Reader Shopping Trip: Acme!

Reader Amanda marched herself right back to Acme to score some more of the great deals there this week.  Three transactions, all for a total of $0.50 out of pocket.

Here were her deals:

Transaction #1
6 Multi-Grain Cheerios ($4.79) 2.00
-(2) $1/3 Cheerios
-$10 catalina
Pay: $0.00
Receive $10 catalina

Transaction #2 <– LOVE this scenario, great money maker!!
10 Hamburger Helper Meals ($2.69) $1.00
-(3) $0.75/3 Helper coupons
-$5 catalina
Pay: $0.50
Receive: $10 catalina

Transaction #3
10 Progresso Soups ($2.49) $1.00
3 Green Giant Boxed Veges (KD) $1.00
3 Knorr Pasta Sides $1.00 <–Filler Item

-(5) $1/2 Progresso Soup
-(1) $1/3 Lipton/Knorr Sides
-$10 catalina
Pay: $0.00
Receive: $10 catalina

Nice job Amanda!

You can head over here to check out this week’s Acme Catalina Deal.

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  • Liz L

    Great Job Rebecca!!

    Actually she made $4.50 on the deal. Across the 3 transactions she paid out .50c, but in transaction #2 she only needed to use $5 OYNO, and got back $10.

    • Cindy

      Its actually Amandam not Rebecca…I messed up 🙂 Oh, and I got your deal right after I posted. Wow, you got a lot of stuff. Awesome job Liz!

    • Amanda S

      I need to find some more DND Hamburger Helper coupons!

  • Evie

    Wow! Great work!!

  • Amanda S

    I saw “Reader Rebecca….” and was thinking “wow, she bought the exact same things I did AND placed them…wait, that’s my table 🙂 Ha!

    • Cindy

      Ah, lol, sorry. I was breaking up a fight with my son and the puppy and I got distracted. lol. I’m fixing it 🙂

      • Cindy

        And yes I did say the puppy and my son. I hear this yelping coming from his room. I head in to find the dog on top of my son barking, jumping on him. Now, mind you, my son is 6’3″ and weighs 180 lbs. and the puppy is all of 6 lbs. It was quite a sight.

        • Amanda S

          Ahahaha, too funny! Your description definitely change my original vision of the incident 🙂

  • Audrey

    I’m a little confused on the $25 minimum purchase. I understand the computer uses the shelf price, but my ad says in the fine print that the minimum purchase requirement is calculated after manufacturers coupons. Is this not really the case? It looks like other shoppers have been able to buy items that just barely go over the $25 and then also use coupons to lower OOP.

  • Audrey,
    Yep, “it’s not really the case”. Acme has been adding that line for 3 weeks now, but nothing has changed as far as how the computer sees things. Coupons are still not a factor in your deal calculations.

    Great trip! I’m super jealous of those multi-grain cheerios. I haven’t been able to get a single box…and “no thank you, I don’t want a raincheck!”

    • Amanda S

      Aww Dana, that stinks on the Cheerios! We love the Multi-Grain ones too and luckily both trips I’ve made they’ve had a decent stock. The first trip I thought they were out but then found them up front by the door. Opposite the second trip, they were out up front but had them stocked in the cereal aisle.

    • lisa

      I’m not sure this is the case everywhere. I tried the Hebrew National franks catalina deal (with some other items in the deal), but it didn’t work. I tried to figure out why I didn’t get the catalina and I figured that it was because I had carefully counted all my items (no knock-down prices) to $25.05, but I had one $1 coupon… While customer service tried telling me that it was counting on the sale price and not the shelf price, I just figured I didn’t get the catalina because of that one coupon. In any case, wheter it was the coupon or the sale price, I didn’t get the catalina so I just returned the stuff. Not all AC MEs seem to have the same policy, but since the people working there appear clueless as to why a catalina didn’t print, there’s little way of finding out, except talking to the store manager, I guess, but I didn’t want to go through all that. Now I’m wondering if that might actually be a good idea because the fantastic catalina deals keep coming from ACME…

      • Lisa,
        It stinks when the cat doesn’t print…especially if you’re just trying this for the first time. Nothing against customer service, but the best option is usually to call the catalina company. 1-888-8coupon. They will ask you for the numbers on your receipt and check to see if you bought enough of the correct items. If you did, they will mail you the cat.

        Also when you get in line to check out, take a look at the catalina machine for the little green light that indicating it’s working properly. If you see red…back away!

  • Ruth Jenkins

    I’m not sure if anyone knows but the Cocoa Puffs is also included in this deal. There was a tag at a Acme that I went to today and I purchased them and didn’t pay with a catalina just in case they placed the tag in the wrong place. I figured it was worth spending a little more just to see if the tag was correct and I did get the $10.00 catalina. I have done this deal several times, I shop for my neighbors and my friends and I actually have now $35.00 in catalina to go back tomorrow.

  • Ruth Jenkins

    I meant to say Reese’s Puffs, not Cocoa Puffs.

    • Also included:
      Golden Grahams (12oz.) shelf $3.79
      Kix (8.7oz.) shelf $3.89 sale $2
      Chex Mix Bars shelf $3.50 sale $2
      GM Milk & Cereal Bars shelf $3.99 sale $2

  • lost my keys tonight but this is been a great deal any catalinas next week

  • ueen

    yay. way to go amanda. i copied ur transactions this morning. lol