Reader Shopping Trip: CVS!

Thinking the deals at CVS were pretty blah this week?  Well, Nick did a pretty good job of scoring some good deals for such a “blah” week.

Here is the score.  And, you just gotta love Nick’s comment regarding him purchasing the AZO cream.  The things we do for a good deal 🙂
2 Special K Fruit & Yogurt   $3.33 ea.
1 Raisin Bran Crunch   $3.33
3 Goldfish crackers Whole Grain   $1.50 ea.
(no coupons– but a good price for these)
1 Palmolive 10 oz   $0.99
2 Mentos gum 15 ct.   $1.79 BOGO
1 CVS Hand Sanitizing spray pen   $1.99
1 AZO Itch Relief cream   $6.99
(that’s right- I’m not a woman, so yes, I do feel somewhat uncomfortable buying feminine itch cream. Maybe I’ve reached a new low, but it helped me get to the $25 for the coupon!)
Total before coupons: $26.26
-$5/25 CVS coupon
-$1/2 Special K
-$0.20/1 Palmolive
-(2) $1/1 Mentos
-Free CVS Hand Sanitizing spray pen
-$2/1 AZO cream
-$12.99 in CVS Extra Bucks I already had

Total OOP: $1.17
Received: $10 ECB  ($5 for Kellogg’s cereal, $5 for AZO cream)

Which nets a cost of $4.16 when factoring Extra Bucks in.

Awesome job Nick!

You can head over here to check out this week’s CVS deals.

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  • Kelly

    Where is this $5 off $25 coupon.

  • Ueen


    When I did the AZO deal last week, my kids said. Ewwww Ma, that’s embarassing, you do not even need that. Lol. My answer, “these are the things that you will do for a money maker and we can store these with our donation items”.

    So Nick, you are not alone… 🙂 What a courageous man you are… 🙂

    • Danielle

      This cracks me up! I didn’t even read the whole description on the ad that printed with the coupon – I had NO idea it was *feminine* itch cream. Neither did the first CVS employee, or manager in the store , who searched high and low with me (and my kids in tow! LOL!) to find this stuff. Finally the pharmacist told him, and he *whispered* to me…”It’s by the feminine products, ma’am…” Then it didn’t have the tag for the ECB so I had the pharmacist scan it to check it, which became a whole other scene involving 3 people! LOL! But it helped me hit my numbers, too…so who cares!? 🙂

      • Cindy

        That is a funny story. 🙂

  • Maggie

    My 16 year old stepson works at the CVS near our home. I have decided to NOT buy the AZO cream when he is working, he would be scarred for life.

  • Frieda

    I was wondering how do we get a $5 off $25 coupon?

  • Kristin

    Where is the AZO cream in CVS? I looked near the cortizone and near the condom section but didn’t see anything???

  • ueen

    aisle or shelf across the feminine pads

  • Nikki Eddy

    the $5/25 prints when you scan your card when you first walk in (i’ve been getting them regularly but my husband not at all so it’s hit and miss) and the Azo took me forever to find too. It’s not near the itch cream, mine was way on a bottom shelf i think by tampons and such, I had to ask someone. It’s fun to see guys saving money.

  • Rachel

    you can also get $x/$xx coupons (the amounts vary) by registering your CVS card on with your email address. I dont get one every week, but I get atleast 1 a month, but usually 2-3 a month. The only thing is that they are usually emailed on Wed or Thurs and expire that Sunday, so you just have a short window to use them.

  • CJ

    I used to get X/XX CVS coupons in my email and from the red coupon machine all the time, but havent gotten one either way now for several months 🙁
    I got 4 AZOs in one transaction. Luckily my desire for freebies far outweighs any embarassment so it didnt matter how many people saw me!