Reader Shopping Trips: Acme

Stosha made a trip to Acme to take advantage of the Catalina Deal going on right now.  She started with a $10 catalina from a previous transaction and rolled the catalina 3 more times.  Now, what do you see missing from these transactions?  Answer below if you can’t guess.

Transaction 1:
(5) Pillsbury Brownie MIxes Org. 1.99 sale .88
(7) Pillsbury Cake Mixes Org 2.19 sale .88

-$10 catalina from previous purchases
Paid $.56 out of pocket
Rcv’d: $10 catalina

Transaction 2 & 3 (identical)
(5) Healthy Choice Soups Org $2.69 sale $0.88
(2) Hebrew National Franks
Org $6.49 $2.99
-$10 Catalinas
Paid .38 per transaction

So everything in the photo (minus kitten) cost $1.32 🙂


There are no coupons necessary for these deals.  Well, if you have them, use them but the deals are so awesome without even a single coupon.

And here is reader Amanda’s Acme trip.  Now she did use a couple of coupons but only at the end for items that weren’t even in the catalina deal.  Here is her score:

Transaction #1:
10 Healthy Choice Soups .88
Total: $8.80;
received $10 catalina

Transaction #2:
10 Banquet Sausages $1.00
-$10 catalina from previous order
Total: $0.00
received $10 catalina

Transaction #3
10 Healthy Choice Soups .88
Shoppers Value Tortilla Chips $1.34
(filler item; not pictured)
-$10 catalina from previous order
Total: $.14
received: $10 catalina

Transaction #4
12 Pillsbury Cake Mixes .88
-$10 catalina from previous order
Total: $.56;
received $10 catalina

Transaction #5
12 Libbys Vegetables .39 (rain check from previous sale)
12 Pillsbury Brownie Mix .88
1 Advil $5.49

-(4) $1/3 Libbys Vegetables
-Free Advil Coupon
Total: $1.24
received $10 catalina

Total Spent $10.74
Total Saved: $141.99
Still have $10 OYNO left for next trip

Thanks Stosh & Amanda!  Great Deals.

You can head over here to check out the the Catalina Deals this week at Acme.

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  • I have to find an Acme! Great trips!!

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    I wish I had an acme that wasn’t 45 minutes away, what great deals!!