My Shopping Trip: Aldi, ShopRite & the Farmer’s Market!


Farmers Market

When I took my little survey the other day about the reader shopping trips, one of the things that kept getting mentioned was my shopping trips.  You wanted to see mine more again.  Honestly, I have been shopping in spurts these weeks.  I have so much stocked up that I really haven’t needed much.  Each week I’ve stocked up on the freebie items only so it was kind of boring

Well, this weekend I did a bit more shopping.  So, I thought I would share it with you.  Plus I had some updates at ShopRite that I wanted to go over.

I wound up spending a total of $81.69 on my shopping between, Aldi, ShopRite & the Farmers Market.  I don’t have a picture of what I got at Aldi but I will break it down for you so you can see the prices there.  Mostly I go there just for the frozen fish.  Here is my breakdown:

4 Wild Caught Salmon 1 lb $3.99 each
1 Tilapia 1 1/2 lbs $4.99 (last one – bummer)
1 Feta Cheese $1.99
1 Bag Flat Leaf Spinach $1.69
1 Fat Free Ice Cream Sandwich $2.99
2 Frozen Corn $0.89 each
3 Cans Tomato Sauce $0.25 each
2 Cans Tomato Paste $0.39 each
1 Parsley Flakes $1.09

Total: $32.02

4 Bestlife Margarine $0.99 each
4 Kellogg’s FiberPlus Bars $2.50 each
4 Betty Crocker Cakes Mix $0.77 each
4 Betty Crocker Frosting $1.50 each
2 Excedrin $2.49 each
3 Mrs. Ts Pierogies $1.99 each
2 Tree Ripe OJ $1.77 each
3 Nononsense Socks $1.49 each
1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.77
1 Cheerios $1.77
2 Zattarains Rices $1.00 each
2 eZ Foil Roaster $1.49 each
2 Clabber Girl Baking Powder $1.69 each
1 Twin Pack London Broil $6.89
2 Family Pack Boneless Chicken $13.25 total
4 Martins Potato Bread Whole Wheat $1.59 (rain check)
2 Scope Mouth Wash ($4.29) $3.79 each
1 Pantene Shampoo ($3.49) $2.99
3 Crest Toothpaste ($2.49) $1.99 each
2 Cover Girl Brow Pencil ($2.99) $0.99 each

-(4)$0.99 Bestlife
-(4)$2/1 FiberPlus
-(4)$0.75/2 BC Cake & Frosting
-(2)$1/1 Excedrin
-(3)$1/1 Mrs T
-(1)$1/2 Tree top
-(3)$1/1 Nononsense
-(1)$0.65/1 CTC cereal (they did not double it)
-$0.55 CTC cellfire coupon
-(1)$1/1 Cheerios (peelie)
-$0.55 Cellfire coupon
-(1)$0.75/2 Zatarains
-(1)$1/2 Ez Foil
-(2)$0.75/1 Clabber Girl
-(2)$0.75/1 Scope
-(1)$2/1 Pantene (mailer)
-(3)$0.75/1 Crest
-(2)$1/1 Cover Girl
-(3)$5/1 Catalinas
-$10 catalina
-$0.30 Canvas Bag Refund
+$2.43 Tax

Paid: 28.24
Received $3.00 catalina (Betty Crocker)
Received $3.00 catalina (Excedrin)

NOTE: I did NOT receive the $10 P&G catalina.  So, at this point I’m not sure how this deal is working.  Possibly it’s just on sale price. I’m going to call Catalina Marketing in the morning and see what they say.

And, lastly, I went to my favorite hangout.  The Farmer’s Market.  Spent $21.33 there.

We have decided to buy something once a week at the Farmer’s Market that we never buy and experiment with it.  So, this week’s new purchase was a Butternut Squash.  I have never purchased one and I’m trying to find a good recipe to try so if anyone has a great recipe for Butternut Squash, I’m all ears.

And, another note: The ending date of the Betty Crocker Frosting catalina is 11/6.  Original I had it down for 10/31 but when I looked at my catalina today, it states 11/6.  So, you have all week to do this deal.

You can head over to the ShopRite Matchups to check out all the deals.

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  • deanna heuer

    My Sister in law makes an awesome butternut squash soup. If you want the recipe let me know and I will pull it out for you.

  • Liz L
  • Debi

    Made this Butternut Squash soup tonight. Cut the cgream cheese in half. So good!

  • Kelly

    The soups is good. I also like it baked. You cut it into wedges and and a little butter and bake. SO GOOD

  • lauren

    I did the P&G catalina when they had it 2 weeks ago. I ended spending $25 (I went by sale prices), and the catalina didn’t print. I was able to go to customer service and they printed it out for me.

  • Christine

    I use butternut squash all the time in lieu of mashed potatoes. Its a request in my household.

    1 Butternut squash-peeled and cut into cubes
    1 can Chicken stock (in lieu of only water)
    Add water to cover where the chicken stock leaves off

    Boil chicken stock/water and add cubed butternut squash
    Return to boil until cubes are tender

    In mixing bowl, add 1/2 stick butter (we sometimes add a whole stick depending on how large the squash is. Add to taste for your family’s liking).
    Add drained cubes of butternut squash (we mash in my kitchen aid mixer vs old school mashing with a hand held masher-they mix well-including for mashed potatoes as well)
    Add a little bit of pepper and a dash of salt
    Add a little 1/2 and 1/2 or milk to make them creamier (add as needed)
    Blend well


    For Thanksgiving, I make mashed potatoes as well, and sometimes take a little mashed potatoes and add to the butternut squash to make them a little thicker. So I have 2 mashed items on my table for thanksgiving (along with 50 other things! Thats what thanksgiving is for-eating until you enter a food coma 🙂 )

    Hope you enjoy-its our family’s favorite veggie

  • Miranda

    there is a good butternut squash soup recipe in the November All YOu magazine as well (we do the same thing with our Farmer’s Market – buy one item we have never used before, this week it was whole garlic (I know it’s weird we’ve never used it before))

    • Cindy

      I don’t think it’s weird at all because I think we get used to our regular items and buy and use them all the time. I, personally, have eaten butternut squash but I’ve never cooked with it myself. Some people have not had or cooked with eggplant and that is something I grew up with and cook with all the time. And broccoli rabe is another item like that. I’ve made that plenty of times and a lot of people have never even eaten it. So, I think it’s what we grew up with and what we are used to. I’m glad to hear you guys do the experimenting as well. It’s fun to try new things.

  • Stefanie

    The “Hungry Girl” cookbooks and website have a ton of butternut squash recipes. The baked butternut “fries” is probably my favorite!

    • Cindy

      Butternut Squash Fries. I like the sound of that. I am a big fan of Sweet Potato Fries so this would be a nice alternative. Thanks 🙂