CVS Possbile Deal: Brita Water Filter Pitcher Only $0.50

Just a heads up on a POSSIBLE deal at CVS.  The Brita 6 cup water filter pitcher is on a 75% clearance at some stores from $22 down to $5.50.  If you are lucky to find it, you can use the $5/1 Brita Printable Coupon to score it for only $0.50 each.

Please let us know if you found these at your CVS.

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  • Elaine

    The Brita Filter pitchers are not on clearance at the Neshaminy Mall CVS in Bensalem PA 🙁

  • Marie

    I was on my way home from work and was passing a CVS so I decided to stop in a see if they had them and they did. There were 4 sitting on the clearance table. I only printed 2 coupons at work (shh don’t tell 🙂 ) so I grabbed 2. Thanks for the tip

    • Marie’s office IT

      Marie I am your office IT. Now I know that you print your Q at work.
      Just kidding, it’s just Ueen. 🙂

  • Roseann

    Not at my stores. Maybe they are behind in their mark downs. I’m hoping.

    Congrats Marie on a great deal!

  • Miranda

    none of the CVS that I go to ever have anything on clearance, we get the shaft. I will of course keep my eyes out but we never get lucky here in Hatfield PA

  • Roseann

    @ Miranda – let me make a suggestion. Search out any out of the way little CVS stores in the Hatfield area. Most times I find the best bargains at those stores especially if they are a hidden deal.

  • Esther

    none at garwood cvs

  • robin

    I stopped in at my closest CVS and after searching for awhile, I asked the sales clerk if he knew where I could find the Brita Pitchers with filters. He said “Did you check in aisle 8 with the other pitcher frames?” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I said, no, not picture frames, pitchers with filters that hold water. “Oh, that’s in aisle 10.” I knew it wasn’t in aisle 10 since that’s the food aisle, but I checked anyway. Sure enough there were cases of bottled water and not a Brita Pitcher to be found. LOL! I gave up and went home. I’m still not sure if that store carries them or not.

  • Miranda

    I checked 4 CVS nearby today and they were all marked regular priced, except 2 had them for 21.99 and the other two had them for almost $25. I would love to know if anyone finds them and where. That’s an amazing deal