Hot- Woman Within: $50 Off $50 Code!


Okay seriously good deal here.  Woman Within has a coupon code for $50 off any $50 purchase. it’s now $20 off $50.  I mean seriously, who does that.  It’s awesome.  Now, there are restrictions.  You can’t use it on Home/Kitchen,  plus size living, costumes, E-BAGS, Skechers Shape ups, Jewelry/Fragrances or beauty products, Reebok Princess, Aerosoles, Carol Wior and Femni.  However, I just scored an awesome pair of Rain Boots and Slippers for $12.97 shipped.

There are so many different shoes/boots to choose from.  There are also $5.00 tshirts and so much more.  You can head over here to check it out.  Use coupon code: WW48580 at checkout.

And, shop first through Ebates for 3% cash back and and additional $5.00 if you are new to Ebates.

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  • Christine

    Well…how could I pass that up??? I got the rain boots, and slippers as well. I’ve always wanted the boots, but couldn’t find a pair @ a price I liked. Well I liked this price!
    Thanks, Cindy!!

  • Rachel

    This is awesome! I just ordered 3 tote bags for Xmas gifts for $1.00. Thank You!!!!

  • Kari

    In the process of submitting my order they changed the promotion to $25 off of $50! Boo. I got the $50 when i applied it but once i got through where i had to enter my address, etc it had changed. Darn, I really wanted those rain boots!!

  • heidi

    they changed the code to $20 off $50, boo!!

  • Francesca Rothenbacher

    It only took off $20 for me. Sad 🙁

  • Brenda Boitson

    I tried the code, and it’s telling me $20 of $50…

  • Ashlea

    Now it says that the code is $20 off of $50. ?? That stinks! I already had stuff in my cart and everything!

  • Sandy

    I went to their website and the code comes up at $20 off a $50 purchase….

  • Anonymous

    It is now $20 off $50 or more.

  • Lisa

    It doesnt seem to be working, the code is giving me $20 off $50 – am I doing something wrong?

    • Cindy

      It looks like they changed it to $20 off $50 now.

  • Colleen Cere

    Why didn’t work for me??? only took twenty dollars off the pair of boots I wanted to buy.

  • When I just attempted to use the promo code, it only took $20 off of my purchase not $50!

  • Donna

    Aaaarrrrggghhhh! Had the stuff in my cart, got the $50 off, then decided to change my order completely. Interrupted by phone calls and now, 2 hours later, I lost out. Bah!

    • Keisa

      The same happened to me too! It stinks when you can’t do it right away. Maybe next time… 🙂

  • Denise

    Not everyone gets $50 off. Their email says, “You could save $10 $20 $30 or even $50 on your order of $50 or more.” I only saved $20, but I’ll take anything I can get.

  • Victoria

    My total before submitting my cc info indicated a $50 discount. As soon as I hit the submit button, it added $25 back on. When I called customer service they acted as though I were a loon and had no idea about a 50/ 50 or more. Oh well , so many other wonderful deals out there that this website lists (LRWC) that it doesn’t even matter!!! Have a great night all!!

    • Cindy

      Victoria, I have a screen shot of the code and the info from the code. I’m putting it up on the post above so you can take a screen shot of it yourself. Maybe you can use that.

  • Christine

    I just go an email(10/14) that they canceled my order, after receiving the confirmation email…invalid code! 🙁

    • Cindy

      Ah, SO.DID.I. What a bummer. I was so looking forward to those boots. 🙁

  • Cindy

    GOOD SALE READ..I just wanted everyone to know that Sears is giving $10.00 off a purchase of $20.00 or more. No need for a coupon or coupon code. Just go into Sears, they will automaticly take the $10.00 off for you at the time of purchase. You can use any credit card or cash. Now! there are some restrictions, like the coupon isn’t good on everything in the store. One of them is the coupons not good on shoes. It’s good on mostly clothing. Great time to shop for the holiday’s. I thought that this is a great deal, I needed some new clothes and I found some really nice fall jackets which were on sale $24.99 the cashier rung them up separtely so I was able to get the $10.00 off each jacket making the final price with tax about $16.00… (I got 4 jackets) If your cashier won’t do that then just buy one item at a time from different cashiers. You’ll find more info. when you go into the store. Look for a posted card located on several clothing racks for more details, or ask. I’m going back today for some pants and maybe some tops to go with the pants…lol You do have to hurry, I think the sale is over 10/23… Would love to hear any stories from people who was able to take advangate of this sale.

  • Ruth

    Unfortunately for me Woman Within no longer carries shoes in my size (women’s 14). For all you other tall gals you may want to know about a new place I discovered — Dreamshoes They go all the way to women’s 16 so now I don’t feel so bad — and they don’t look like cross dresser shoes!