Reader Shopping Trip: CVS – $5 Halloween Coupon Still Printing!

I wasn’t going to post a reader shopping trip today for lack of time, but I thought this trip from Ueen would be a good one to show you that the $5.00 Halloween Coupon is still printing from the Red Coupon Scanner Machine at CVS.  I’m not sure if it will continue to print tomorrow, but if you wanted to make a quick run to CVS before they close tonight you may be able to score the coupon.

Here was Ueen’s trip:

2 halloween snyder pretzels 24 pk bag – 5.00 (2 for 5)
2 azo itch cream 1 oz – 13.98 (6.99 each. according to the cashier, this is an ECB monthly deal)
2 welsh milk 1 qt – 2.18 (1.09 each. I needed fillers and this is by far the best filler I bought)

Coupons used:
(1) 4 off 20 CVS emailed coupon – deducts $4.00
(1) 5 halloween Q – deducts $5.00
(2) 2 AZO printable PDF Q from your CVS deals posting – deducts $4.00
(1) 5 ECB from Schick – deducts $5.00
(1) 3 ECB from Revlon – deducts $3.00

Total Purchases:$21.16
Total Coupons =$ 21.00
No tax:
Paid: $ 0.16

Got $10.00 ECB for the 2 AZO cream
Got $1.00 ECB for bag tag use

Great job Ueen and thanks for sharing!

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  • The AZO deal is good for a total of 5 for the whole month. I had a $5 halloween coupon print yesterday, but when I went back today it didn’t print again, it has for some people.

    Also, the buy $10 candy deal and get $3 ecb, mine didn’t print. On my receipt it had the deal, but said I had purchased $12.50 toward the $10 but needed $7.50 more. It looks like it wanted me to buy $20 instead of $10. Cashier printed the $3 ecb for me.

  • Adrienne

    I went into CVS today and scanned my card and the $5 off halloween coupon printed for me (along with some other good ones!). This is the 2nd I have had print, the first expired before I had a chance to use unfortunately. I am going back in morning to use and hope to snag some good deals!

    • Mary

      Check with the CVS stores near you about taking expired CVS coupons. A lot of them will. Good luck!

  • As of 12:30 tonight (10/10/2010 it is not printing anymore.

  • Barbara A

    I got another $5 off halloween coupon around 9:30 last night.

  • Mary Taylor

    I printed my first one on Friday evening. I tried to print a second one yesterday afternoon and did not get one.

  • Diane R

    I got the $5 coupon on Wednesday and used it right away. On Friday, I went back to CVS hoping to get another one, but no luck. I didn’t get another one. I even went to a different CVS hoping it might print out there, but it didn’t. So I don’t know why some people are getting 2 prints and others only 1. Maybe it depends on how much $$ you’ve spent recently at CVS?

  • Susan C. in NY

    Where did you find the AZO cream? I looked all around the store–looked on the aisle where other anti-itch creams are located but no luck.


    • Ueen


      Sorry for the late reply.

      They are in the feminine product aisle.


  • Roseann

    I’m a little confused. How was she able to use a Schick and Revlon coupon when she didn’t buy the products? Am I missing something here???

    • Cindy

      They were ECB coupon from previous purchases. She used the ECBs to help pay for this purchase.

  • Roseann

    Did anyone have an issue with the Azo coupon not scanning?