Laura Geller Make Up FREE with Rue La La Credit!

If you haven’t used your $20 credit at Rue La La you might want to hurry on over.  They have Laura Geller Makeup priced at around $10.  The shipping is steep at $9.95, however the total with shipping comes just under $20.  So, totally free after credit.

You can head over here to check it out.  Look under the Styleathon and then under Laura Geller.  Stuff is going quickly so don’t wait.

If you didn’t sign up, you have until 10/25 to get the credit.  Remember, that the credits take 48 hours to hit your account.

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  • sarah

    THANKS!! I just got mine and put a note out to my friends! YEAH FOR FREE THINGS! 🙂

  • Stacey

    Everytime I try to use Rue La La, I get to the product drop down menu but can’t seem to get any further to the actual list of items…. any ideas on how to troubleshoot that?

    • sarah

      What web browser are you using? I use Google Chrome and have had no problems.

  • Sarah

    They must be sold out??? I can’t find Laura Geller.

    • Elly

      There not sold out, i just placed my order, as soon as you sign in theres a section that says SUNDAY NIGHT STYLEATHON, click that and you should see a list of different brands and you should see Laura Gellar on that list.
      On a side note, before i submitted my order it came out to $19.85, after i submitted my order it said $21.45, they added tax. You cant place your order without entering your credit info, so im curious to see if i will be charged tax or not. If so, still a good deal

      • Melissa B.

        I always, always, always, use a Visa or Mastercard Gift card with about 1.00 or so left on it when getting deals like this. Right now my husband and I can’t afford to have anything charged to our bank card even if by mistake. I always save the cards that are within expiration for this reason. As of late I have been getting such good deals or as we refer to them steals. 🙂