Reader Shopping Trip: Diapers at Rite Aid!

Reader Susan got herself from cheap cheap diapers at Rite Aid this week.  Here was her trip:

2 Huggies jumbo packs $15.98
4 Snickers candy bars $2
2 mini M&M candies $1
1 Schick Hydro 5 razor $5.99
1 pk Scunci hairbands $2.99

Coupons Used:
-$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon
-(2) $2.50/1 Huggies
-$2/1 Rite Aid Huggies
-$4/1 Schick Hydro
-$2/1 Rite Aid Schick Hydro
-(2) B1G1F Snickers (took off .50 each)
-$3 +UP rewards
-$1 +UP rewards
-$2.56 RA gift card from previous SCR deal
-$2.13 RA gift card from previous SCR deal
Total OOP: $2.14

I just want to add a note.  I’m not sure if Susan used up all her UP rewards on this deal or not but it reminded me about something.  Remember, it’s not always about getting something that produces an UP, SCR, RR, ECB or Catalina.  It’s also about being able to use the deals we have done that made us money and then turn around and get the things we need.

Susan, needed diapers and paid next to nothing for them.  I did something similar with my UP rewards and bought $32 worth of products for $0.84.  But, the great thing is, there is always a deal that will easily and for little out of pocket, get you producing UPs again.  So, use them for the things you need.  That is the beauty of working these deals!

Thanks Susan!  Great trip.

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  • Melinda

    Where do you get the Rite Aid coupons for the razor? Is that one of their Video Values?

  • Stephanie

    I sent you some of my trips from this week…not sure if you are getting them because I am using my hotmail account. I give my self $5 challenges. I use Up rewards to buy my papers and coupons from those get products for free and get Ups back again. This was my $5 trip from yesterday.
    I got 15 bags of candy, 1 toothpaste, 9 toothbrushes, 1 4lb container of sugar, 1 24pk of water, 4 Shick Hydro razors, 1 Schick Hydro refill blades pk, 19 pks of kids bubble gum, 4 pks of Huggies, 3 Fall decorations, 1 carmel candy, and 1 light up ring.
    ALL of this for $5! Including tax. I got back $34 in Ups 🙂
    Here’s the funny thing. After all of this I went to a drive thru and paid $1.80 for a 2 liter of pop. lol

    • Cindy

      Stephanie. I send out a confirmation email so if you are not receiving the confirmation email then I did not receive them.

    • Caralee

      Great job Stephanie! Loved that you shared about spending a “fortune” on soda! hahaha

    • Cindy

      Maybe if you try sending it to livingrichwithcoupons @ Maybe the gmail account will be friendlier to the hotmail account.

  • Melinda

    Stephanie how did you do that!!?? That’s amazing.

  • Susan C. in NY

    Hi Cindy,
    I did use up all the +UP rewards I had on hand for the deal you posted. I know there are always more deals to do later to earn more.

    It’s funny…I did need the diapers but I really needed the hair bands as my hair is finally long enough to pull it back into a ponytail and we had none in the house. 🙂

    Love the deals I’ve been able to score at Rite Aid. Thanks for all you do to make saving even easier.

    • Annie

      Great job! I just wanted to point out that if you had just gone to RiteAid and bought the hairbands for $2.99, you would have paid more OOP than you did in the end $2.14, and you got all the other stuff! It’s just like Cindy said, we use these deals to get what we really need, and all the other stuff is just free! Good for you 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Okay I will try that. Since I have more shopping to do I will send you my shopping after I’m done. I will include the breakdowns so everyone can see. I basically rolled Up rewards and used coupons.

    • Keisa

      Were you able to do the breakdown yet?

      • Stephanie

        Not yet. I have them wrote down from my shopping trip. Which items do you want a break down for? I’ve done like 25 transactions this week. lol.

  • Amanda S

    Thanks for the reminder Cindy. I’m in need of detergent for the dishwasher and haven’t found any great deals lately so I might just have to use some of my +Ups or ECB’s on necessities instead of just things that roll.

  • Stephanie

    Not sure if it helps, but here’s what I do when I’m out of dishwasher deteregent. I use dishsoap and wash the dishes by hand (but im a stay at home mom) or go to a Dollar store. We have Dollar Tree here and get Sunlight for $1. I will wash the small stuff by hand and put pans and cooking dishes in the dishwasher. This helps stretch all that out plus keep your Ups and ECBs to roll 🙂 I have tons of dishsoap I got free so I might as well use it. Depends on your situation. Just thought I’d give ya that tip 😉