Reader Shopping Trip: Rite Aid!

I’m sure a lot of you have already been to Rite Aid today to take advantage of all the free products this week.  If not, I thought I’d get you inspired with a Rite Aid trip from reader Jessica.  Here was her score:

1 Scott bath tissue – 4pk $4.31 (10% silver level discount – price 4.79)
1 Udderly smooth tube lotion $1.00
2 Lysol sprays $3.50 each = $7.00
2 Gain dish detergents $.89 each = $1.78
2 Garnier stylers $2.50 each = $5.00
1 Dove shampoo $3.00
2 Playtex sport $4.00 each = $8.00

1 Blistex lip ointment $1.49 (SCR in addition)
1 Neilmed nasal spray $5.99 (SCR in addition)
1 Neilmed nasal mist $9.99 (SCR in addition)
1 Kidz-eeze $4.99 (SCR in addition)
1 Sucrets $2.99 (SCR in addition)
2 Halls cough drops $.99 each = $1.98
1 Pediacare gentle vapor plug-in $8.09
(charged more than the sale price) supposed to be 6.99 (SCR in addition)
1 Pediacare MS cold $6.29 (charged more than the sale price) supposed to be 4.99 (SCR in addition)
4 Lysol wipes cannisters $3.49 each (B1G1 offer so paid for 2 and got 2 free = 4 total) = $6.98

Coupons used:
(1) 5 off 25 Rite Aid Coupon from email
(6) previous up rewards – $6.99
(1) 4 off scott (from a previous mail in reward from scott – coupon emailed to me)
(2) 2 pff playtex
(1) 2 off wyb 2 RA video values coupon for playtex
(2) 1 off lysol spray
(2) 1 off wyb 2 Lysol wipes
(1) 1 off RA video values coupon for Lysol wipes
(2) 1 off gain dish detergent
(2) 1 off RA video value garnier hair care
(2) 1 off garnier hair/style product
(1) 2 off RA video values coupon off Dove hair care
(1) 1 off Dove hair care product
(1) 2 off Neil med nasal mist
(1) 1 off 2 halls cough drops
(1) .50 cents off RA video values coupon off Halls
(2) 1 off pedia care items

Total Purchases:$75.39
Total Coupons =$41.49
Paid: $35.85
$2 up back – Scott
$1 up back – Utterly Smooth
$2 up back – playtex
$3 up back wyp $10 worth – Lysol

Total Up rewards back = $8.00
SCR Rewards (getting back via rebate) $37.43
rebate for the 5.99 nasal gel

Great job Jessica!

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  • I dont get this part??

    Total Purchases:$37.39
    Total Coupons =$41.49
    Paid: $39.34

    So her coupons were more than her total amt due – so amt paid should have been $0. Well $1.95 for the tax I guess. Or am I missing something.

  • Juli

    I am assuming that the total purchase is the total after the total coupons were deducted…(so the original amount would have been 78.88 or so)

  • robin

    If you bought the pedicare plus for 6.99 instead of the regular pedicare. One it wasnt on sale & two you wont get the rebate. double check ur product/rebate info. I made this mistake with the pedicare & the naso gel

    • robin

      what happened to me was I got a email telling me my products dont qualify for the rebate. Exchangetime

      • Miranda

        Everyone has been having the problem with overpriced pediacare and some are catching it in store others not, but it’s not worth the trip back to the store to figure that out. I just got my rebate information and it seemed to allow me to get the SCR even though I paid a different price. You should be fine. It’s not the wrong product just a problem with their pricing

  • tee

    is it possible for us to get that 4 off scott and the 5 of 25 coupon?

    • jessica

      the $4 coupon was from some scott promotion around july you had to mail in upcs from different scott items. wasn’t your typical coupon. i am waiting to see if i bought the wrong 2 items (above) or if they were mispriced when my rcpt gets processed for the scr

  • Amy

    I got most of the items on sale and free after scr too.
    I use 5/25 coupon for every $25 so they let me use 2 or 3 coupons as long as total is ok. It would save $10 more and you end up making money.
    Same will work this week with all the scr items.