My Shopping Trip: ShopRite Brand Catalina Deal

Well the Buy $20 Get $10 on ShopRite Brand Health & Beauty Aids is working this morning at ShopRite.  I searched through a bunch of ShopRite brand health and beauty aids this morning, however they were still putting up the shelf tags so I’m not sure I really got a good idea of what all the prices are yet.  There were some ShopRite brand pain relievers that were 1/2 prices but when I had them scan it, they rang up at the sale price with no indication of the original price so I’m not sure how they will work with the catalina deal.

There were some “special value” items like the ShopRite Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate that I picked up.  It was priced at $12.99 with a special value of $6.49.  So, I bought 2 for $12.98, used a $10 catalina from the P&G deal last week, paid $2.98 and got a $10 catalina because it was based on the $12.99 shelf price.  So, technically not free but a darn good deal for something that we use a lot of.

There are really so many different deals you can do so let us know what you scored.

UPDATE:  My husband just went back and it did ROLL.  So this is what we did:

Bought 2 SR Omega 3 Fish Oil 850mg 60 ct ($12.99) $6.49
-$10 catalina from P&G deal last week
Paid: $2.98
Received $10 catalina

Bought 2 SR Omega 3 Fish Oil 850mg 60 ct ($12.99) $6.49
-$10 catalina from trans #1
Paid: $2.98
Received $10 catalina

And, $51.92 went toward my free Turkey!!  Woot!!

UPDATE AGAIN:  Looks like a lot of you are having issues with the catalina printing.  It figures that I went there early this morning to test it and it worked.  Just my luck.  🙂

So, at this point I am honestly not sure if it’s product related, store related, discount relate or shelf price related.  If you want to take advantage of this deal, I can tell you for sure that the product I purchased worked.  Other than that, you’ll have to base it on sale price and then head over to customer service if your catalina does not print.  They should easily honor it right there if you have based it on the sale price of the product.

I’ll update if I hear anything further.

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  • Lynn

    Thanks for the head’s up that the deal is working on shelf prices. I hope to run over there today, and if I do, I’ll be sure to post my scenario!

  • staceypunk

    This did not work on shelf prices at my Shoprite in Kingston. I tried to buy 2 prenatal 100 count vitamins (shelf $8.99 each, on sale for $5.39 each) and one tub of shoprite brand baby wipes (shelf price $2.49, not on sale). Catalina did not print. I went to customer service and returned the items. Then, I went back to the registers with the 2 prenatals, tub of wipes and 4 wipes refills and the catalina printed. Still a good deal especially because I needed the prenatals, but DID NOT work on shelf for me.

    • Beth G.

      Did you (or anyone else) notice if the shoprite diapers were included?

  • Pat C

    It did not work on shelf prices for me either! 🙁

    • Pat C

      I purchsed 2 of the allergy relief (12.99) 4.99

      • Cindy

        I don’t think they were on a price plus were they? I think it’s just the items working on price plus that are working on shelf prices. That is what I can gather so far. The items I purchased rang up as $12.99 with a line item discount (on my receipt) of $6.50. When I scanned the SR Ibuprofen, it rang up at $2.49 even though the shelf tag stated it was 1/2 price. So, I didn’t think those would work. The allergy relief might wind up being the same as the Ibuprofen.

  • Sally

    Maybe people could put in what store it worked off shelf prices at for them or didn’t work at for them as well.


    • Cindy

      Sally, I think it has more to do with the products purchasing then the location they were purchased. My guess is, products marked as 1/2 price (unless they are a price plus deduction) are not working.

  • nancy

    i bought some coq10s for $20+ shelf, but didn’t get the cat, i scanned the items first, it shows $12.xx total (this is even before i scanned my shoprite card), but i calculated the shelf price myself to make sure it exceeds $20, the cat didn’t print, and on the receipt, it shows the sale price next to the product, but the line below it says savings $2.xx (the 40%discount).

    if you are going to do one more transaction at shoprite, would you please scan the fish oil before shoprite card, to see what price comes up? if it is shelf price, then probably it depends on products whether to work on shelf price or not (scan products before shoprite card, see shelf price=work on shelf price, see sale price=work on sale price), but if you also see the sale price without shoprite card canned, and you get a cat on shelf price, then it is probably store dependent.

  • Diane

    yes 1/2 price did not work 🙁

  • Liz L

    No dice on the mens multi-vitamins either. Bought two at shelf price 10.99 ea, sale price of 6.49 and didn’t get the CAT. Returned them, and then repurchased them (12.98) with a women’s multi-vitamin(6.49) and folic acid (1.97). Total was $21.44 and it still didn’t print. I think it’s more based on “select products” and shelf price vs. all products and shelf or sale price. CSR had to force a print of the $10 OYNO for me when it didn’t print on the sale over $21.

  • Rebecca

    My mom purchased Vitamin E, at my ShopRite in MD, which had a shelf price of $29.99 and a sale price of $17.99 (was 40% off) and the cat didn’t print. She returned it and then bought it again along with some Calcium + D which had a sale price of $8.49 (shelf price of $14.99 and was not 40% off) and then finally the cat printed. I thought for sure if it was working on shelf prices that something with a shelf price of $29.99 would do it, but no luck!

  • Robin B

    Its seems some are working on shelf price & some on sale price. I did the Omega Fish oil deal above & got the cat. Then I did a Omega 3 1000mg & a c500 time release & got no cat on shelf price which im returning. I also did c500/potassium/E400/zinc & no cat on shelf price returned it & did 2-calcium zinc/2-potassium/2-c500 time release/1-e400 with a sale price over 20 7 got the cat. go figure

    • Cindy

      I know it’s like the craziest deal. I can’t make heads or tails of it. And, of course, when I went in this morning and tried it, it worked liked a charm so I was all excited for everyone. And now, it seems to be hit or miss.

  • Vera Borkowski

    For anyone who likes Cetaphil, Shoprite has their store brand. My cat worked with shelf prices. Bought 3 washes (6.49 each) and a mouthwash and the CAT printed. Quite the deal for that wash!

  • gina

    has any1 tried the deal cindy gave us (mothwash/rubbing alcohol,etc)? All stuff I need, it would be fantastic if it works.

  • staceypunk

    Yeah! Rolled for me! I did my first transaction on Sunday and got the $10 cat. Went back Tuesday and got 11 mouthwashes (not exceeding 4 of each variety) and 1 dental floss. Total was $12.61 (with tax). Used the $10 cat so I paid $2.61 and got another $10 cat!!!! AWESOMENESS.

  • Ruth

    The deal is great if it worked on shelf prices but it is too much of a gamble most of the times. I usually do the deals at Shop Rite based on the sale prices and the catalina prints every time. Sometimes, I’m just too busy to try it on the shelf prices, return the items and then buy it again. My Shop Rite is Newark DE used to give me a hard time about using coupons but they are better now, now they are even nice to me and bring me an extra cart if I’m doing multiple orders.