Acme General Mills Catalina: Now Score FREE Milk – Today Only!

Well, if you are up for another trip to Acme, you might want to check out this deal that Dana found.  There is a Buy 4 General Mills Cereals and get a Free Gallon of milk catalina (up to $3.75 value) deal that is suppose to start tomorrow (10/22) .  Well, guess what!  It’s printing now.  YES.IT.IS!

So, that means all of the free or near free cereal deals you guys have whipped up will score you free milk today as well.  And, it appears that you will get more then one milk catalina if you buy 8 boxes.

Here are some deals you can do:

Without Coupons:
4 Cinnamon Toast Crunch ($4.39) $2.00 each
3 Betty Crocker Frosting ($2.49) $1.50 each (this price is varying at different stores)

Pay: $12.50
Get a $10 catalina (General Mills)
Get a $2 (frosting double dip)
and get a gallon of free milk Catalina


Buy 9 Cinnamon Toast Crunch ($4.39) $2.00 each
-(3) $1/3 Select General Mills Cereals printable
Pay $15
Get $10 catalina
Get (2) free milks catalinas (you may actually get 3 but that will be a bonus!)

You can head over here to check out all the coupons and prices. Make sure to check the comments for deal ideas.  You can also see deal ideas in the Reader Shopping Trips.


Thanks Dana!

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  • Jennifer Kirk

    I got this coupon today while I was working the Acme deals! I was totally surprised! Especially since I had a gallon of milk in my cart for my final transaction to use up my last catalinas! (I don’t typically shop at Acme so I didn’t want to hold on to them) I had to go back and get some more stuff! Talk about a fun problem to have!

  • Bernell Holmes

    I have my catalinas leftover from yesterday so I am going to do the following

    Buy 8 Cinnamon Toast Crunch-$2.00 each
    use 2-$1/3 catalina
    use 1- $.65/1 (they’ve been printing with the DND)
    so total will be $13.35
    use $13.00 in Catalinas (from GM and Frosting)
    pay .35 OOP
    Receive-$10 catalinas and 2 FREE Milk Catalinas

    Now I’ll let you know if this works, since I’m sending my hubby to do this deal!:-)

  • kat

    It worked for me. I bought :

    2 multigrain cheerios
    4 golden grahams
    2 reeses puffs
    3 kelloggs pop tarts ( we ran out…and they were on sale )
    Using coupons and 15.00 in previous catalinas I paid 2.10.
    I got 2 milk catalinas and another 10.00 GM cat.
    The milk cat was for 3.75. The milk was on special at 2.99. I was refunded the difference. Very Very good Acme week !!

  • Jennifer C.

    It worked for me! I bought:
    2 Cheerios
    2 Multigrain Cheerios
    3 Betty Crocker frosting
    1 Old El Paso refried beans
    used $1/3 cereal
    paid $12.50 oop
    Got $10 cat, $2 cat, and $3.75 off milk

  • The deals I kept reading about were so good that I went four towns over to the Acme last night! I scored a ton of great stuff.

    The really cool thing was- when I walked in they had a table with Huggies diapers (Snug & Dry and the Naturals) marked down to $5 a package and Pull-ups marked down to $3 a package!!! For some reason I had all of my diaper coupons with me and scored big! Well worth the half hour ride!

  • Lori

    Gotta love Acme! Thanks so much guys!

    9 boxes Cheerios ($2 each) = $18.00
    – (3) 3.00 off 3 boxes GM
    oop was $9.00
    received (2) $5.00 cats + (2) free milk cats

  • Amy

    I too was surprised to get to of them when I was doing my Acme deals this evening! I bought twelve boxes of multi-grain cheerios (two transactions) and got one for each trans. Love it!

  • Ruth

    I also got the catalinas for the milk, plus I got $80 + in catalinas to spend at Acme. I shop for my neighbors and friends and they pay me for my time and related expenses so this was a great week to stock up. They are so thankful for this service that I provide for them because it saves them so much money every week.

    • Jena

      Ruth, You have to tell me how you work this…..with your neighbors
      Mine keep asking me and did not think I could do it to save them money and kinda make some for myself?!

      • Ruth

        Hi Jena,

        Send me an email to and I can tell you more about it. I basically shop for them, only the items that I have coupons for and is cheap enough to get, I do it now for about 14 people and it is basically a personal shopping service. The people are now depending on my services because of the money I can save them every week. It is getting too big for me now to do solely from my home so I’m getting a little office space because the traffic of people coming on Saturday to pick up their stuff is getting too much since I live in a neighbor with an Homeowners Association and the people think it is their only little kingdom.

        • Cindy

          Wow Ruth, look at you. That’s great.

  • Laurie M.

    Imagine my surprise when this little baby printed out yesterday! I was so excited. Went in kinda bummed that I hadn’t been able to get there for the deals yet and expecting the shelves to be wiped out. But did great and got a free gallon of milk to boot!! 🙂

  • Thanks so much for posting this!

    I amazed my husband at ACME last night when we spent $11 oop and took home $13 in catalinas. We had 4 cans of soup, cereal (4 boxes), cake mix (2?), brownie mix (3), frosting (4), hamburger helper (3) and our free gallon of milk! And I beleive the cake, brownie and frosting purchases will all be donated to women who are doing Christmas bake sales.

    Woo hoo! What a shopping high!