word.
      I’m hoping for a quick resolution. Fingers Crossed. 🙂

      • Nikki

        Well 28 minutes on the phone with Sebastian yielded no resolution. First he tried to tell me that 3.39×6=19.32. Then after I told him that wasn’t correct he put me on hold for 5 minutes. Then he told me that the store confirmed that 6 chex mix =19.32. Then I said I have my reciept showing the price. He told me sometimes the reciept price and the “retail price” differ. Then I came back with the fact that I bought 12 bags over 4 transactions and everytime the 3.39 worked. He said they don’t even look at that. I ask why did u ask me to provide it then? Blah blah this goes on and on. He said to resolve it I have to go to the store. Call Catalina. Then hand the phone to the customer service person so they can confirm the chex mix price! I am going to scream!

        • Cindy

          Oh geez, what a nightmare. I feel your frustration.

        • That’s crazy! If you do it, report back about what happens…good luck.

          • Nikki

            I didn’t fall off the face of the earth and I didn’t forget about my 10 bux! I couldn’t get to acme so I called. Basically they said they don’t want to be involved and also if I did come in that the wouldn’t talk to Catalina on my cell so there wasn’t anything they could do for me. Tonite I called Catalina again and they were very apologetic. She told me that the guy I talked to last time gave me incorrect information and she asked me to send my reciept (even though I sent it to them in both my previous emails). I told the chick on the phone that I was annoyed that I was given the run around and misinformation I had received.
            Below is their almost immediate response to my email:
            Thank you for contacting the Catalina Marketing Helpdesk,

            Thank you for providing your information. Your request has been forwarded to the Fulfillment Department for processing.
            Please allow 6-8 weeks for your request to be processed.

            It seems like a generic email but they said they were sending it to the fulfillment dept. So I hope they’re sending it! I’ll call back in a few days to be sure. If I get my cat this will be the hardest 10 bux ever earned!

  • Laurie M.

    I did the Hamburger Helper deal and nothing printed out. I had used 3 coupons ($.75/3) as well. I went right over to customer service and returned it. The guy didn’t even bother to figure out the difference with the coupons (even after I pointed it out to him) and just handed me $9 in cash and said that was easier. So I made money on returning it! Still not sure why it didn’t print – maybe I got some variety that was marked differently…