CVS: Possible Free Halloween Socks, Makeup & More!

Here is a possible way to score some Free Halloween Costumes, Accessories or Decor.  There is a $5 coupon that is printing when you scan your Extra Care Card at the Red Price Scanner Machine at CVS.  It is one of those 1 day coupons and it printed for me today, 10/3.  Of course I couldn’t let a $5 coupon go so I head over to check it out.  There was a ton of Halloween stuff $5 and under.  But, I settled on 2 pairs of fuzzy Halloween colored socks because I have an unhealthy obsession with fuzzy socks 🙂

The socks were priced at $2.50 each so I scored 2 for free.  But, if you don’t have an obsession for socks like I do, you can score all kinds of things including Halloween makeup, bowls, masks, lights and so much more.

So make sure you check the machine the next time you are at CVS.  I have no idea how long this is printing but it’s worth it if you get it.

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  • Laura

    Thanks for posting this! I went to my 24 hour CVS tonight and got the Halloween coupon and free Halloween makeup!

  • Anonymous

    So it’s $5 off of Halloween stuff? Cool!

  • Linda

    We went to CVS earlier today and got the Halloween coupon. Actually I did not even pay attention to it at the 1st CVS we went to, but when I looked at my coupons at the 2nd CVS I noticed it. We chose the Mr Potato Head look a like for the pumpkin. We were so excited at we are new to this couponing game.

  • I brought my bf with me so he could do a deal on his card and I could do one on mine. He got a cute glass candy bowl shaped like a pumpkin for $6.99 (minus $5.00 coupon and $1.80 ECB, just $0.19!) and I got 2 pairs of cotton socks that were $2.50 a piece (minus $5.00 coupon, FREE!). I love CVS!

  • C

    I was at CVS on Saturday night, got a $5 off Halloween coupon and used it this afternoon. I ended up going back to CVS tonight, about 24 hours later, and received a second $5 off Halloween coupon!!!! Awesome!

  • OBooker

    I used my $5 off on a large bag of Halloween Candy which cost $12, then I got a $3 ECB for purchasing more than $11 on halloween candy.

  • Angela

    Sweet….I didn’t know you could use it on Halloween candy. I thought it was for costumes/makeup/accessories, etc…. But that’s cool! They have a sale right now (2 for $5.00) on the candy. Making it free…before tax.

  • Kathryn

    thanks! It still printed today

  • anne

    I went today 10/9 and I got the $5 coupon. Great deal… I got the Halloween Soft Soap foaming soap and 2 skull mugs for $2.50 after coupon!!