CVS: Possible Wonka Mix Up 2 lb Bag Only $0.49 Each!

There is an awesome way to score 2 – 2 lb bags of Wonka Mix Ups at CVS for only $0.49 each. There is one catch.  Okay actually 2.  The first is that it involves the $5 off Halloween coupon that has been printing.  Now, I did get one and use it the other day and it printed for me again today.  So, it looks like you can score that for today at least.  The second is that these bags rang up at $7.29 instead of $5.99 which is what the sale price showed on the tag. So, if your store doesn’t have the shelf tag with the sale price there is no way to prove the price. The tag was dated for this week and even had the Halloween candy ECB information on it so it’s not that the tag was not removed from a previous week.  These were the correct tags.  Below is a picture of the tag:

Another thing to watch for is to get the 2 lb bag at 32 oz.  The shelf tag has both 27 oz on it and 2 lb on it but the UPC code from the 2 lb bags (32 oz) match up with the shelf tag.  Have I lost you?  🙂

Here is the info you need:

Buy 2 Wonka Mix Up 2 lb (32 oz) UPC #079200147846 – $5.99 each
use $5.00 Halloween Coupon from the Red Scanner
-(2)$1.50/1 Wonka Mix Up Printable (zip code: 07039)
Pay: $3.98
Get a $3.00 ECB
$0.49 each after coupons & ECB

Wow, got all that?

If you give it a try let us know how you make out.  Good Luck!

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  • Laurie

    I thought that coupon said on costumes or decor. I assumed candy didn’t count. But, I am going to back tomorrow and will see if another coupon prints for me.

    • Cindy

      It worked no problem. Not even a beep

  • Nikki Eddy

    too bad my CVS doesn’t consider candy a Halloween costume, decor or accessory 🙁 I have, however, used 2 of those coupons on some fun halloween lights.

    • Cindy

      It’s really for anything in the Halloween aisle. That is what my CVS told me. “Anything in the Halloween aisle”. Me: Anything?. Them: Yes, anything! 🙂

  • eden

    Has anyone been able to get more than one of these coupons on ONE card? Just curious! Already used mine, but thought I might try again & see if I got one.

    • Cindy

      Yes I got one the other day and got one today on the same card

  • audra

    I got 2 on mine so far…might try again on Friday??? LOL.
    I used mine on candy too.. I got 4 bags of m&ms and others for $10, used $1 off a 3 from red plum 2 weeks ago, used the $5 and got $3 back! 4 bags of candy for $1.24 (tax) AWESOME…now if I can hide if from my husband for the next 3 weeks…….

  • Laura

    Thanks for posting this! I forgot to print the Wonka coupon twice but it’s still a great deal! I had no problem using the $5 Halloween coupon on candy (which makes me really hope for more of these coupons in the future!) but I did have to show the $5.99 price label to the clerk because each bag initially rang up at $6.99. If you ever get another one of those $5 Halloween coupons will you post it? I have a 24 hour CVS here. Thanks!

  • Ana

    I’m new to couponing and love, love, love Rite Aid and Walgreens, but I’ve never actually been to CVS. Last night I scanned my brand new card for coupons and there were none 🙁 Does anyone know why this is?

    • Valerie

      I usually use my card for shopping at CVS and the Halloween coupon printed for me (too bad I didn’t use it) The other day I tried my brother’s card in which he never uses and nothing came up. So it depends on if you purchase things from them at least once every couple of weeks or not. Just use your card and you should be fine in the future 🙂

    • D

      If you have a brand new card, it usually takes a week or two until it starts spitting out coupons. (If it still says, “Valued Customer” or something like that on your receipt, it hasn’t been completely registered yet. Hang in there, though, b/c my husband just got a card a few months ago (I’ve had mine forever!) and he gets way better deals than I do, and I think it’s b/c he’s a new cardholder. I’m sure it will start giving you deals very soon!

  • ueen

    worked for me. Yay. Thanks Cindy.

  • annmarie

    🙁 My CVS would not take the $5 off Halloween decor, accessory or costume coupon…said candy wasn’t any of the above. I’m going to try another store tomorrow.